pumpkin embroidery hoop wreath

We are so excited to share today’s suuuuuuuuper easy tutorial with you! There is very little skill to make this pumpkin fall embroidery hoop wreath, if you have scissors and floral wire, you can make this pretty fall embroidery hoop wreath too! We hope you love our little pumpkin hoop art, so fun for fall! And if you want to make it spooky for Halloween, just add some jack-o-lantern faces and some black leaves instead!

Made for under $15 in 15 minutes! Make this easy fall decor and spruce up your space!

To get started, gather your supplies. We actually had everything on hand except the hoop. We could have upcycled our hula hoop photo display but we didn’t want that large of a wreath. So what’re you waiting for? Gather your goods and get to crafting!


DIY Pumpkin Embroidery Hoop Wreath | Check out how easy it is to make this darling fall embroidery hoop wreath! Make this cute fall wreath in less than 5 minutes! Love this easy fall craft idea, such cute fall decor for your home!

Ready for how easy this cute fall wreath is? Here we go!

  • Cut wire to 6″ length: wrap it around leaves, facing opposite directions (you can use 1 wire for both bottom pieces).

Love this pretty fall wreath with eucalyptus leaves and faux pumpkins. Such a pretty fall wreath with an easy fall craft tutorial!

  • Push hole in the bottom of faux pumpkins with end of floral wire; dab hot glue then insert floral wire into bottom of pumpkin.

Okay this little pumpkin embroidery hoop wreath is too stinkin cute! And so easy to make! Love a fast fall craft, easy fall home decor idea!

  • Wrap pumpkins around the hoop, centered on top of the seeded eucalyptus leaves.

Love this simple fall wreath! Such a cute pumpkin fall embroidery hoop wreath!! Love this easy fall decor idea!

  • Cut ball stems down to 4-6″ in length.

Love these cute billy balls, they make such cute fall decor! Love these craspedia fall decor pieces in a pretty fall wreath!

  • Tuck billy balls into the wreath and enjoy! So easy!

Easy to make pumpkin embroidery hoop wreath! Such an easy fall craft! Love this easy fall wreath tutorial. How to make an embroidery hoop wreath.

How to make an embroidery hoop for fall. LOVE this pumpkin fall hoop art! Such pretty fall decor!

My older sister, Sandee, and I were talking about her upcoming painted house. She’s going with a gray, black and white scheme. Her Type A personality doesn’t allow her to paint her front door a fun color. We debated about it over and over since she really wants to go with a soft mint but can’t justify it to herself. I laughed and told her to go for it! She said she just can’t do it!—the idea of her mint not matching each holiday drives her bonkers. Hahahah…she’s a nut. My mustard doors loved each holiday and these coral babies will do the same. Life is short, friends, paint the door 😉

Such a cute fall wreath for your front door fall decor! Love this DIY fall wreath hoop art!

Love this easy fall porch decor! Such an easy fall wreath to make, simple fall outdoor decor idea!

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  1. Can I ask where you bought your little pumpkins? They look different than the ones linked to. Thanks!

  2. How did you hang your wreath? I made a similar wreath with a Halloween theme and it slides to the weighted side when I try to hang it on a 3M hook on my front door. Any tips on how to hang it would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Leah! We just hung it from a cup hook, nothing special. If it’s lopsided, use a piece of painters tape behind the pumpkin to keep it in place. If that’s not strong enough, try some velcro, it won’t damage the paint. Good luck!

  3. It is really great how nice these simple wreaths look against the coral door. You would expect them to clash but instead they look amazing together. Everything about this post is pretty.

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