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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Porch Decor!

Summertime means outdoors and lots of it… whether you’re entertaining, cozied up with a good book, or simply enjoying the sunshine, we’ve rounded up some gorgeous outdoor porch decor that won’t break the bank. AND… we’ve styled our finds 2 ways to kick off a fun “Sister vs. Sister” Home Decor challenge to see whose porch “wore” it best! Take a look! 🙂

outdoor porch decor

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Loving this cozy coastal farmhouse outdoor space! Read through to see how to cozy up your own outdoor living areas! #coastal #coastalstyle #farmhouse #patio #porch #summertime

Give us all the sunshine! Since we’re in sunny Arizona, USA we get to see the sun all day ‘err day and spend much of our time outdoors… and constantly sprucing up those much used outdoor spaces! We came across some stunning decor at At Home Store and knew we had to bring it home… er, homes. You see, we’re partnering with At Home for our first ever “Sister vs. Sister” Home Decor Challenge to see who styled it best. Let’s get started! (Psst! Take a look at our Instagram stories to see more gorg in-store finds from At Home but you can find even more summer goodness in their fun Summer Look Book here.)

Loving this cozy coastal farmhouse outdoor space! Read through to see how to cozy up your own outdoor living areas! #coastal #coastalstyle #farmhouse #patio #porch #summertime


Since it was Kelli’s idea for this light hearted competition, let’s start with her outdoor coastal farmhouse inspired space. She is all things neutral farmhouse with pops of color (always color!) and the selection at At Home is huge for just that; it took nearly an hour for Kelli to choose the star of her porch, the Park City Sofa. Oooh la la!

Loving this cozy coastal farmhouse outdoor space! Read through to see how to cozy up your own outdoor living areas! #coastal #coastalstyle #farmhouse #patio #porch #summertime

Why would it take so long to shop, you wonder? If you have had the pleasure to shop in At Home, you know it’s huge… like, bigger than Costco huge! It is filled to the brim with the latest in decor trends, classic styles, and everything in between when it comes to home decor.

Loving this cozy coastal farmhouse outdoor space! Read through to see how to cozy up your own outdoor living areas! #coastal #coastalstyle #farmhouse #patio #porch #summertime

The possibilities are endless when it comes to patio decor, especially. We started with the largest pieces, in Kelli’s case it is this gorgeous sofa with matching chairs that are the perfect combination of modern meets farmhouse. Once the sofa was selected, she opted for this simple coffee table that blends so well with the wood tones in the sofa.

Loving this cozy back patio and the coastal touches with a mix of farmhouse! #coastalstyle #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #summertime #patio

From there it was all about patio accessories! Plants are the biggest way to really emphasize you are outdoors, of course. From a potted 4′ faux fiddle leaf fig to filling their darling planters (which are BOGO right now and that alone is an aisle you would LOVE to get lost in!) with real and faux greenery, plants instantly freshen up a space to make it feel inviting and clean. (Never mind I had to scrub my next door neighbors loose chicken’s droppings off of this rug this week– I think I’ve made my space TOO inviting, ha!)

Cutest planter to pull together a fresh inviting space to cozy in on summer nights. Love this coastal farmhouse patio! #farmhousestyle #coastalstyle #patio #porchstyle #porch

After a few throws and pillows to pump up comfort, we hit the jackpot: I lovely love loveee At Home’s lanterns… from metal to wood and with or without glass, they are my absolutely favorite accessory in this space; lanterns in general are a great staple in any space to add instant warmth. Snag an electric candle and you’re golden for alllll the cozy! To hang these cuties we simply tied a piece of twine from the top, made a loop (knotted it), then hung it from some pre-drilled eye hooks. Easy peasy!

Group a trio of lanterns to pull a coastal vibe and cozy up an outdoor space! Love this farmhouse porch! #farmhousestyle #farmhouse #coastalstyle #driftwood #patio

Those lanterns really polished off the space, brought in some coastal charm, and added texture. I’m calling this space complete…. there you have it: space number 1 by the #2 twin. ?

