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Turn your master bedroom into a cozy retreat that reflects your style. We’ve got all the tips on picking the perfect bedding and adding stylish decor touches to make your space feel like home.


It’s been 15 months since we added about 10′ to our bedroom in the remodel and it’s finally starting to feel like the retreat I had in mind.

Our old bedroom was about 12′ x 10′ and super cramped. We barely fit our king size bed and 2 very small FBMP nightstand finds that I painted aqua. It was a fun, colorful bedroom scheme but I’m ready for a soothing bedroom, a cozy space that feels welcoming and lets us get away from the daily chaos.

Here are all my bedroom sources so far. Keep in mind I’ve been slowly saving and paying cash as I go over the past nearly year and a half. It takes time to pull a space together.


I still have a lot of finish work I plan to do plus add a ceiling treatment but again, it’ll take a little more time and money so I’m trying to enjoy the room in stages and be grateful for my progress so far.


Here is the order I purchased my bedroom decor in, hopefully it helps inspire you own space!

AREA RUG There is a local IG account that sells new, discounted rugs of all shapes and sizes. I was able to big and score this Loloi Layla Collection in the color Olive/Charcoal for about $150 cheaper than retail. Mine is the 9×12 size and it hides all our dog’s hair well, bonus!

DRESSER I purchased the Pottery Barn Sausilito Dresser in the color Seadrift. I’m not going to lie, this is the most expensive piece of furniture I’ve ever bought and it took me months to pull the trigger. I’m so frugal by nature but keep my furniture for decades and am confident I’ll keep this the rest of my life so I look at it as an investment.

BED FRAME: I sold my old bed frame on FBMP and replaced it with a fabric headboard that offers the texture I was looking for. It’s the Hanson Upholstered Wingback Bed in the color Classic Talc Linen. I love it! It’s great quality and super comfy to lean up against.

NIGHTSTANDS I love these nightstands so much in the Seadrift finish. Again, it was hard to purchase since I’m such a cheapskate but after using the matching dresser for 6 months, I was impressed with the quality which made me feel more confident. The Sausilito comes in a few different nightstand styles but I wanted drawers so I didn’t have to decorate the open bottom. Now I can hide all my necessities inside and keep my more aesthetic items on top.

LAMPS My wood lamps were originally from Target, I believe? I’ve had them for years. These ones from Amazon are a good lookalike plus they’re more affordable than mine.

SLEEPING PILLOWS + SILK PILLOWCASE We recently switched our whole family to silk pillowcases, worth the investment! It helps with our kids’ acne and lessens wrinkles for us but the best part is they’re cooling and so comfortable. These pillows are hands down my favorite pillows I’ve ever had. We take them with us when traveling because we love them so much! They’ve helped with my husband’s snoring!!

SHEETS I love the classic style of these Millstone sheets but also got a second set of the complimentary Stone Cottage sheets to swap weekly.

QUILT This floral quilt is reversible and has a subtle pattern so it doesn’t clash with the 2 sheet sets. Plus it’s not too heavy for our hot summers here in the desert.

WAFFLE BLANKET This is lightweight which is perfect for naps but pretty styled on the end of the bed with a splash of pink, my favorite color.

EURO SHAMS + EURO COVERS I love these down alternative inserts. I’ve had them for as least 10 years and they’re still in great shape! We only use them for decoration so they’ve held up really well. These waffle weave euro sham covers are pretty plus they’re easy to get off and on for washing.

CURTAIN RODS I have these rods in my family room as well, a classic gold design that matches most decor styles.

CURTAINS These are the William Morris Drapes. They come in a variety of styles but I love the black out ability best!

ROMAN SHADES I’ve been intimated about Roman Shades for years. The exact measurements, the price and the install have kept me a curtain girl. But these are no drill and super affordable! These are the Casual Pleated Roman Shades in Woodland Beige.


  • BEDROOM FLOORING: In love with our tried and true LVP Style Selections, the color is English Grove. Also shown in our family room.
  • WALL PAINT COLOR: The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois (OC-13).
  • CEILING PAINT COLOR: The ceilings are painted in Behr Ultra Pure White (White 52).

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