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diy turnbuckle shelf

Learn how to make these easy DIY Turnbuckle Shelves! They’re the hottest trend in farmhouse decor with an industrial twist! We’re loving how easy these were to build and the hardware is just $32 for two sets!

DIY Turnbuckle Shelves tutorial | Get the step-by-step to make these farmhouse diy turnbuckle shelves! Such an easy tutorial to make these farmhouse turnbuckle shelves! Don't spend extra money on an expensive turnbuckle kit when its so easy to make your own diy turnbuckle farmhouse bathroom shelf!

I finished renovating our hall bathroom last month and have been looking for the perfect shelves for storage above the toilet. I’ve been on the hunt for a good hanging shelves diy project and saw the prettiest turnbuckle wall shelf.  It was linked to this darling turnbuckle shelf kit but because they’re so darling, they have a small waitlist. I wanted to get mine done quickly so I headed to Home Depot to make my own diy turnbuckle shelf.  Here’s the bathroom after and before pictures to show you how big of a difference bathroom shelves make!

diy turnbuckle shelf

I’m pretty sure turnbuckle shelves are gaining popularity because there was a whole display dedicated to diy turnbuckle shelf brackets! Pro tip: look underneath the tempting display for less expensive alternatives, they’re the same brand!!

DIY Turnbuckle Shelf Tutorial | Learn how easy it is to make these farmhouse shelves! These modern farmhouse shelves are super easy to make and super affordable!

DIY Turnbuckle Shelf Supplies

Supplies needed to build turnbuckle hardware to create modern farmhouse bathroom shelves: *aff links to what I used

Follow these easy instructions to build turnbuckle hardware shelves.

Since my hooks were black, first I spray painted my hardware to match. Let dry for an hour.

diy turnbuckle shelf - Learn how to make these farmhouse turnbuckle shelves! Spray paint the hardware to create farmhouse turnbuckle shelves for the bathroom, so cute and functional

Measure where your U-Bolt will need to be pre-drilled. Mine was 1″ in from the end and about 2 1/2″ in from each edge.

How to make turnbuckle shelves | Follow this easy farmhouse shelf tutorial to create these turnbuckle shelves! Such cute diy bathroom shelves!

Place your eye hook inside the U-Bolt before you push it through.

Here's an easy to follow tutorial to create turnbuckle shelving. We love this diy farmhouse bathroom shelf! Get all the supplies at your local hardware store!

Push it down then tighten nuts onto the backside.

DIY turnbuckle shelf step by step instructions. Learn to build these easy farmhouse shelves with attractive turnbuckle hardware, super affordable!

TIP: To push U-Bolt all the way down so it’s nice and tight, you may need to hammer it. Just place a piece of wood or cloth over the top beforehand so you don’t scratch or dent the top of the bolt. If you hit it too hard down, use the cloth to cover the hammer then pull the U-Bolt back up until it’s the right height to secure the nuts on the bottom.

Tips to hang turnbuckle shelves. Love these diy farmhouse shelves with modern farmhouse hardware, so pretty!

How to Mount Turnbuckle Shelves

This hardware was super easy to apply to the wall. I centered it over the toilet then added about 6″ above the bottom of the shelf. I like how the hardware slips over the inner screws for a seamless look without the screws showing.

Love these Liberty hooks to create turnbuckle shelf brackets diy! Such a fun tutorial to create modern farmhouse bathroom shelves, super affordable with an easy step by step tutorial!

DIY Turnbuckle Shelf Screwset

To get the shelf to not shift around, we followed Kara Paslay’s idea of screwing in a 4″ screw into the shelf on the backside and pre-drilling a hole in the wall opposite. Here are their words: “With all your pieces assembled, you are ready to start hanging the shelves. The cables will support the front side of each shelf, but you will need to support the side against the wall. I will show you what I did, but feel free to come up with your own ideas. I drilled two holes in the back of each the shelves that was large enough to accommodate the head of a drywall screw. Once I laid out where I wanted the shelves on the wall I screwed corresponding screws in the wall. I made sure there was enough screw in the wall to support the weight, but left about a 1/2″ of the screw sticking out so there was plenty for the shelf to rest on. We are lucky enough to have 1×6’s behind all of our drywall so I didn’t have to worry about hitting a stud or adding anchors, but most likely you will, so think about this before you start drilling the holes in the back of each shelf and plan accordingly.

How to secure turnbuckle shelf to wall! Such a cute bathroom shelf tutorial!

This doesn’t affect the weight but stops the shelf from flipping or moving around. Super sturdy! It took a little bit of muscle to get those U-Bolts in place and I’m horrible at math so I had to do a little wood filler, sssh! BUT this is what Lolly Jane is all about, getting things done and not waiting on help! (My poor hubby worked 60 hours of overtime so I was on my own!) What do you think?

DIY turnbuckle shelf | Click through for this pretty farmhouse shelf with turnbuckle hardware tutorial! Build these shelves for less!

WOW! Check out these pretty diy turnbuckle shelves!! Tutorial for an easy diy turnbuckle hardware kit included! Adore this farmhouse bathroom shelves!

DIY turnbuckle bathroom shelves | Great tutorial to create these farmhouse shelves! Love this turnbuckle hardware, make it yourself!

Love these bathroom shelves with turnbuckle hardware! Such a pretty farmhouse shelf, great for any room in the house!

oving these farmhouse bathroom shelf ideas! Click through for the easy how to on building the gorgeous turnbuckle hardware!

Here they are styled with things around my home.

Loving these farmhouse bathroom turnbuckle shelves! Such an easy tutorial to create these turnbuckle shelves, less than $40 for 2 complete shelves!

