Large Front Porch Planters

How to decorate your porch with Walmart’s latest planters and bushes! Check out these gorgeous Hudson large front porch planters, just plop in your favorite plant for instant decor.

If you’re looking for a planter for your indoors or out, we’ve found the cutest one! It’s lightweight but looks expensive and is super sturdy for the toughest of plants.

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Better Homes and Garden Hudson Planter

This popular Hudson planter has been making its way around social media so we had to check it out in person and it didn’t disappoint!

I moved my reeded planters to the back porch since I was looking for largers planters for the front porch.

These look like wood but they’re actual resin! They retain more moisture than traditional clay pots which is nice. They’re also more lightweight and fade-resistant so they’ll last for years to come.


More Planters from Walmart

Whether you’re into sleek modern designs or charming rustic vibes, Walmart has something for every taste and style. From ceramic pots to woven baskets, there’s a plethora of options to choose from.

Personally, I love the Hudson style as it’s on trend but not too modern to match my 45 year old farmhouse.

Front Porch Plants

I added 2 simple plants to each pot to frame bot sides of the doors.

These are actually bushes! Their full name is Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearl Shrub. It has pretty white flowers that will bloom. They come in a 2.25 gallon bucket so you can just drop it in the planter and water it as needed.

I’ll eventually plant is near the end of the summer so it’ll join our yard for decades, hopefully! I don’t consider myself a true green thumb but I have managed to keep my indoor pothos thriving for over 5 years and love them.

More Porch Decorating Ideas

How’s your front porch looking for spring so far? It’s getting super warm here in Arizona, finally! We’ve had such a wet winter so we’re excited for some sunshine!

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