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DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins

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Mixing Baking Powder with Paint creates the prettiest matte finish… and on a pile of assorted pumpkins? Yes, please. put together a fall mantel with lots of instant texture! Here’s our DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins

DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins

Farmhouse style muted pumpkins, love the matte finish baking powder gives them! Cutest fall decor, and SO easy! #diy #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

Since I don’t have a gorgeous built-in fireplace like Kristi, I decorate for holidays on my entryway yellow painted buffet and pretend it’s a mantel.

Mixing baking powder with paint is all the rage right now…whether on vases or jars, it instantly creates a nice matte finish with instant texture. We saw this trend here and fell in love with it!

We’ve seen this finish done on vases and were dying to try it on pumpkins… eek! We think it’s going to be some of our new favorite cute fall decor ideas!

This baking soda paint vase tutorial is trending so hard right now! If you're wondering how to paint a vase with baking soda and paint, you'll love baking soda painted pumpkins, so cute! Such a fun and creative way to paint pumpkins that last all season long! #paintedpumpkins #howtopaintpumpkins #paintedpumpkins #pumpkinpaint #bakingsodapaint #howmuchbakingsodatoaddtopaint #bakingsodapainttrend

You can paint real pumpkins, fake pumpkins or even wood pumpkins! We are so excited to add these baking powder pumpkins to our DIY painted pumpkin collection!

See how we’ve completely transformed dollar store and other inexpensive pumpkins as well if baking powder + paint isn’t your style!

Creamy matte pinks for fall? Yes please! Make over ANY pumpkin with paint + baking powder, read on for the easy DIY! #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

Read on for the full how-to to make a set of your own DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins. Bonus: Check out 22 other styled fall mantels! ??

Baking Powder Painted Pumpkin Supplies

To make these baking powder painted pumpkins you’ll just need 3 items you likely already have:

DIY Baking Powder Pumpkins, so cute and easy to make! When boho meets fall. the perfect combo! #diy #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

How to Paint Pumpkins with Baking Powder

Take leftover or mismatched pumpkins to the next level with powder! Here’s how:

  1. Mix baking powder and paint in a bowl until smooth (no clumps.)
  2. Brush on 2 thin coats with a foam brush.
  3. Let dry for 15-20 minutes (or until no longer tacky) and display!
DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins! So cute and easy! #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

painted pumpkins faq

Can I paint real pumpkins? Yes!

Can I later bake painted pumpkins? We don’t recommend it.

How long will painted pumpkins last? Fake pumpkin paint will last forever. Real pumpkins will rot within a couple of months, faster if you live in a warm climate. This is dependent if you house your pumpkins indoors or outdoors.

Do I need to seal painted pumpkins? This isn’t a bad practice. They’ll become scratch resistant by doing do. We recommend this sealer. Be sure get it in the sheen you prefer: you can totally change the look with high-gloss versus matte, depending on your preference.

baking powder painted pumpkins tutorial. www.lollyjane.com

How to style painted Pumpkins

I love my cheery yellow buffet that sits in my small foyer to welcome visitors into my home.

Transform ANY pumpkin to give it a pretty matte finish! DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins! #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

I simply piled the baking powder pumpkins in a dough bowl and then paired them with a vintage scale, books, and a wooden corbel. (Can you believe this corbel is an old farmhouse shelf holder? I love it as simple decor now 🙂

When boho meets fall, the perfect combo! DIY Baking Powder Pumpkins, so cute and easy to make!  #diy #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

Lastly, I went a little crazy and painted an already-owned vase with leftover paint, so fun!

 DIY Baking Soda Pumpkins, so cute-- just mix this staple item in your pantry with paint to create this look! #diy #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

other cute fall decor ideas: how to style pumpkins indoors

Pumpkins look really cute on different height surfaces. Think about stacking books and adding pumpkins.

Cake stands are an easy way to add different layers to a mantel too.

We like to use found items around our house and then add pumpkins all over to create a cozy vibe.

Transform ANY pumpkin to give it a pretty matte finish! DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins are easier than you think to make! #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

Fall mantel decor ideas!

For even more cute fall decor ideas, check out these mantel and decor ideas perfect for fall. Click on their name under the photo to see more! ?

Fall Mantel Decor Ideas. www.lollyjane.com
seasonal simplicity fall series. www.lollyjane.com
cute fall decor ideas for your mantel or indoor decoration. www.lollyjane.com


diy baking soda painted pumpkins. www.lollyjane.com

Make sure to pin our matte pumpkins so your friends and family can get inspired for fall too! xoxo

DIY Baking Powder Painted Pumpkins

Mixing your acrylic paint with baking powder gives a really nice matte finish. Add this to some inexpensive pumpkins to create some really cute and easy fall decor!
Author: Lolly Jane


  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 cup acrylic paint assorted colors of your choice, we used 4 total
  • 1 foam brush


  • Mix baking powder and paint in a bowl until smooth (no clumps.)
  • Brush on 2 thin coats with a foam brush.
  • Let dry for 15-20 minutes (or until no longer tacky) and display!

We’d LOVE to have you follow along with our DIY successes & fails! Plus, our live fave home decor finds along the way:

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