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diy bathroom cabinet

I was browsing cabinet ideas for my bathroom and didn’t find one that was unique. I love vintage and chippy and nothing new was catching my eye. Everything premade was so standard and boring and lacked originality. I drug my twin along with me and we walked around for an hour at one of our favorite local antique malls. I’m so glad she was with me because she ended up spotting the craziest item that ended up making this diy bathroom cabinet perfect!

DIY Bathroom Cabinet - How to install a bathroom cabinet on the wall. We used an old trunk insert and a vintage window to create a chippy but sturdy bathroom cabinet. Love this farmhouse bathroom! Such a fun bathroom cabinet diy!

Check out these bathroom cabinet diy plans. Creative items make this cabinet unique!

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

There are 2 types of hosts: those who entertain openly and don’t stress about their houses and those who tend to fret over the little details. I suppose I’m somewhere in between but lean towards the latter… after all, the little details are what really pull a space together. 😉 I am getting a little bit impatient in my house renovation as we’re doing sections of our home in stages and my bathroom is on the low end of the priority totem pole.  I got a wild hair last week before my company was coming over (like, 4 hours before their flight was due to arrive!) and chalk painted my floors. It didn’t look complete so I quickly added a stencil over the top and it kind of transformed the whole space. Except then the rack above the toilet didn’t match so I decided to swap it for something a bit larger to fill the space. Take a peek at the before.

You have got to see the after of bathroom cabinet makeover!

I searched a few local stores, big box stores, and online but didn’t find anything that I loved in my farmhouse bathroom. While perusing the outdoor section of my favorite antique store, I came across an old trunk insert and the cogs in my brain started slowly turning. It was the PERFECT size to fit over my toilet but it was definitely lacking a cover. On the way to checkout I spied an old window behind a table and when I put it against the trunk it covered it exactly… I would say that is a match made in decor heaven!

You're not going to believe what this vintage trunk insert and old window make!!

DIY Bathroom Cabinet – Supplies

I made a pit stop on the way home to the home improvement store and gathered some supplies to turns these treasures into an official bathroom cabinet. My shopping list included (3) 2.5” hinges, a glass knob, and an OOK hanger that would hold up to 60#. A drill and level are the only tools you’ll need.

Who knew this chippy window could turn into such a beautiful cabinet!?

Check out that chippiness on this vintage window! Repurposing old items is my most favorite hobby and I am so glad these pieces have a new story to tell and can live a new “life” instead of collecting dust.

Such a fun diy!! Turn an old trunk into a cabinet by marrying a trunk insert and old window!

To add the front to the back I simply screwed in 3 hinges to create a cabinet door. Easy peasy. Hanging it was a bit trickier since I have moulding on my wall that wouldn’t allow for the cabinet to be flush on the wall. I grabbed a piece of 1″ x 2″ x 8″ wood from my scrap pile and pre-drilled holes so it wouldn’t split then screwed it directly into the top of the trunk shelf.

Our favorite trick to hang heavy items!

I then screwed the front of the OOK hanger into the wood and the back of the OOK hanger into the wall.

You're kidding! That's all it takes to hang a heavy cabinet!?

Of course we had to Instagram our new build before hanging it! 😉

So pretty! Such a unique cabinet! Dying over how easy it is to make!

It pairs perfectly with my chippy door also from a local antique thrift store. We are so lucky to have a variety of fab thrifting around our state!

In love with this bathroom, all diy tips to copy this look without breaking the bank!

Here is the space ready for its new cabinet!

You're not going to believe the diy transformed this bathroom space!!

DIY Bathroom Cabinet – Mounting

And, after! We love the convenience of the OOK hangers as they are sturdy and SO easy to hang; you just place it over the back of the OOK hanger and it rests securely.

An old trunk and vintage window really function as a bathroom cabinet!?

You can see how the cabinet is now straight against the wall without having to cut the molding out.

This is such a fun bathroom cabinet building tutorial! Wow!

All in all it was a quick and easy build and makes a great statement for this room. No special skills or tools required, a perfect project for beginning DIY’ers!

Loving this bathroom cabinet makeover diy, no crazy tools needed!

You can see the storage it adds and I love the pops of color the labels on my favorite products against the blue walls!

This rustic bathroom cabinet is killing me, so cute and unreal how easy it was to make!

Besides extra hand towels, extra toilet paper and room spray is a must for my kids. 

Forget standard bathroom cabinets, this was less than $100 and is the easiest rustic bathroom diy you've ever seen!

Cotton balls in an apothecary jar makes for a pretty storage element.

How to install a farmhouse bathroom cabinet. Not your average DIY!

I love that the glass knob matches the knobs on the vanity and adds just a touch of femininity… it’s the little details that really pull the space together to make a cozy room, afterall. 😉

This rustic farmhouse cabinet was a breeze to make!! You've got to check out this diy!!

The cost breakdown for this DIY bathroom cabinet was a steal at $93 total as it is one-of-a-kind but can also be replicated to match your own style:

  • $18 trunk insert
  • $60 window pane
  • $7 (3) 2″ hinges
  • $4 60# OOK hanger
  • $4 glass knob

An old trunk and window created this bathroom cabinet!? Such an unreal DIY!

Make this rustic cabinet for less than $100!! Love this easy diy cabinet!

Our handmade Wash Brush Floss Flush” sign is cute and is a great reminder for my 4 kids who share this space to do just that. 😉

Such a pretty farmhouse bathroom! All DIY like this handmade cabinet. Please get me that sign!

On top of the toilet storage houses cotton pads and q-tips as well as some greenery to make the space more homey. 

Farmhouse bathroom eye candy! Love this pretty bathroom and adore how much was done on a budget!

What do YOU have for bathroom storage? A cabinet or shelf? We would highly recommend making one yourself and if you don’t have access to thrifted pieces like ours, you can build a quick wooden back with a shelf and add an oversized picture frame as an alternative then distress it. 😉

Farmhouse meets color, such a perfect collaboration of farmhouse and rustic. Great DIY cabinet makeover too!

Love these bathroom accesories! They match the farmhouse cabinet project perfectly!

How to build a bathroom cabinet from scratch. Such pretty bathroom accessories to finish off this bathroom makeover!

Chippy vintage window turned bathroom cabinet, what!? Brilliant!

DIY Bathroom Cabinet - Learn how to turn a trunk and window into a bathroom cabinet. Great storage solution! Darling bathroom cabinet diy. Love this rustic farmhouse bathroom. Great cabinet makeover!

Rustic bathroom makeover! Love this diy cabinet install, so easy and super creative!

Love this bathroom makeover. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make a difference in your bathroom makeover!

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DIY Bathroom Cabinet - You've got to check out this diy bathroom cabinet! It's made from an old trunk lid and window!? So dang cute! Great makeover idea! Love these bathroom storage solutions and bathroom accessories too!

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  1. I love this aqua blue of your walls! Perfect for a bathroom. You did a great job with your little makeover! Makes me want to redecorate my own home… 🙂


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