Oh myyy! Love this DARLING easy-to-copy Coastal porch with a touch of Farmhouse! #farmhousestyle #coastal #coastalstyle #porch #patiodecor


At Home Stores generously provided these pretties to help inspire you to spruce up your own outdoor space; take a peek at our fave porch decor used on Kelli’s porch:

Coastal Farmhouse Porch Decor... CUTEST! Click through to see this mood board brought to life #coastal #coastalstyle #farmhouse #porchdecor #patio #AtHome

  1. Park City Sofa (gray)
  2. Park City Armchair (gray)
  3. Porto Corner Coffee Table
  4. Vintage Lantern
  5. Driftwood Lantern (similar)
  6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
  7. B+W Pouf
  8. Sisal Rug
  9. Gray Brush Throw
  10. Cement Planter (simliar)
  11. Cross Planter 
  12. Hanging Edison Lights
  13. Seagrass Basket (similar)
  14. Large Seagrass Basket (similar)
  15. Macrame Pillow
  16. Pink Tassel Pillow
  17. Jute Trim White Pillow
  18. Gray + Blush Pink Throw 
  19. Pink Pom Blanket


We tend to mix the old with new so my own space stayed in line with that but first, let’s introduce my outdoor boho porch decor…. and the queen of the show, the queen wicker chair. ?Here she is at dusk, which is my favorite time of day to be outside right now since triple temps are blaring at us othewise.

Loving this cozy back patio and the boho touches with a mix of farmhouse! #bohostyle #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #summertime #patio

You’re still swooning over that chair, aren’t cha. (Us, tooooo!) Since my porch is tiny I didn’t have the luxury for a sofa like Kelli’s space but that is what makes At Home stores amazing; their home decor can accommodate any lifestyle, from home owners to apartment dwellers or even if you’re renting a single room in a home… At Home has you covered! I simply paired my queen chair with a thrifted tabletop and added a gorgeous gold pouf to double as a foot rest/extra seating. Bam: porch done.

Loving this cozy back patio and the boho touches with a mix of farmhouse! #bohostyle #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #summertime #patio

Okay wait I have to share the juicy details of what else I did first before we source these pretties and have you vote on me or Kelli! Haha I saw this rug and knew I had to have it to really pull off the boho vibe I am currently digging and the design paired so well with this white metal lantern that I snatched it right up, and polished it off with some faux floral stems to pull in some color.

Such a fun boho space with a touch of farmhouse, includes great tips to decorate a porch! #bohostyle #bohemian #farmhousestyle #patio #porch

My kids told me the knit throw (although super comfortable) was too warm for this time of year so I swapped it with a chenille type material (hello tassels!) in the prettiest shade of pink that fits within this season more so aaaand it adds a fun pop of COLOR! ?See how well it matches the florals on that big ol wooden wagon wheel?

Loving this cozy back patio and the boho touches with a mix of farmhouse! #bohostyle #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #summertime #patio

We have a full DIY for how we hung the flowers on the wheel, it was so easy and I love all of the color that unique piece brings into my space!

Loving this cozy back patio and the boho touches with a mix of farmhouse! #bohostyle #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #summertime #patio

The lights are new to my porch and I’m kicking myself for not gathering them and hanging them earlier as they bring in a dreamy ambiance and I love when the sun sets to see my patio sitting area all snuggly. At Home has a wide assortment of outdoor lighting, as well as LED candles. The bamboo lantern (pictured) is actually LED so I just flip a switch to turn it on or off… so happy I don’t have to worry about my 3 rascals knocking it over and causing a mess with melted wax or worse, a fire!

Such a fun boho space with a touch of farmhouse, includes great tips to decorate a porch! #bohostyle #bohemian #farmhousestyle #patio #porch

I polished off my space with another planter shaped like a sunflower that just screams SUMMER! and I absolutely love it filled with more faux greenery from At Home’s wide greenery aisle that is hard to leave. LOL I grabbed an extra stalk and wrapped it around my little handmade tee pee to really pull the space together and couldn’t be more happy with how this turned out. It’s so dreamy and I love going outside now to oooh and aaah over it!

