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farmhouse chic dining room shelves

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Whenever anyone comes over, I hear the same polite but curious question: So how long have you lived here? Why do they ask that? Oh, because there is hardly any decor on my walls! I know, complete blogger fail, right? Well I decided (conveniently when my husband was out of town for a week) to spruce up our dining room with some quick DIY farmhouse shelves and add a twist of modern decor (his preference) among my more rustic, vintage decor, (my preference.) I ended up with these easy farmhouse chic dining room shelves… which, by the way, he loved!

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

Before we had a single over sized clock that actually looked much smaller. 

Check out the "AFTER" of this space... from drab to Farmhouse Chic!!! I love it!

Before I could make the shelves, I added a fresh coat of paint within the same color family that has a more gray tone vs. tan. I spray painted the curtain rod white to coordinate with my thick molding and the white I wanted to incorporate throughout the space. Once the paint dried Kelli and I unsuccessfully tried at least 8 times, and filled up 2 pieces of paper, to do the correct math to space the shelves out evenly. Once her sweet husband took pity on us and calculated where to hang everything, we took over and had the shelves up and done within half an hour. Phew! Math is not our strong suit. πŸ˜‰

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

But signs are! Check out this custom sign Kelli whipped up for me. Do you know what is says? BAKERY in the Dutch language as my father in law is from the Netherlands and my children all have Dutch names, matching their father. Anyway, it is just a fun way to add a little bit of their heritage into our home. Besides, this momma bakes WAY more than she cooks! Haha. The rest of our signs are for sale in our etsy shop! This adorable 5 sign is from our good friend, Painted Confetti’s etsy shop too! Happy shopping (;

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

I love that the sign pairs well with the shelves, color wise. Did you know Walmart carries wood corbels? Their online selection is totally rad and I snagged these with a few clicks then had them delivered site-to-store within a few days. Here’s what the shelves looked like before their hair and makeup… and by “hair and makeup” I mean paint and stain!

Check out the "AFTER" of this space... from drab to Farmhouse Chic!!! I love it!

Snag the easy tutorial on these DIY Farmhouse shelves that were a breeze to refinish and were ready to hang in a few hours. 

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

See that stain? Love!

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

Confession: I am a lazy shopper. And, if you offer online shopping then chances are I’m taking advantage of it. In my defense, it’s more out of convenience to not have to walk the aisles with a 7-month old and 4 + 6 year olds in tow. πŸ˜‰ Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

My go-to section of Walmart is decor; I love all of the cute knick knacks that really pull spaces together and make a house a home as they can warm it up with little touches of color. Better Homes and Gardens is my favorite brand at Walmart and I almost always leave with something or another with their label in my cart… and my wallet doesn’t hate it! lol

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

If you want to shop this look, here are my faves from the Better Homes and Gardens lines at Walmart:

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

I love that pieces from the Better Homes and Gardens line can be farmhouse or modern alone but together they mesh into a beautiful decor pallet of farmhouse chic. It was fun to mix these pretty pieces with my rustic shelves and elegant prints that really pull this whole look together… I’m all about texture and this whole space has a lot of it!

Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!One of my very favorite things to do is to mix old and new so my thrifted rolling pins at a local antique shop here in Phoenix were perfect for this space, as is the vintage olive pail that holds pretty flowers. I was gifted the old scale from our older sister as a thank you gift when she was in Pennsylvania antique shopping and I can only imagine how many hands held this piece to make its way to its forever home!

In the meantime check out Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart and keep up with them here:

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 Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelf decorating ideas... love!

Shop this Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Look!

Better Homes and Gardens 

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  1. Oh my heck! So cute! I’m in love! How deep did you make your shelves? ! This seems so much easier than the floating shelves I was going to attempt haha! Love everything about this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. All of the elements combine so wonderfully. It’s a lovely focal point in the room Pinning. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle!

  3. I love this wall full of lovely things!! Those shelves and signs are awesome!! I like all the texture and pops of color. This looks wonderful!

  4. It’s gorgeous! I’ve got some shelves that I’m getting ready to redo and some to add so thank you so much for this inspiration! I love the affordable prices which help to make this look a reality for so many. I hope you come back to visit us at Let’s Get Real often.

  5. I absolutely adore all your accessories and how you put them together.

    I use to be very good at math, but centering on the wall and then subtracting the width of the shelf, centering that and on and on and on…..

    Good for you for persisting and asking for help. I would have been using green painters tape and then saying,, yup looks good.


  6. This looks really cool. I never even think of Wal-mart for decor pieces but I really like your stuff πŸ™‚

  7. Those shelves look fab! I didn’t know WalMart sold wooden corbels. That’s something to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg πŸ™‚

  8. I love your design! My favorite is the Dutch sign…that’s so cool and is a great way to add a little family history. Not to mention it must be a great conversation piece!

  9. Umm, I LOVE these shelves. I can’t wait to have a house sometime next year so I can do something similar. This is exactly the style I’m going to go for!

  10. So many cute touches and wonderful things to look at. Love your blog, chose y’all as my featured blog. Thanks for sharing at the Talk of the Town Link Party.

  11. Hello perfect shelves filled with awesome stuff! I see several things that I need and what! that stool…news to me! Love it all!

  12. Kristi, I love your chic farmhouse style shelves! The sign your sis made you really fits perfectly in with the rest of the decor! Love that there is a little bit of heritage there! Thank you for sharing! And, thank you for the visit and sweet comment at The Dedicated House. It means the world! Feel free to share this at my Make it Pretty party which is currently live. Here is the link if you want to check it out. http://www.thededicatedhouse.com/2016/08/make-pretty-monday-week-187.html Have a happy rest of the week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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