The apothecary jars, wood frame and triple white jars are from Hobby Lobby. The free floss brush flush wash printable is from us, yay! The wire basket is from Target, I think. The white creamer jar is from Walmart and the billy balls are from Etsy. The linens are from World Market and our favorite soap is from Grove.

Farmhouse shelf tutorial: learn to make these turnbuckle hardware shelves! Love this pretty farmhouse shelf decor styling too!

Pretty farmhouse shelf decor ideas! Grab the how-to for these pretty turnbuckle shelves!

Floss brush wash flush free printable farmhouse decor. Love these diy turnbuckle shelves with a free bathroom print!

I mean, I’m just kind of in love with this view..

Adore this turnbuckle shelf! Follow this easy tutorial to create these farmhouse shelves with cute turnbuckle hardware!

Loving these turnbuckle shelves! Create these farmhouse shelves with turnbuckle hardware! Total cost for 4 sets was $32!

Loving this turnbuckle shelf tutorial! Such a pretty farmhouse shelf with pretty turnbuckle hardware!

Please pin so your friends can build some easy to make turnbuckle bathroom shelves too!

DIY Turnbuckle Shelf tutorial | Learn how easy it is to make these bathroom turnbuckle shelves! These would be so cute in any room of the house, farmhouse chic shelves look great and are sturdy enough for all your home decor needs!

Visit the rest of this bathroom makeover series:

We are LOVING your versions* Keep them coming! xo

*As always, per our terms and conditions, tutorial is for personal use only.

The raw wood turnbuckle shelves look great! Katie did such a good job!

This turnbuckle shelf with raw wood looks amazing as bathroom decor! Easy to make turnbuckle shelves! #diy #homedecor #bathroomdecor #bathroomstorage #farmhouseshelf #turnbuckle #turnbuckleshelf #turnbuckleshelves

We LOVE how Jolene Apicella created our shelves with hangers instead of hooks like ours. CUTE!

Loving these DIY Turnbuckle Shelves with hooks as hangers. Such an easy to make farmhouse shelf tutorial! #turnbuckle #turnbuckleshelf #diy #homeimprovement

The white turnbuckle shelves with silver turnbuckle hardware from Lee Ann Husdon is a great twist on farmhouse, very modern farmhouse chic. Love it!

Easy to make white painted turnbuckle shelf bathroom decor. Love this white wood turnbuckle shelf with silver turnbuckles. Such an easy way to provide storage for your bathroom! #modernbathroom #modernfarmhouse #turnbuckle #turnbuckleshelf

The eye hooks that Colleen Jarrell used to hang her walnut plank turnbuckle shelves look so good!

Love this DIY turnbuckle shelf with eye hooks, such an easy to implement tutorial for #bathroomstorage <3 #turnbuckle #bathroomdecor #diy #turnbuckleshelves #turnbuckleshelf


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  1. I’m just curious about how they adhere to the wall. There is nothing securing the wood to the wall so if you bump into it can’t it get knocked over?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      If you read the full tutorial, it shares the steps to ensure the shelf IS secure to the wall; there is a 4″ screw in the backside of each shelf, there are photos to accompany it so you can see how to do it. 🙂
      Thanks! Happy building!

  2. Hi. I love your shelves! I very much want to do this in my bathroom. I have purchased everything thing and even stained my shelves but I am having a hard time finding the turnbuckles. Could you tell me where you found them? I tried the link but it didn’t work.

  3. I love these shelves so much! Thank you for the amazing tutorial. I’m so excited to shop for the supplies and make these for my bathroom.

    1. Hi Sami, I’m guessing about 10-15 lbs/each when screwed into drywall. However, it depends on if you screw them into studs or use an anchor.

      1. I was wondering if was necessary to screw them into wall stud or just use drywall anchors. My hubby told me it always better to use stud but they won’t be centered over toilet if I put on locations where the stud are. Will they hold up with drywall anchors?

        1. Hi Haru-depending on what you place on them, they should be fine with anchors. Studs are always the best option but we used anchors as well since we didn’t place anything more than a couple lbs on each shelf. Happy building!

  4. I love the shelves, they are so cute. I love the bathroom colors, too. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty linky.

  5. Absolutely love these shelves!!!! I’ve shown the to my husband and he’s going to make me some for my kitchen!!! Can’t wait. Thanks so much for the step by step. Gorgeous shelving!

  6. I wish I had read the whole post first. I was racking my mind on the positioning. It makes sense with the side views of shelves because you can seem them angled. I love the finished look. love it laura

  7. You did an awesome job! Yes and when a woman puts a head to it we can accomplish anything ?

  8. These shelves are so gorgeous! They are quite the focal point in your bathroom. Great job. <3 I will be sharing on Pinterest, but I found you through the Show and Tell Link Party.

  9. I’ve been making turnbuckle shelves for months (I know, ridiculous). The one thing that’s stopping me from hanging is that I’ve been unsure if I need to do something to stababilize the shelf or if gravity + resting on the wall is enough. I don’t see you mention anything so I’m assuming that the shelves are sturdy? Looks adorable, thanks for sharing!

      1. Hi Rebecca and Misty! I just updated the post with a little trick I saw from another shelf. I included the write-up and pictures above.

        If you’re looking to hold some major weight, I would consider a floating shelf, adding a cleat underneath or even attaching some L-Brackets beneath.

        As is, they are very sturdy although I’m not sure how much actual weight they would support. They don’t budge and I’m very comfortable with my four children grabbing things off of them with much confidence they will hold up.

        Thanks, ladies! If you make a set, we’d love to see them! xo

  10. Oh wow! That is such a fun project! I love those shelves! They are probably a focal point for the bathroom. Great idea and thanks for the tutorial! Saw your post through the before and after party:) pinned!

  11. I have a feeling your turnbuckle shelving will be showing up on “Farmhouse” blog hops really soon. Super innovative project using hardware store materials. Love it.

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