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My coastal master bedroom makeover is complete, and I’m so in love! My husband is even more in love with me more after I was able to pull off this design on a budget, and I have to admit it was fun working on it with him! Click on over to have a look back at my master bedroom inspiration post. Wow, I would not go back to the dark side…aka, the non-decorated side! The before picture was actually pretty flattering, but I promise you it was a hot mess in real life. Just check out this after picture to see the big difference for yourself.

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

That plank wall is delicious! I love the depth it gives the room, and how it grounds the bed to that wall. The window pops, but the linen curtains subdue it. The bed is surrounded by calming decor, and it’s such a relaxing space. Here was my inspiration board created for this bedroom. I used Sherwin-Williams’ Chip It!โ„ข tool to find the perfect shade for my room! I’m really picky about what color white goes in my space, so after creating several inspiring color chip cards, I decided EXTRA WHITE was the color for me! It complemented most of the colors I was loving on my color chips, so I knew it was the one.

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board #colorinspiration #masterbedroom

Okay, admit it…you’re dying to know the wall color. It’s so calming, isn’t it? It mixes well with whites, tans and muted tones. Sometimes it looks a little green, sometimes it’s just the right shade of blue. I’ve used this color all over my house, so it’s no surprise I used it again for my master bedroom. It’s Sea Salt from HGTVยฎ HOME by Sherwin-Williams. And, let me tell you…I went through a lot of paint in this room! Not only did I paint all 3 walls Sea Salt, I had to paint each individual plank as well as the tedious closet doors with 20 panels total.  I love this color! I have several posts all using to this color! But, I love painting, it calms me, so it was a good trade with the hub. He cut all the planks, I caulked and painted. Look at the room again from a different angle, don’t you love the color? I think I’m obsessed since I’ve also painted my dining room table and chairs and even the bench sitting at the foot of the bed in Sea Salt! I admit I was tempted by that beautiful Baize green above in the inspirational picture…I even bought a sample of it. But after going back and forth with the Extra White, I stuck with Sea Salt for the blue tones. And afterall, it’s become a classic around here and you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

The gallery wall is strictly pictures of me and the hubby. I thought it would be fun to display a picture of each year we’ve been married. It’s amazing to look back at 11 different pictures and recall the stages of our lives, how old each child was, where we lived at the time, how much we’ve changed since then.

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

It’s going to be a fun tradition to keep up!

This is such a fun idea! Add a picture in your master bedroom for every year you've been together. Bonus: add the year on each frame. So fun to look back through all the years and how much you've changed in one place. Love this yearly couple gallery wall idea!

I love the white in this space, it’s not a pure white, it’s almost got a hint of gray in it. I used the same white on my beautiful closet doors, adore them. And guess what? These doors were installed by HGTV’s former carpenter, Barr Huefner! He did a fantastic job!!

This is such a fun idea! Add a picture in your master bedroom for every year you've been together. Bonus: add the year on each frame. So fun to look back through all the years and how much you've changed in one place. Love this yearly couple gallery wall idea!

Even my dresser area got a slight makeover with new accessories. I love mixing vintage with new in my house. Your past defines who you are so why not shake things up with your ancestors’ old goodies? See that vase? It was $10 at a common store down the street. I filled it with my grandfather’s corks when I cleaned out his house last summer. The memories of digging through his life is priceless to me, and I’ve been saving those old corks for the right project, check out the whole post on our cork vase filler idea. I can imagine him and my recently deceased grandmother cracking open their nightly glass of wine together, and it makes me smile. The basket was a clearance find for $20, but in it is my dear Nana’s pillow. When she was getting close to passing, she reminded me that I could have the pillow I so dearly loved. I hold it close when I miss her and think of it sitting on her always-perfectly- made-bed.

This is such a fun idea! Add a picture in your master bedroom for every year you've been together. Bonus: add the year on each frame. So fun to look back through all the years and how much you've changed in one place. Love this annual couple gallery wall idea!

