how to style farmhouse shelves

I would confidently say everyone we know is uuuuhb-sessed with the fun farmhouse trend but not everyone knows how to pull it off. If that’s you then you’re in luck, friends… we will show you how to style those farmhouse shelves you have no doubt seen floating around Pinterest and Instagram lately. (In case you missed our easy tutorial, you can build a set here lickity split. πŸ˜‰ You’re welcome!)

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

We always say to “shop” your house before going retail as you would be surprised what works! Today, nearly every style and texture can be paired together and it flows. One trick is to keep the color cohesive and it helps make the mish-mash of decor blend. πŸ˜‰

Here are our official how-to’s on styling your farmhouse shelves now that they’re up!

  • Wrangle up old books and display them page-side up. Display stacked or upright, against a vintage looking cookie jar or with a succulent on top.
  • Cake stands are our very favorite way to stage. Stands of all sizes work and you can stack them to add height.
  • Succulents add pops of greenery without spending a fortune! You can even find faux ones at the dollar store today so they’re very affordable but make a big statement. We like to put them on books, on cake stands, as is or inside planters.
  • Fake flowers (roses) allow a touch of color against the green.
  • Jars and bottles are your friends! Stick plants, cotton stems, twigs, fresh greenery, or faux florals inside or even leave the jars or bottles empty. (The tinted mason jars are especially pretty and we have an easy tutorial to tint them or distress them if you can’t find the colored ones.) 
  • Unused picture frames, with or without art inside, is a great way to add height at texture.
  • Larger items like vintage scales are great to fill the space but also house smaller pieces of decor such as said succulents.
  • Water pitchers are great to use a vases and can be filled with faux flowers to take up space as well.
  • We are sign makers so having a few signs is great to personalize the space and show some personality.
  • Don’t forget your tabletop! A thrifted tray houses more succulents and distressed planters, makes for a super easy and affordable centerpiece but also allows the flow of the shelf decor to spill over to other parts of the space.
  • Today, almost anything goes so grab cake stands, bowls, plates and whatever else you can find to stick on those farmhouse shelves of yours!

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

So your shelves are full of pretties; what does the rest of the space look like? The appeal to a farmhouse is the warmth of the style and floor rugs are a girls best friend while decorating as it pulls the whole space together. We love the Mohawk Home Clinton Area Rug in Aqua because it softens the space up and makes it so cozy. You can see the “before” above and the “after” below…

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

…doesn’t this rug just polish off the space?! I know! And this Clinton area rug is SO comfortable!! My kids were making “carpet angels” in it when it arrived because the Dual Surface Area Rug Pad, which is made of 100% recycled materials, makes it soft like a bed, (says my 6-year old. Haha. πŸ˜‰ )

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

If you are a fan of Earth Day, then you will LOVE that Mohawk recycles up to 3 BILLION plastic bottles every single year and the gorgeous rugs in the Laguna Collection are all made from recycled plastic bottles. Look at that rug again and tell me you’re not in disbelief like I was… you can watch the process here, crazy cool. Thanks for loving our planet, Mohawk. πŸ™‚

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED| Want to win a 5×7 or 8×10 area rug of your own? (See the rug options you can snag here.)

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

Of course you do! ENTER BELOW VIA RAFFLECOPTER to win ANY area rug from the Laguna Collection. Good luck and a big thanks to our friends at Mohawk Home!

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How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

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How to Style Farmhouse Shelves. Love this bright space, click for the easy DIY to make your own!

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  1. Hi! I’m one of the co-hosts from the Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Up. I am so obsessed with how you styled your shelves! I love all things farmhouse and vintage anyway so this definitely sparked my interest.

    I also love those chairs! Wha ta pretty, cozy room!

  2. So many great ideas here! We need to build floating shelves, and I am an admitted fan of farmhouse decor, probably long before it was cool to be a fan. I still want a farmhouse, but one that is firmly planted in the middle of the city of Chicago.

    1. Thanks Jessica! Just around, Pinterest, our sisters homes, Joanna Gaines of course, and sometimes it just pops up in our heads. Haha Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  3. Love the dining room! The rug really ties it all together.
    Zip 73130
    shellyataylor (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. 02859 My email is in the comment form and rafflecopter widget as well as my name. Patricia C

  5. What a cool process and beautiful rugs!! I need a rug for my living room and yours is so nice! I love following you girls, and I love, love, love your signs and crafts. ????????
    Zip is 87507
    [email protected]

  6. Such beautiful ideas. I am a contester and would have never found your blog without Mowhawk flooring. I love the cute crafts!

  7. Would love to win! Thanks for the chance! My zip code is 92544. You have the rest below.

  8. Hey, girls! Love this farmhouse look! Excitedthat I have lots of the “farmhouse” pieces to use on shelves!
    Also ~ I have two daughters named Kristi and KellY … great names, yes?!

    (e-addy in entry!)

  9. Always love a little shelfie inspiration! Pinning this one.

    We are building a new house right now which will have a wall with open shelves. Perfect timing with this post!

    Love the colors in your rug.

  10. Love the blue rug and your tips for shelf styling. I can’t bring myself to use fake flowers, but the rest of the tips are great for me! Thanks! And thanks for the chance to win a rug!

  11. 88005 I am in desperate need of a rug for my dining room. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. Your rug is beautiful. I just watched the video on how Mohawk recycles plastic to make the rugs, awesome! Amazing what technology can do!

  13. Terry 19966 terryscwayons(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Love the total look…thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  14. Your site is like a breath of fresh air. It makes me feel like I do when I open the windows after a long endless winter.

  15. About to purchase my first home, so I’m crossing my fingers to win one of these gorgeous rugs… they all fit so perfectly with my boho theme!!

  16. I love hearing about new companies that repurpose plastics!! I would love to win a rug for our home (especially one that will be durable, because, toddler!) Jill 45209 [email protected]

  17. I sent my husband a strong hint about the shelves (thanks!) because they’re perfect for a hall we’re remodeling.

    The rug is so lovely. I love the Earth Die tie in and will definitely keep that in my regarding Mohawk’s sustainability initiative.

    Jessie C.- 24015
    [email protected]

  18. I have such a hard time deciding how to decorate my open shelves in the kitchen. This post definitely helps, thank you!

  19. So cool!! I love when people are so creative and environmentally conscious and can recycle things into something useful and pretty!!

  20. Your room looks awesome! I love the Clinton rug in beige, would look so good in my living room. I’m trying to transition to a farm house style and really need some neutrals! Robyn Gist, 42303, [email protected]. Thanks for the great give-a-way!

  21. 85295. [email protected]. Kimberly Carroll.

    Lolly Jane, your blog is just the very best! And a new, fabulous, rug is just what my home needs before our big family get together for my daughter’s baptism!!

  22. Love the rug…winning one would be great in our low budget renovations we are doing.
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  23. Love it! 85335. Thought I should tell you that my twin and I are also from Arizona and named Kelli and Kristi. ???? Fun coincidence.

  24. I love Mohawk rugs! They’re tough enough to withstand kids & beautiful! This is an awesome giveaway!

  25. I’m in love with the blue and the touch of green in the plants. Such a fun pop!

  26. Love the soft touches of blue combined with the neautral color scheme. Great rug!


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