Oh myyy! Love this DARLING easy-to-copy Boho porch with a touch of Farmhouse! #farmhousestyle #boho #bohostyle #porch #patiodecor


You’ve guessed it by now… At Home is our one-stop shop for all things home decor, in or out! You can shop my space below:

Boho Farmhouse Porch Decor... CUTEST! Click through to see this mood board brought to life #boho #bohostyle #porchdecor #patio #AtHome

  1. Queen Wicker Chair
  2. Bamboo LED Lantern
  3. White Metal Lantern (used as a vase)
  4. Misc. Faux Florals 
  5. Sunflower Vase
  6. Wagon Wheel
  7. Round Jute Rug (similar)
  8. Hanging Globe Lights
  9. White Knit Throw
  10. Woven Pink Pillow
  11. Off White/Gray Pom Pillow (similar)
  12. Blush Pink Throw (similar)
  13. Gold Pouf
  14. Scallop Table (thrifted)
  15. Tee Pee (handmade; diy coming soon)

Sister vs. sister patio challenge… vote now!

Now back to the fierce competition! Again, just for funsies (and what the heck, we’ll throw in a $50 gift card to At Home from us to you for taking the time!) cast your vote for Kelli’s Coastal Farmhouse Patio OR Kristi’s Boho Farmhouse Patio by leaving a comment below! A big thank you to At Home Stores for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions, as always, are our very own and we truly feel at Home in At Home! 😉

xo, K+K

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  1. I’m in love with Kristi’s Boho Farmhouse Patio, but they both look incredible! I love At Home, I too can spend hours in there. I recently made a gallery wall and got great artwork from At Home, their prices were amazing!

  2. I love love the Boho farmhouse look. It’s just perfect, I could see snuggling in to read a book in the warm evening. I also had never heard of At Home, much less that there was a store close to me!

  3. Both are spectacular in their own “vibe”, but the lanterns make the whole porch pot! I have to vote for Kelli. All it needs is a footstool for comfort (sofa’s arms don’t look “cozy”.

  4. Like many others I loved them both. But since I have to vote for one I say Kelli. I love coastal design and it would match my inside decor. Love Lanterns also.

  5. I hate choosing sides!! They are both so lovely! Seriously, I love the furniture in Kelli’s and the color in Kristi’s. I had to do eenie meenie minie moe! Kristi won! Love you girls to death!

  6. Krisit’s porch won my heart at first sight. I love mixing old with new, pom-poms with tassels, pieces that don’t match, a touch of pink, a good frosting of flowers on everything and above all else, the unexpected…hello, darling tee-pee. I can imagine myself sitting on that porch looking out over a field of wildflowers, waiting until the lights pop on at dusk just in time to catch the dance of the flower fairies.

  7. Both porches are beautiful, but I love the colors of the Boho porch. Kristi gets my vote. 🙂

  8. Being a “mama of twins” myself, I don’t want to cause a tussle?, but in the spirit of “fun inspiration”, I have a spot that is begging for the intimate Boho design. We LOVE At Home and shop there often. Bought our bar chairs there!

  9. Here you two go again, coming up with fun ideas for the outdoors. Sorry you’re making me choose as I love them both but I’m going to go with the #1 Look by #2 Twin. You girls do a fun job together coming up with great content all the time. I look to you in my blog journey as well

  10. This is not fair when everyone is craving beach time?
    So I have to vote for Kelli’s coastal farmhouse.
    They are both so cute!

  11. I love elements of both with the boho chair and the coastal lanterns, so I can’t choose a favorite!

  12. They are both really beautiful and creative! It is hard to pick. I have to say the peach accents on the Boho porch are really fun though, and I love the floral wagon wheel. So for me that one is the winner.