I love how the Sea Salt wall color complements both white and tan. Both the semi-modern dresser and the coastal basket. My fav paint color yet! I hope I’ve inspired you to make over a room in your house. It was really easy to pull all the accessories together and it wasn’t very expensive. I spent around $600 including the custom closet doors and that isn’t a lot for a whole room…especially the most important room in the house!

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

Thank you, Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this room makeover!  Visit them on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. They’re just a few blocks down the street from my house and are getting to know me by name there (; Also check out a close up of that cupboard door subway art!  

cupboard door subway art

Source List:

  • Ceiling Fan
  • Frames: Pottery Barn from DownEast Home, the rest on sale from various stores like World Market, Pier One, Michael’s, JoAnn’s
  • Cupboard Door Sign: gifted from my uncle after a kitchen demo
  • Curtains: Drop Cloths from Home Depot, just folded over at the top and clipped 
  • Lamps + Shades: Target
  • Basket + Bird Pillow: Marshall’s
  • Bedding: Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Doors: Custom built from 84 Lumber, LOVE them!!!

More details of this room coming all week!  Check out my updated bedroom refresh:

Master Bedroom Refresh, hello yellow! Gorgeous duvet + shams! | via www.lollyjane.com

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  1. Definitely our master bedroom! I’ve hated the wall color since we moved in but it just always seems like something else always needs to get done first!

  2. My kitchen is the room I REALLY need to have done. I just finished redoing our master, but I haven’t touched the kitchen at all.

  3. Our kitchen desperately needs a new accent color! Love the bedroom makeover and I’m definitely going to have to try the Sea Salt color ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is so inspiring. My bedroom needs a little love. Thanks for some fresh ideas! And a great giveaway too!

  5. I would totally do our master bedroom!! Hubby andk were just talking about this today, how we need a sanctuary; a place that is ours that we love to be.

  6. I would have to say my kitchen, it’s pretty small
    & it’s where everyone congregates.

  7. I LOVE white on white!!! My mom always loved light & bright, and my husband has a minimalist’s tastes. Lol I wish I could post pictures of my living room here. When we see friends’ homes with dark walls and dark furniture, we cringe! Lol Oh, the things I could do with an extra $100! Praying I win!

  8. Can I say my whole house?? I’d have to say my kitchen. Can you imagine a brown sink, yellow tiled backsplash and green laminate cabinet? Yep, it’s that bad!

  9. I LOVE your picture wall, and the color is so soothing! I would makeover our downstairs powder room with the Sherwin Williams paint.

  10. My goodness, my whole house needs a makeover. I have been living here over 15 years and I haven’t done anything for quite a while.

  11. My little boy Noah’s room has never got finished in over 4 yrs! I would LOVE to give him the same kind of GREAT space that his big brother Christian has!

  12. I would love to redo my daughters room. She just turned 3 and wants a theme in her room!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. We are closing on a house in a week and the lower rec room is stuck in the 70’s! This would definitely help jump start that update!

  14. I’d love to redo my whole house but since that isn’t going to happen I’d like to start with my bedroom.

  15. I’d like to makeover our dining room…needs some color!

  16. My bedroom is the room I’d like to make over. Why does it get done last? Probably because it’s the least seen room in the home. But it’s seriously lacking!

  17. All of our rooms could use a little love -we just bought this house, but I’m going with the family room. I also want a beachy/coastal theme, & with all of this inspiration, it’s a no-brainer!

  18. For a chance to win a $100 Sherwin-Williams gift card, share in the comments below what room you would like to makeover in your home? my dream would be to make over the kids room star95011atyahoodotcom

  19. My kitchen has wallpaper. Removing it and painting are the next items on my husband’s honey-do list. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  20. I would love to make over my bathroom. The wallpaper hasn’t been touched in probably 20 years! Would love to take it down and paint it a nice beige color!

  21. The master bedroom is the room most needing a makeover. It has all the old hand me down furniture and the original bland paint that was here when we moved in.

