aqua nightstands

So I’m totally in love with these aqua nightstands.   I got them on Facebook for $60.  Yes, I said Facebook.  How many of you have a private {large} group where you sell to each other?  I’m in about 4 groups and they’re awesome!  You have less risk of a weirdo coming to your house than Craigslist since you may know some of these people or you can see they’re friends of friends.  The group I got these in is a “Vintage Finds” group, so fun! They were a breeze to paint!  All I did was give them a light sand with my mouse sander.

Then I used leftover ‘Swimming’ by Sherwin-Williams paint (from this wall color and also this coffee table) and switched back and forth from a foam roller to a Purdy brush (from this mint dresser).  I just hand painted/rolled two quick coats.

My fav part of refinishing furniture is distressing, chipping aka making it look old and worn.  My nine year old daughter hates this style which makes me laugh.  That’s why I kept her room makeover clean, no distressed furniture.  But wait till she moves out, it’s on, baby!! (;

I’ve been using a putty knife to chip away the paint on the edges of the furniture…it doesn’t damage the wood underneath.

These knobs were also used HERE and HERE.  I ordered them in bulk years ago and have been looking for ways to use them up!  Wish I remembered the company I ordered them from??  A quick coat of poly to seal them and you’re good to go!

Loving them.  We’re going to put them in our master bedroom that is in desperate need of a style.  I would say “makeover” but it’s never been done in the first place.  WHY is it the master is the last room in the house to get attention?? It should be the first, right?

To check out ALL our furniture redo’s, click HERE!  I’m slightly obsessed with painting…

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  1. These nightstands are darling….. but when I looked up “SW Swimming” it looks super bright. Your night stands look more sub-dued, which I prefer.

    Is it just the pics? Should I half the color to get it to look like your nightstands?

  2. Wow I just love these, the color is perfect. I like the idea of using the putty knife for distressing.

    Love your cute blog!

  3. I love the colour you choose! My neighbour is like your daughter. He helped me fix a nightstand one day, so when it was painted, I asked him if he wanted to see it. “You forgot to paint the edge” was his compliment!!!

  4. Those turned out so great! Love the color and I love your distressing.

  5. I love how they turned out! And i’ll have to try the putty knife technique… I’ve been using a razor blade but you have to be super careful!

  6. A) I never thought of buying stuff off of facebook! I need to check into some of these groups and B) I LOVE the paint color you went with. Sooooo pretty!

  7. These turned out adorable! I love that you use a putty knife to distress the table – I love the look it achieves!

  8. Love me some aqua and a good deal! I know the feeling on the master bedroom decorating. We just moved a few months ago and I swore this time the master would be the first to get decorated….ahem, it’s still not done.

  9. SO CUTE! My husband loves the distressed style while I… prefer the clean lines. He is working hard to convert me, lol! Still, I can recognize adorable and awesome when I see it- these are fabulous!

  10. I absolutely love this, I’ve been meaning to do our ugly bedside tables for over a year now. you’ve motivated me.

  11. Seriously? Why aren’t you my neighbor?! Then I can catch any overflow of projects that hit your reject pile. Not that I think any of your things are rejects, of course! In my bedroom, we have horrible un-matching nightstands. One of them is salvagable and I think I could do a little painting to spruce it up, but the other….bleh.

  12. They turned out just gorgeous! It’s so true about the master bedroom–mine is in desperate need of a makeover as well.

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