  13. I love them both- very beautiful but I love Kristi’s Boho a lot! Great job ladies! ❤

  14. Oh how I wish I had a porch or a roof over my deck. I love both of these looks, but love the coastal farmhouse. I can see myself and some friends curled up, drinking wine and laughing until our cheeks and stomachs hurt. Congrats to both of you on a great job. Enjoy your porches!

  15. I loved the coastal look. I do the same in my house, neutral colors with pops of color. And the three different lights is my absolute favorite part. I may have to talk my husband into getting those, lol.

  16. So this was a hard choice because each decor has something that I love. With the recent purchase of my own first home in mind, I’m going to have to choose Kristi’s boho farmhouse outdoor porch decor. It fits more of the style that I want to do in my backyard. Thank you both for sharing your ideas. ?

  17. This is all so beautiful! I am so excited to use these inspirations for my new place yay! Hope I’m entered I into the sweepstakes too ?

  18. I love them both, but I really love the coastal farmstyle it fit my style more! Great job ladies!

  19. Love the Coastal Farmhouse look! It has more of that rustic feel that I have incorporated into my own style At Home.

  20. I LOVE the BOHO look!! I’m obsessed with that chair!! Love, love the porch decor!!!

  21. Love them both and really love some of the pieces you each used. All in all though, I have to say Kelli’s is my fave with the coastal farmhouse look. Simply because..COLOR. The colors she choose also compliment the color of her home really well!

  22. O my how does one choose!!! First off y’all need to come to Texas and help me lol. I think I love the boho one a tad more….just a bit more! Y’all did amazing!!!

  23. I love the boho porch! That chair is amazing and I could see myself reading in that ALLLLLLL day. I love all the touches of greenery and floral and it makes me so happy to see. And I love the porch rug it is adorable! An At Home store is coming to my home town in the next month or two and I am sooooooo excited!

  24. I vote for the Boho Farmhouse. Way to get creative in a small space. I loved the wagon wheel and how you added the flowers to bring in some color.

  25. I LOVE Kelli’s coastal farmhouse. I live in CO & we can live outside quite a few months & I love to sit outside, but our patio is hopeless right now. This just makes me smile.

  26. I love them both! But if I had to pick it would have to be Kristi’s boho farmhouse..that chair and the flowers and everything..??

  27. I vote the coastal farmhouse. An At Home store JUST opened in my city. I haven’t made it in yet but now I really want to! I have a new home with a double story deck, gazebo and weather-proof patio that all need sprucing up! Winning a gift card would just be amazingly wonderful to help me deck out my new outdoor space!

  28. I am a total boho girl but I really love the Farmhouse porch simply because of the sitting arrangement and those lanterns ???

  29. I love the Boho look! And, I also have a smaller porch space so I love the impact you were able to make with less space/stuff, Kristi!

  30. I love the BOHO! Being an Arizona girl myself….it seems a bit more suited for the Western lifestyle! Love the string lights, too….a little obsessed with them, actually! I’m getting them put in my garden area! They are both beautiful….but have to vote for the BOHO!

  31. I LOVE the “coastal farmhouse” look ???! I live in Phoenix and just bought a house with a porch. I can’t wait to decorate it! I Totally want to buy that park city set and a few of those other adorable decor things you picked out! Thank you for always providing the cutest inspo ❤️!

  32. I really love the coastal farmhouse. I need to pick up some of those items like the fiddle leaf tree. I also love the pot the plant on the table is in

  33. Man, this is a hard decision! They’ve both got such cute elements to them! I think I have to lean toward Coastal Farmhouse, love that sofa and those lanterns!

  34. I love them both! But if I have to pick one I pick Kelli’s Coastal Farmhouse patio because that style would be perfect on my own patio.

  35. Oh my! Loving that queen wicker chair and the greenery in the Boho look, wins my vote! Both are beautiful though!!

    1. Wow. Both are so beautifully put together! I love coastal everything, especially those hanging lanterns. My vote goes tob boho, only because I am super impressed with the creative use of space and more vibrant pops of color for summertime!

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