  22. Oh, how lovely! The yellows you chose are just perfect. I would love to makeover our little office and reading room.

  23. Hmmm….what room to make over? Tough choice since our entire, beautiful house is beige! While I would absolutely love a master bedroom make over, I think I would do the living room / kitchen area so the whole family could enjoy!

  24. What I REALLY want to know – is where did you get that most amazing photo frame!! I love it.. I love the whole photo wall!!! Looks FANTASTIC!!


    1. Hi Dawn!! Pottery Barn brand but I’d never pay that price, scored it for $11 at DownEast Home, wahoo!! (;

  25. Well, my first thought was the bathroom, which needs it, but now that I look at this I want to do our guest bedroom in SEA SALT, I love that color!

  26. I’d like to makeover the bedroom. The furniture needs to be replaced – along with the mattress – and the walls really need a nice coat of paint too. Probably a neutral color in the taupe family.

  27. The bathroom needs a makeover! It is old fashioned and looks messy because of it.


  28. I would love to repaint our living/dining/kitchen area!!! I even have a color already picked out, rainwashed!! I love the bedroom, i have sea salt in my bathroom and comfort gray in bedroom. I love sherwin williams paint!

  29. Would love to put some “bling” in our guest bedroom. It is all white walls right now just waiting for color and a snappy bedspread!

  30. I’d love to re-do my bathroom! It’s the room that gets the least attention around here ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I’d love to makeover my daughters room. She’s not a little baby anymore, so I’d like something a little bit more kiddish looking. Something that would look good as she grows older.

  32. Love love this room! My master bedroom is due for some TLC, and I feel very inspired after seeing yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I’d love to make over several rooms in our house, especially our kitchen. It was built in the 70’s and it still has the finishes to prove it. Unfortunately, we’re losing our home to foreclosure, so doing a make over would be a bit pointless. I would find the $100 extremely helpful in moving, though, to fix up whatever new place we end up in. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fingers crossed!

  34. I’d love to makeover our living room. I’ve been looking at ideas in magazines and would like to make it look stylish. Thanks so much.

  35. I’d make over my bonus room which is the last of my home projects for a complete renovation. This would be a nice start!

  36. We just moved into a brand newly built house where everything is white and plain and builder grade. I’ve been focusing on the living room right now, but every. other. room. needs attention, so $100 would be a help with whichever room I decide to tackle next. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. I have been wanting to makeover my bathroom so bad!! Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it soon!!

  38. I would LOVE to makeover either our living room or my bedroom. Both are in major need of some sprucing up!

  39. We’re getting ready to redo our kitchen! So scary, especially since it involves cabinet painting. Wish us luck!

  40. I totally want to get a jump start on my Master Bedroom. It’s always been overlooked and I’m ready to get the ball rolling and create a relaxing space for myself.

  41. Both my bedroom or my girls’ needs new paint. I like Sea Salt. Reminds me of Palladian and I used it to repaint the stairwell and 2nd floor landing. I love the costal trend and want to buy everything I see at Target to match!

  42. Oh man my studio is in serious need of help. We are renovating our house and my soon-to-be art studio is currently serving as storage space. Boo!

  43. I’d love to make over (or finish making over) my craft room! It’s time to clean, purge, paint, and decorate. Ironic, right?

  44. Wow! This room is gorgeous!! I would like to go through my pictures and see if I have a picture from each of my anniversaries-I absolutely love the gallery wall with such a tradition!! Awesome job!

  45. My office could use a makeover! I hate to admit that my computer isccurrently sitting on a folding table

  46. It looks great! I am SOOO inspired by the cork stoppers in the bottom of your glass jar — it’s the little things, right ๐Ÿ™‚ Also I think your gallery wall is such a cool idea. I need to update the art in our bedroom and I may add that to my to do list!

  47. so beautiful! Now, can you come makeover my bedroom too?
    I’ve pinned this….thank you for linking up at The Weekly Creative!

