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farmhouse bathroom remodel + sources

We’ve been working hard on this bathroom renovation for MONTHS. We gutted it down to the cement and drywall then tore out the old bathtub/shower combo that was original to the house in the 70’s. We decided on a walkout shower in this bathroom since it’ll be the boy’s bathroom in the future (as soon as the next bathroom is done this year for the girls). A walkout shower makes for easy cleanup plus when we’re old and fragile, we can wheel ourselves into this open space. Sounds weird maybe but we never plan on moving again and just experienced our grandfather’s hospice experience in our parent’s house next door and his walkout shower was pretty and convenient so it’s the best of both worlds: design + functionality. Check out my little bathroom tour and check out all the sources at the end! Enjoy!

Farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas! So many sources with ways to renovate your farmhouse bathroom without breaking the bank!

Loving this white subway tile bathroom idea! Pretty bathroom white subway tiles with gray grout in the shower looks so cute! Pretty farmhouse bathroom remodel!

I found this shower head on Amazon for several hundred dollars cheaper than I could find in-store. The handheld sprayer is super convenient for washing Miss Hannah and for quickly cleaning the floors. Honestly, I just spray and rinse, can’t get any easier than that!

Subway tile bathroom remodel ideas. Love this white subway tile with gray grout, so pretty!

I’m a big believer in not having to baby your home. I chose tile baseboard in here so there won’t be any damage to the new shiplap. If it ever runs onto the vinyl flooring in the hallway, that’s waterproof as well!

Loving this luxury shower faucet farmhouse bathroom accessories! Such a pretty modern farmhouse bathroom remodel!

I’m loving the honeycomb tile inset in the built-in shelves from the floor with the bright white subway tile and matching gray grout. It was a simple way to tie the tile patterns together. I filled the shelves with these pretty amber bottles (following Almost Makes Perfect‘s diy) and vinyl from our shop. (I forgot the body wash was in there while taking pictures but we’re pretty obsessed with our monthly shipments of Mrs. Meyers from Grove, see more details here.)

Love the honeycomb tile shelf inset with the subway tile shower. Such a pretty farmhouse bathroom renovation!

I love this cozy little space behind the bathroom door. It’s not seen a lot but I love the layers of molding and all the textures going on. I’m going to replace the kids’ towel since these are nearing two years old and I’m also creating a new sign for this space. It’ll be a play on showering since ‘save water shower naked’ seems a little inappropriate considering it’s the kids’ bathroom, lol!

Love this subway tile shower remodel! Classic white subway tile with gray grout for a timeless look!

Loving this shiplap bathroom remodel! Classic farmhouse renovation ideas, love this old door with new tile to mix vintage and modern.

I looooove this old door. It’s around 100 years old, solid wood and in amazing condition. When I had my handyman install it, he was so confused. He said, “Don’t you want to sand it down and paint it?” I laughed and told him I actually did sand away any existing lead paint then sealed it so it’s safe. He didn’t get it.

Love this 100 year old vintage bathroom door with pretty farmhouse decor! Lots of inexpensive bathroom renovation tips!

Again, I’m not sure what to add in this blank space. My kids still love the idea of mason jar toothbrush holders for organization so I may create a little display or just set them in the pharmacy mirror. Still deciding.

Bathroom remodel farmhouse decor ideas! Lots of ways to add farmhouse charm to your bathroom renovation!

Adore this pharmacy mirror bathroom decor! This faux vintage mirror is so fun!-mimics the old vintage mirrors without the hard work of restoring it. Such a cute bathroom remodel!

I didn’t realize I bought a matching faucet to the shower but it’s the same brand and again, super affordable by at least $100 compared to the name brand faucets. I love the little x shapes on the handles.

Modern farmhouse bathroom decor. Love this oil rubbed bronze sink with a marble vanity top and aqua dresser turned vanity. Love this farmhouse bathroom remodel!

Love these dark finishes on this modern farmhouse bathroom renovation. Such a pretty farmhouse bathroom remodel!

Love this widespread bathroom faucet farmhouse sink! Such a charming farmhouse bathroom renovation!

My first plan with the “backsplash” piece on the vanity was to not include it. But after thinking through how unaware children are with water, we decided to add it on last minute to protect the shiplap. We added a bead of gray silicone caulk to seal it then used white caulk along the top of it to blend it into the wall for a seamless finish.

Marble vanity bathroom remodel ideas. Love this dresser turned vanity with a marble top, super affordable!

Loving these bathroom remodel fixture ideas: dark hardware with white walls and white marble really make the appliances stand out! Love this simple bathroom renovation!

