boys bedroom decor number sign

Numbers are SO popular right now in BlogLand and we just  this look.  This little boy’s magic number is 15 and it is just PERFET for his baseball theme’d room.  Love this boys bedroom decor number sign.
Here is how you can make your own athlete’s number sign: 
  • Whitewashed a piece of crappy plywood in gray’s
  • Cut it to size (18″ x 24″)
  • Applied the vinyl as a stencil (in Varsity font)
  • Painted it the color of choice
  • Peeled the stencil off to reveal the whitewash numbers
  • Displayed with coordinating baseball items.
 Now go make your own 🙂

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  1. I want to make this for my boyfriend’s birthday, using his lacrosse number, but I want to paint it how big are the numbers that you used?

  2. Love this. Looks great!

    Where did you find these lockers? I am having the hardest time finding some.

    1. My sister got them from her father in law who trades random goods since he’s a contractor. I got some from an old school that was being torn down. And my friend got some at a flea market. Try Craigslist?

  3. LOVE the lockers, and all your decorations on them! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  6. I love this– I am behind in the vinyl game… this is darling. My son would love it (and as he's getting older, he's not as excited about Mom making crafts for him) lol. This would be perfect for his room.

  7. My son's number is 15, so of course I had to take a look! So simple too! It looks fantastic. 🙂

  8. this looks so good – I think the scale of it really adds too – (and the little practice practice practice is a good coach touch!)

  9. We are hoping to redo our sons bedroom into a baseball theme. this is such a great idea. thanks for sharing!


  10. What a great vinyl piece!! Thanks so much for stopping by – I'm following you back!! I've enjoyed looking around. 🙂

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