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DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

I’ve made a little progress on my bathroom makeover this week!  I really wanted a functional way for my kids to keep their toothbrushes clean and have little toothpaste waste as possible.  I’ve seen Mason Jar Storage all over blogland and Pinterest, I have no clue where the original source came from but whoever it was, genius.  I now have adequate bathroom storage for my little one’s toothbrushes since I ripped out the ugly medicine cabinet!  Such attractive mason jar bathroom storage!

Awesome and easy bathroom storage solution!! How to make this mason jar bathroom storage, so easy! Space saving tip!

This was an easy project, I did it without the help of my hubby.  I purchased 4 hose clamps from Lowe’s ($1.20/each found in the A/C dept).  I hammered a hole into the center of each backside then used a drill bit to open them up a little more.  After marking them each a foot apart on my board, I screwed them into the board and tightened a mason jar into each one.  I used a Kerr jar because its lip let’s it hang securely.  A Ball brand jar would have to rely on it being tightened around the middle of the jar and I’m not confident it wouldn’t slip and break.

Pretty easy, right? Love it!

Awesome and easy bathroom storage solution!! How to make this mason jar bathroom storage, so easy! Space saving tip!

I still have a lot more work to do but this has been a lifesaver!  It’s been a week and we haven’t had any toothpaste all over the place.  I think because I splurged at the dollar store and spent $4 on each kiddo’s own toothpaste holder, they take pride in it and actually *gasp!* put the lid back on!!  That’s a mama’s dream come true 😉

Tell me, where would YOU utilize this awesome mason jar trick?  PLEASE PIN so your friends can organize too! 

Awesome and easy bathroom storage solution!! How to make this mason jar bathroom storage, so easy! Space saving tip!

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  1. These are so cute. I made some awhile back to hang on the wall with flowers and never thought to use as bathroom organization. Fun and great idea! Nice to meet you at Haven. I’m at CreateWithCynthia.com

  2. I will definitely be doing this. With four kids, I have NO idea who is making the giant messes with the toothpaste. I’ve contemplated getting them each their own tube and making sure they each have a different kind/colored paste so then I will know who is making the mess. Thanks for such a great idea!

    1. Haha! I hear ya, Mel! I had the same problem before I installed these and wouldn’t ya know it? It was my oldest! lol (;
      Thanks for popping by!

  3. This is cute! Where can I buy mason jars online??? We don’t have any great craft stores where I live 🙁

    1. Oh bummer, Elizabeth!! Walmart.com or Amazon.com carries them. We don’t get them at craft stores, typically but rather, your local grocery store aisles! Cheaper than ordering online to save you money!

  4. I love this idea, I thought I was done raising children but I now have my 7 year old granddaughter living with me, “her” bathroom doesn’t have any drawers so now place for her ponies, barrette, or her toothbrush and toothpaste so this would be an awesome idea to keep her things organized in her bathroom. Thanks for the wonderful idea

  5. I plan to use this idea and hang a medallion with each child’s name on the clasp, just to kick it up a notch/

  6. AWESOME! Im doing this in the bathroom and putting some chalkboard paint on the jars to label them. Also, would use it above their homework desks to put pencils and pens etc… What a great idea!!

  7. I am having a hard time hammering the nail into the hose clamps. Any suggestions? I’ve tried many different types of nails.

    1. That’s the crapiest part, ahh! I feel your pain! I just put it on my driveway, against the cement then nailed steady and hard several times until it popped a hole into it finally. NOT FUN!! I don’t know any other alternative??-slow and steady, girl! Good luck!!

  8. I love it. I’ll probably do this somewhere in the house. Maybe not the bathroom but i’d find a way to hide the clamps to make it look a little less rustic. 🙂 Awesome!

  9. I love your idea! It looks fabulous and neat! An idea I came up with is if you make beaded jewelry, it would be nice to hang the jars up to organize your tools or to put your beads in. I thought also if you have the space in the kitchen, perhaps to store spices or takeout condiments.

  10. How did you drill a hole through the hose clamp?? I think it is such a great idea but I tried to make a hole with a nail and also tried to drill the clamp but nothing is going through the clamps I have! Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. I just pounded and pounded a big ol’ nail until it finally made a hole! It was a lot of arm work, that’s for sure! I pounded it on my concrete sidewalk over and over. Hope that helps (and let me know if you find an easier way!) Good luck, girl!! (:

    1. Hi Jenn! You can IF you pre-hammer a hole. It’s hard to get a hole in there (since it’s metal you’re pounding through) so make sure you put a hole in it beforehand so you don’t mess up your wall (:

  11. I have been trying for the past week to think of a way to do just this. We took our medicine cabinet out and just put up a mirror I have the jars in my canning supplies already, and I just have to go buy a couple of hose clamps and Im good to go! Im taking mine to the store with me cuz I may have to use a molly bolt cuz its going right into the drywall, but I will try to find the studs first… thanks for sharing LOVE IT!

  12. Thanks Kelli for the fantastic idea. I pinned it on Pinterest for reference. I would like to redo our bathroom and this project would help keep our kid’s items organized 🙂

  13. I love this idea! And they each have their own tube of toothpaste? Ooh la la! I know they love that. 🙂 I would use it in a sewing/crafts room (if I had a sewing/crafts room). So many possibilities!

  14. I could be wrong but I think the original is Stacy Risenmay of NOT Just a Housewife. She IS genius!

    1. You’re probably right, Anna, I did see her project too! There was one I found from 2009 somewhere but didn’t save the link. Smart cookies out there, glad to take advantage of them! 😉

  15. Great project! I plan to use this in my home office for pens, pencils, push pins, and paint brushes!

  16. Oh, I am thinking I could use this in my craft room. It would also be sweet in my hubbies shop.
    Very nice!!

  17. That looks pretty great! Another reason it’s a good idea to have their own jars, is keeping their toothbrushes away from each other when someone gets sick. ; )

  18. We have the same set up for our kiddos, but each jar is attached to it’s own little board.
    I think we even have matching toothpaste 🙂 And it has been totally worth it for them each to have their own, CLEAN, tube 🙂
    If you want to see a photo of ours:


    I also use mason jars for storage on our nature table, to organize school supplies and as water vases for flowers.
    Love the way it turned out…good job! 🙂

  19. We use them in the bathroom for toothbrush holders as well, but each attached to a small piece of woood (I think we even have the same toothpaste 🙂
    I was really happy I just bought a few extra jars for the toothbrush holder because then I can just slip them out when they get “yucky” and wash them in the dishwasher.

    I also use mason jars for storage on our nature table, for holding school supplies, and as flower vases.
    http://thechuppies.blogspot.com/2012/05/chuppdate-3-cheetos-and-chickens-and.html (just in case you want to see our toothbrush holders).

    1. Thanks for posting that tip on cleaning! That was my first thought when I read this… “How do I clean those?” 🙂

  20. excellent!!! my kids all have their own toothpaste too and it amazes me how much cleaner the tubes stay 🙂

    great job sis!

    1. LOVE yours, Mandy! Have seen them around for awhile..WHO is the original source?? Pure genius, methinks!! (:

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