    Melanie {Reasons To Skip The Housework}

  48. Your room oozes serenity.. I LOVE it.!
    My girls have been begging me to redo their bedroom and yes, it’s time to get that done again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I’ve been in my house 3 years now and the master bedroom is the only room I haven’t touched. I can’t decide on what color to paint the walls. I love what you did with the plank wall. And SW Sea Biscuit just might be the right shade of blue that I’ve been looking for.

  50. I would like to remake my dining room! I’ve been using it as a dining/craft/sewing room until recently and now that I have a dedicated craft/sewing room I’d like to turn this into an often used dining room!

  51. Wow. I need this like 4 days ago. We just bought an older home and hired a crew to come in and scrape all the popcorn ceilings and re-mud those as well as the walls through out both levels of the house…and yes, we used Sherwin Williams Paint!
    My daughters rooms were simply painted white so that once we got them new bedding we could paint to match that. My oldest, almost 9, picked Anthrolopgies Daydreamer quilt. We are going to paint an old iron bed the chartreuse yellow and the ceilings the turquoise color. So I’d really love that gift card.

  52. I LOVE this room! It turned out fantastic, I am so glad you got to take your mind off that night a little by working on this project. I know firsthand how that helps! I won’t have walls to paint for some time yet, but my parents really could use this gift card! (no offense, mom!) Their new house is begging for a little pick-me-up.

  53. I would love to make over my studio space so that it is easier to create artwork to sell and have a profitable business!!!

  54. I know it’s the most common answer but I’d luv do do my master bedroom. I suck & it will never get done. ๐Ÿ˜‰ plus you can see into my room from the kitchen & living room so I should probably work on making it look more like a room instead of a storage closet. Lol wish you were closer ladies I could sure use some input!

  55. I would love to do my master bedroom/bathroom. You’re right…..it’s the last to get done.

  56. Love the color!! Your bedroom looks amazing!! Your picture wall looks great!! Love it all!!

  57. I really need to redo my daughter’s room. We moved in a year ago and get room definitely needs the most help.

  58. We are moving in 7 days! Ahhhh! Needless to say I have lots of decorating to do. I’m starting in the family room and going a totally different direction than in the past. It’s so nice having a fresh start! I was thinking of using sea salt in our master bath and you have totally convinced me now.

  59. Love the colors you put together! Would love to work on my office or master room! There is always something needing a change and the best way to do it is with paint!


  60. I would definitely makeover the kitchen in my home. It’s tiny and dark and depressing ๐Ÿ™

  61. I love the plank wall! We re-did our master last year and added some texture to it, it makes such a difference. I also love the pictures of you and your hubby, great idea!
    A room I would love to makeover next is our master bathroom, it looks so drab now!

  62. My bedroom is in desperate need of a makeover! We have been in our home for 8 years and have done some updates in most of our other rooms, but have not done anything in our master bedroom.

  63. Does an outdoor dining room count? It’s on our DIY honey do list.
    Man O man does it need help… Thanks for the give away and have a wonderful day!

  64. My bedroom needs a soft soothing coat of paint…Sea Salt may just be the color! Thanks!

  65. I would love to give my master bedroom a lift…Love what you did with yours and you know $100 would go a long way in my room!

  66. I am in need of some master bedroom help! It’s been at a standstill since other projects always seem to take priority!

  67. I want to make over every room in my house, but I think I would start with my office/guest room.

  68. Love how simple and warm it feels! The mix of new and vintage is my fav. And those closets doors…gimme! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. Your bedroom is GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love it. I would love to makeover our unused playroom and turn it into a workroom for me. Just gotta bail out all the neglected toys first ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. I would LOVE to give some TLC to my stairwell. It’s a focal point of my home and it’s bare and honestly boring!

  71. That looks great – I love the off-whites and the focal wall. And that bird pillow is just darling, did you make it yourself?
    I really need to do something about my master closet, I’ve started, but it’s still a mess. Honestly, will we ever be done completely with all the rooms in our home?

  72. My master suite! We bought the house, a foreclosure, almost a year ago. We are slowly going through each area but I would love to have a relaxing master to go to at the end of the night. I LOVE the color you used (sea salt). We call this our beach house because we are at the gulf. Sea Salt is the perfect color! I also love your planking. Thank you for the wonderful ideas that don’t cost a fortune!

