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easy diy fur numbers

Today’s post is sponsored by JOANN Fabric and Crafts. As always, all opinions are our own.

Now, I’m not a fur momma so I’m not used to little pieces of fur floating through the air while crafting but today’s tutorial of our cute DIY Fur Numbers are totally worth the mess because they are the perfect touch to my New Years Eve display!

Easy peasy DIY Fur Numbers... perfect to spruce up your New Years Eve party!

To make these posh numerals, you’ll need a quick trip to JOANN to snag a few craft items:

Dress up your NYE party with this easy DIY Fur Numbers how-to, perfect for a NYE party or display!

This is seriously easy. Trace, cut, and glue. Bam. To be more specific, though…

Give your paper numbers a little makeover with these easy DIY Fur Numbers tutorial!

  1. Flip number opposite the fur so when you trace it, it is in reverse. (If you trace your numeral as-is, the fur will fit the backside. (See pics.)
  2. While cutting, try it only cut the backing of the fur and NOT the fur itself as your numbers won’t be very hairy… the long hair is what makes it all glam-like so don’t give your fur a haircut! Haha. (My pics show areas that I went a little crazy on and gave it an accidental trim. Oops.)
  3. Spray the numbers and not the fur backing. This is so the fur won’t stick together. Just spritz a light coat of the adhesive on each paper mâche number then line up your cut piece of fur and push it over the top of the number. Hold for a few seconds and voila! Done.

This tutorial to make paper mache numbers with fur is so easy and takes no time at all, perfect to dress up your NYE party!

Repeat 3 more times.

Note: Although cutting the fur can be a bit messy, is super E A S Y to make and worth busting out the lint roller and vacuum afterwards.  (Just don’t wear black when DIYing this part, haha!) Love these cute Fur Numbers! The 2018 is perfect for a NYE party centerpiece, such an easy tutorial!

These faux fur numbers add that posh glam vibe I was going for come NYE party time, it’s little bit feminine but still natural with my drastic navy blue wall. The 2018 numbers really pop!From drab to fab, make these easy DIY Fur Numbers in no time... perfect for a New Years Eve display or centerpiece!

On my JOANN run I grabbed some cute decor from the wedding aisle and paired my fur numbers with a strand of gold dots, pinwheels, and gold banner. I spruced up some striped paper straws with gold shimmery card stock from JOANN and paired it with some punched out silver stars. 

Cutest NYE display, love the simple decor like these DIY Fur Numbers. Spruce your NYE table in no time at all!

These accents really pull the display together!Easy peasy DIY Fur Numbers... perfect to spruce up your New Years Eve party!

Our easy DIY Fur Numbers are just not only perfect for a New Years Eve display but also a party. Imagine a 1-years old birthday party and the 12″ fur number 1 next to a smash cake OR a 25th wedding anniversary party and the fur numbers 25 are the center of attention when the couple is taking photos. Cute, right?Easy and cute DIY Fur Numbers to make your NYE party glam! Use as a centerpiece, on a display or as a props in a photo booth!

How do you decorate for New Years? If you’re making your own or need some ready made accents, make a trip or shop online at JOANN! Happy New Year! 🙂

ps: Need more NYE inspo? Check out our easy DIY party hats!

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