Easy to Install Peel and Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment!

Create the look of shiplap in any room of your house, in less time. Bonus: no tools required! If you’re looking for an easy way to add Peel and Stick shiplap farmhouse charm to your bathroom, we’ve got you covered. literally!

I’m finally getting around to sharing my updated guest bathroom! Since we only have two bathrooms for our family of six, this is actually the most used bathroom. We’re anxious to tackle some major renovations in the rest of the house (which will add two more bathrooms, yay!) but in the meantime, I’m crushing on this Peel and Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment and love how this room turned out!

How to install Plankwise peel and stick shiplap! Super easy wall treatment idea, just cut shiplap to size then press to wall. Love this easy farmhouse bathroom remodel!

Peel AND Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment

We were excited to install Plankwise hardwood wall planks. These planks are pre-finished, adhesive backed, real wood wall planks that arrive in long pieces, ready to install. Their purchasing process isn’t super easy so check out these peel and stick white wood planks for walls as a substitute.

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Check out our collage below to see how simple it is to apply to the wall. We started by leveling the first piece in the center, peeled off the paper backing then used the roller to press it firmly into place on the wall.

Just make sure your wall is dirt free, we wiped it down with soap and water beforehand. It covered our texture wall easily.

How to install peel and stick shiplap wall treatment. This peel and stick shiplap is so easy to apply, just cut to size and press to wall. Fun farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas!

Peel AND Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment – White Finish

I love the up close details. The shiplap is tongue and groove so it’s seamless which is really nice because it doesn’t matter what your wall color is behind. Less prep is my kind of wall treatment!

Peel & Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment | Check out this super easy shiplap wall treatment! Just peel and stick then press onto wall!

Check out the before/after remodel pictures but keep in mind, these “after” pictures are still BEFORE the caulking and paint touch ups were completed. Doesn’t it already look a million times better with the added peel and stick shiplap wall treatment!?

I’m debating about hanging the antique cabinet back up or adding farmhouse shelves above the toilet for added storage.

Which would you choose?

Loving this black white and mint farmhouse bathroom renovations. Tips to update your bathroom on a budget!

This is such an easy way to install shiplap!! Peel and stick shiplap in this farmhouse bathroom renovation tips, just peel then stick to your wall for a gorgeous, no fuss shiplap!

Peel AND Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment – Light Fixture Decision Time

Help me find a light fixture! I still can’t decide on the right one so we put the old one back up for now.

But I do love how our dresser turned vanity came to life!!

Loving this fun colored aqua vanity from a dresser! Classic shilap that's easy to apply makes this bathroom remodel a breeze!

I love this little corner. The transom windows make a HUGE difference in our hallway.

It was Kristi’s suggestion and I’m so glad we followed through with it.

The windows let in so much natural sunlight and add charm with all the layers of molding.

We also scooted the light switch over and updated it along with the plug with farmhouse style ones.

Farmhouse bathroom renovation tips! Check out ways to save when updating your bathroom. Love this simple farmhouse bathroom decor!

Peel & Stick Shiplap Bathroom Wall Treatment - Simple touches really can add tons of character to a standard bathroom remodel!

I moved the towels from the main wall to the little wall behind the door. (Visit our bathroom sources for the final after shots.) I’m still not sure if I should add anything to the wall or enjoy the shiplap as is.

Drop your suggestions in the comments!

Farmhouse bathroom renovation before pictures: you've got to check out these farmhouse bathroom renovation after pictures!! Love this easy to install shiplap and mint vanity from a dresser!

Farmhouse bathroom remodel on a budget. From easy to find tile to peel and stick wall treatments, lots of trendy decor without breaking the bank!

This is where the towels hung previously. We had bead board and trim which is why the top half is painted but not the bottom. Doesn’t the shiplap look so classic?

I know it’s trendy right now because of Mrs. Gaines but we live in an actual farmhouse and I don’t want to have to redo anything major in the future so we tried to stick with classic choices that would last through the decades.

Ahh! Love how this farmhouse bathroom remodel turned out! Lots of sources and tips for an affordable bathroom renovation. LOVE the peel stick shiplap wall treatment!

Farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas to renovate your farmhouse bathroom on a budget!! Love this simple peel and stick shiplap wall treatment!

Bathroom Remodel Tips, Sources and after Pictures

Visit the full farmhouse bathroom remodel with lots of “after” pictures, including all the links to where we shopped for the most affordable sources.

Farmhouse bathroom renovation ideas! Love this farmhouse bathroom remodel with classic finishes and timeless flooring.

Learn how to make a dresser turned vanity

Check out our vintage dresser turned bathroom vanity tutorial, too. Lots of tips and questions answered.

Loving this dresser turned vanity DIY! Such a fun tutorial to upcycle a dresser into a bathroom vanity!

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  1. I love your bathroom!!!! I clicked on the link for plank wise… I don’t think that they make the peel and stick anymore, boo hoo
    Off to search for another brand. Thank you

  2. Love this! Did you cut the shiplap around the vanity or did you install prior to the vanity ?

    1. Hi! We had already installed the vanity and sealed it to the wall to prevent water leakage so the shiplap ends at the vanity’s edge, we went around it.

  3. Your project turned out great! I never knew there was a peel and stick shiplap wall. We are updating bathrooms, and I love the idea of doing this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It’s always wonderful when practical meets pretty. How helpful to have real wood peel-n-stick shiplap! I’m planning on shiplap-ing my kitchen island and maybe the backwash, too. I’ll be pricing these.

    1. Hi Brittany! They’ve been installed for a couple of months now with no problems. I remind my kids to turn on the vent when they shower to help reduce moisture but they rarely do and it’s been great! xo

      Here’s what Plankwise says: Can Plankwise be installed in a bathroom?

      Plankwise has been designed to hold up in varying conditions of humidity and temperature. Like any wood surface, we advise keeping planks away from direct contact with water, steam, or standing moisture. For example, any space directly above a shower should be avoided. Good ventilation is necessary for any bathroom in question.

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