  73. My Bedroom needs some serious love! Would be nice to not always have to shut the door so no one can see the mess inside!

  74. I would love to makeover my master bedroom. It needs lots of love and help. ๐Ÿ™‚ love your room. Love the paint color you used. ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. My younger daughter’s bedroom needs a major makeover, starting with a new paint color.

  76. I love your bedroom makeover–and the giveaway chance! I know there’s a few things I could do to add to my space too–just waiting for the capital! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. My living room FOR SURE! I can.not.wait to plank the ceiling and put up faux beams. Oh and finally reupholster my dang chairs that have been sitting there for years!

    One day…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. I would love a kitchen makeover, maybe I would go in there more often to cook ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the master makeover Kelli!

  79. My master bedroom desperately needs some love. It always seems the most neglected but in need of the most help! I would love for an amazing retreat space like what you’ve done with yours! I just hope I’m creative enough!

  80. I am in the gathering mode for redoing our master bedroom. I have the paint, the linens, the accessories, the inspiration… But we need to remove the furniture, take out the baseboard heater, put in a cadet heater, have the carpet stretched before I can begin. I wish I could wriggle my nose like “I dream of Jeanie” and it would be done. Winning the gift card would sure help.

  81. Um, every room! I know that doesn’t really answer your questions, so if I had to force myself to pick one room, I would say the spare room downstairs. It’s full to the brim as my craft room right now but needs to become my son’s bedroom soon. It’s got lots of wood paneling and some pretty awesome 80’s floral basket wallpaper! I don’t know why he wouldn’t want that! Haha!

  82. I am chomping at the bit to makeover my living room. I am thinking that Sea Salt may need to go in my master bath. I am in love with that color!

  83. I would love love love to update my bedroom! We’ve been in our house for about 5 months and only 2 rooms have been decorated!

  84. Definitely the Living Room which is our playroom. It needs to be painted and re-organized as they continue to get older.

  85. I’d make over the living room. We’ve only been in our new place for 6 weeks and this room is BLAH. Just a leather chair, sofa and a single rug. It looks like a doctor’s office. I’d love color on the wall, a bookcase, plants and some art, photos & a mirror.

  86. I absolutely love everything about this room- the color (yes to the Sea Salt!! Love it), the pictures that have each year represented (how cute!) and all of the details. You killed it.
    I would make over my master bedroom in a heartbeat. There is nothing personal in it at all and that makes me sad. ๐Ÿ™

  87. Love your room. It looks so relaxing and peaceful! We just bought a house and it all needs love, but I’d really like to make our master bedroom a lovely retreat for my husband and I.

  88. I just picked up two Color To Go samples from Sherwin-Williams 3 hrs. ago to test on the “master” bedroom walls. Master bedroom walls need a bit of an update. Walls, ceiling, and door!

  89. Our family room needs some help. The walls are brown and the carpet is hunter green. Yikes!

  90. I would love to make over my master bedroom. It looks pretty bland, and could use a spruce up!

  91. I just signed the contract for my new home today and every room needs a coat or two or three of paint. Sea Salt would be the perfect color for my studio!

  92. master bedroom for sure! I am looking to tackle wallpaper ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it could be fun!

  93. I would love (or it’s more like I NEED) to make over my master bedroom. I have gray, blue and now green paint splotches all over. I can’ t decide on the right color. The light in my room is very weird!

  94. I would LOVE to makeover our guest/office/craft room! We only have a 3 bedroom house and that room has become the “catch-all.” None of our family lives near us, so we need somewhere for them to stay when they visit. I work from home and need an “office” space and we really have no room for my craft supplies, so they are shoved in the corner of the room! It is a MESS! Also, my hubby brews beer and keeps all the supplies and the brewing beer in the closet of that room! It is ridiculous, but some storage would be nice in there to tidy things up.

  95. I bought a house last year and almost all of the rooms are still needing a makeover.

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