Address subway art has been showing up all over the web!  I like to call mine “Address Subway Art with Heart” since we have specific hearts for each address I lived.
These addresses represent all the places I’ve lived… and the hearts are symbolic of where I lived as a newlywed {the first turquoise } and the following 4 ‘s represent the address I brought each new baby home to.  Awww!

If you want to make your own, follow these easy steps:
1. Board size: 12×22
2. Paint base color (we used Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams)
3. Cut vinyl lettering & backwards weed
4. Apply transfer paper onto vinyl quote
5. Apply vinyl onto board, peel off transfer paper
6. Paint desired color of acrylic paint for top color and heart colors.
7. Let paint dry completely 
8. Peel off vinyl lettering
9. Touch up & sand edges

That’s it!

Your very own personalized subway art with heart!



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