Here’s what I learned about bathroom vanities: they are ridiculously overpriced. I spent weeks researching vanities and couldn’t justify $800-2000 for vanities that weren’t made out of 100% wood. Most are made from MDF or pressed wood without dove tail joints. I needed a stable vanity having four kids in one bathroom and a solid dresser fit the bill. We’ve done the whole upcycle a dresser into a bathroom vanity routine in our master bathroom and love the look. What I don’t love is how warped the top of the dresser becomes. In my opinion, you cannot prevent water damage to the top of a dresser vanity. It’s wood. Eventually, it’ll warp. That’s why we decided to add a marble top to our dresser turned bathroom vanity. After a LOT of trips between Home Depot to Lowe’s, we decided on this white marble top from Lowe’s. It was super affordable and fit the dresser width exactly. The only problem was the depth from the front of the dresser to the back wall: the marble top was too long but we couldn’t shorten it because we needed the space for the sink. Our solution was to add 2 pieces of wood behind it that butts up to the back wall, wood putty it then paint it. You can’t even tell it was added onto. There is a gap behind the sink to the wall but it’s hidden and doesn’t affect the use of the dresser, it provides great storage! Here’s how we turned a vintage dresser to bathroom vanity, it turned out perfectly!

Love this aqua dresser to vanity makeover. Such an easy way to turn an old dresser into a bathroom vanity to give it new life. Love this colorful farmhouse bathroom decor!

Here’s the beautiful dresser I found at Merchant Square, it was in Julie’s Home Decor and More booth. It was around $200 and worth every penny! I love the legs because I can show off my pretty honeycomb tile.

Vintage dresser to bathroom vanity tutorial. Turn an old dresser into a custom bathroom vanity with a few quick steps!

Here’s what we did to transform this old dresser into a bathroom vanity, we love this fun farmhouse look! First of all, we took the backing off the dresser then removed the top to see the bones up close.

DIY dresser to vanity tutorial. Love this fun dresser turned bathroom vanity hack, such a pretty farmhouse bathroom remodel!

We placed the marble top into place to see where we needed to cut into the drawers to fit the sink in. We lucked out and were able to cut out the middle section top (directly under the sink) without having to cut the inside sides apart so it would keep the strength. Every dresser turned vanity will always be a little different cut-wise since no two dressers are the same.

DIY dresser turned vanity tutorial. Love this farmhouse bathroom remodel with an easy dresser vanity tutorial!

We installed the faucet so we could access the backside before we put it in the bathroom.

How to turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity! Love this farmhouse bathroom remodel and the classic decor!

We lucked out again that we didn’t have to rebuild drawers like we did in our master bathroom transformation. This one we just had to shave off one side into a diagonal shape so we didn’t lose any drawer space.

Look how easy it is to transform a dresser into a bathroom vanity. This farmhouse bathroom remodel looks great!

The bottom middle front of the dresser is decorative anyway so we store toilet paper behind it and just have to reach around to grab it. You can see we added a 1″x6″ piece of wood to the sides to make up for the gap. The dresser was 18″ deep and the marble top that we added was 24″ deep so we added 6″ piece of wood to make up for the difference. After caulking the seam then painting it, you can’t tell we added the extra piece.

How to cut drawers down when creating a bathroom vanity from an old dresser. Love this dresser turned bathroom vanity in this farmhouse remodel.

I painted the vanity Sherwin William’s “Aloe” before the install so I could get to all the nooks and crannies.

Sherwin Williams Aloe painted dresser to vanity tutorial. Love this pretty green blue color for a bathroom vanity in this farmhouse bathroom remodel!

I already replaced the knobs with clear glass knobs. Here’s a tip: do that before you install it in the bathroom!! HA!-I had to borrow our installer’s screwdriver for tight spaces which I learned was called a ratchet offset screwdriver. So there you have it, it’s a little tricky but definitely doable so keep your eyes peeled for old but sturdy dressers!

Mint black and white farmhouse decor. Love these simple farmhouse renovation ideas!

Love these dark finishes on this modern farmhouse bathroom renovation. Such a pretty farmhouse bathroom remodel!

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Farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas! So many sources with ways to renovate your farmhouse bathroom without breaking the bank!

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Loving this dresser to bathroom vanity tutorial, so fun to dress up a standard bathroom vanity!! Love this farmhouse bathroom remodel!

Check out how to install peel and stick shiplap on the wall, such an easy wall treatment option!

How to install Plankwise peel and stick shiplap! Super easy wall treatment idea, just cut shiplap to size then press to wall. Love this easy farmhouse bathroom remodel!


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