I love fall!  Oh wait, I wish I had a good fall! I wish the trees turned colors and my kids could run through the piles of leaves and I could snap pictures of them as they got stuck in their hair.  But it’s still over a hundred degrees here and as I decorate for fall, I feel jipped.  I try to teach my kids about the 4 seasons but really, we have hot and not-so-hot here in Arizona, so it’s a little tough.  But I despise the snow and cold so we happily stay put, in our valley of the Sun.  And dream about fall but in reality do enjoy wearing short sleeves year round.  Whatever the temperature is in your neck of the woods, you can never have too much seasonal decor.  I love decorating with fake pumpkins…they’d shrivel in 24 hours outdoors so I don’t really have a choice anyway… BUT I love how many decorative pumpkins are out and about to help me keep up with my plastic decor (; Here are my fav top 33 painted pumpkins, sooo cute!

33 amazing painted pumpkin ideas, no carving required!

The first three are step by step tutorials from us LJ twinners.  Kristi whipped out her first set of patterned pumpkins years ago…then donated them to Goodwill because it wasn’t perfect.  She’s crazy, doesn’t she know I always love her hand-me-downs??  Hope you enjoy all these no carve options!! (:

Chevron & Honeycomb Pumpkins

Easy chevron painted pumpkins directions.

Gilded Pumpkin Topiary

Patterned Pumpkins

Cue the Confetti

DIY Confessions

Funky Pumpkin

Honeybee Vintage

Perfectly Imperfect

chalk paint pumpkins

Sweet C’s Designs

DIY faux milk glass pumpkins at sweetcsdesignscom - a beautiful way to decorate for fall and SO increadibly easy!

Four Generations, One Roof

painted pumpkins vignette

Lacquer & Linen

No Carve Pumpkins2 Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

Meg Duerksen


Formal Fringe

Ivory Bloom


Cute painted pumpkins!

A Night Owl Blog

Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins | #neon #paintdipped #pumpkins #halloween #fall #MPumpkins


Ciera Design

Modern Painted Pumpkins DIY

Alisa Burke



Daisy Mae Belle

Cute Halloween Decorations

Country Chic Cottage

A Thoughtful Place

painted pumpkins a thoughtful place

Mr. & the Misc.

You Could Make That

Balzer Designs



Magia Mia

My Sweet Savannah

Made 2 Style

Makely School for Girls

Colorful punkins!


In Good Taste

Our Family Four


Want to venture past painting? We’ve got 30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas too!

30+ DIY/craft pumpkin ideas | lollyjane.com

Visit all our our FALL ideas and HALLOWEEN projects as well as our many inspiring roundups like this one!  All the best in one place, what more can you ask for!? Happy painting!!


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