We scored this dresser for a couple hundred dollars at an antique mall then added a marble undermount vanity top (including the built in drop sink) for a few hundred dollars more. The cheapest vanity I could find online (that seemed like solid wood/sturdy) was anywhere from $800-2000+. There was no way I was going to pay that much for a simple guest bathroom so when I found the perfect dresser size, I was determined to create a vanity from it. Check out the full how-to on transforming a dresser into a vanity, it’s easier than it looks!

Love this aqua dresser to vanity makeover. Such an easy way to turn an old dresser into a bathroom vanity to give it new life. Love this colorful farmhouse bathroom decor!

Mint black and white farmhouse decor. Love these simple farmhouse renovation ideas!

That space above the toilet…I’m thinking I’ll add some shelves?

Farmhouse bathroom decor ideas! Love this easy farmhouse remodel, lots of easy tips to renovate on a budget!

Or should I hang the old cabinet that was there before? Decisions, decisions!

Loving this shiplap and honeycomb tile in this farmhouse bathroom renovation, pretty ideas!

This may sound weird but I love this decorative toilet tank handle. It’s the little things that make your home feel cozy. I told my husband I don’t want a big house (ours is around 2500 sq ft) but I do want all the charm we can stuff into our modest home.

Love this charming bathroom. Even the toilet has a decorative handle! Lots of fun in this little farmhouse bathroom!

That’s as far as I got for now. I have a few things to finish (the shelves above the toilet and a toothbrush storage solution) then we’ll call lit good and move onto the next room. Below are all the sources for this space. I read that the average bathroom remodel costs $16,000 which is absurd to me! We spent half that (a lot going to our tile installer since the walkout shower was over our head, no pun intended) so if you shop around, you can find good deals. For example, while researching tile, I drove to Home Depot and Lowe’s to a couple of local tile companies then went online then drove to back Home Depot and Lowe’s about 6 more times each. I was determined to find pretty tile without spending several thousand dollars. Mel pointed out to me that the big box stores are often cheapest as they buy so much in bulk and she was correct. Lowe’s had a bigger selection of the farmhouse tiles. Anyway, hope these little tips help you save a ton of money. I truly believe you don’t have to spend top dollar to spruce up your space!

Shop this affordable look!

Check out how to install peel and stick shiplap on the wall, such an easy wall treatment option!

How to install Plankwise peel and stick shiplap! Super easy wall treatment idea, just cut shiplap to size then press to wall. Love this easy farmhouse bathroom remodel!

Want to save more money? DIY your vintage dresser turned bathroom vanity tutorial. Lots of tips and questions answered.

Loving this aqua vanity farmhouse bathroom decor with the mustard yellow barn lights and pharmacy mirror!

UPDATE: Visit our updated bathroom with the added barn light bathroom vanity and DIY turnbuckle shelves!

Loving this aqua vanity farmhouse bathroom decor with the mustard yellow barn lights and pharmacy mirror!

So whatcha think? How do you like our bathroom remodel?

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  1. Love this space! We’re your shelves above the toilet homemade or do you have a source you could share?

  2. What is the width of the dresser turned vanity? Putting a 45in vanity in my bathroom and debating size of light.

  3. I love these ideas! Always I love the look of an all-white bathroom – mix in some ceramic and marble and you’ve got my dream room right there! Thanks for sharing this amazing post. I love it.

  4. I also had a question about your pharmacy mirror. The link doesn’t seem to be working. I see a couple of options on Amazon. They don’t look to be exactly the mirror you used. One is 16 in. tall and the other 18. That seems narrow to me. Is that how tall yours is? Thank you!

    1. Hi Amy!
      What a bummer, it seems to be sold out for now. HERE is a very similar one: https://www.shadesoflight.com/products/metal-mirror-with-shelf-large?sku=MW15021+++BK&product_id=MW15021BK&adpos=1o4&creative=41254773752&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQiAkZHTBRCBARIsAMbXLhGys0ZIeJHXmShk8ufOpFdwAZ_Hb8HwYzhXaHDPU-dV7Gx2Z6OmPfkaAjgvEALw_wcB

      The measurements on mine is 39×22 and the one available is 16×36. 🙂

      Thanks! I *HOPE* it comes back in stock soon!!! Sorry about that!

  5. I love your bathroom remodel so much! The colors are beautiful. The design is beautiful. Thank you for sharing all the information! I checked on Amazon for that gorgeous mirror and it says it’s not available . I’m so sad . Hopefully it will become available again! I’m so excited for your giveaway on your Amazon account. Your designs are amazing!

  6. I LOVE your bathroom makeover!! Just wanted to let you know that your link to your vintage dresser turned bathroom vanity tutorial is NOT working! It says that the page cannot be found! Looking forward to your future posts! You have my kind of taste! Have a Happy & Blessed New Year!

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