Christmas Decorations Storage Solutions

These no fail Christmas Decoration Storage Solutions make holiday clean up a breeze. Keep everything organized with the right tools!

The holidays are over and you’ve likely spent a lot of money on not just gifts but decorations too! Don’t let them get ruined till you use them again, nothing worse than finding a cracked ornament or tangled garland to sort out when you’re trying to kick off the holiday season with cheer!


We own many of these tried and true Christmas Decorations Storage Solutions to keep our goods fresh until next year.

Christmas Tree Storage

When storing your tree, look for storage that won’t squish your tree. We’ve had this Christmas tree bag for our main tree for years but if you’re looking for an upright canvas Christmas bag, this is for you!

christmas wreath storage

We love wreaths, you’ll always spot on our front doors. When it comes to storing them, we like to hang them but if that’s not an option, use a garland bag. They’re backed with waterproof PVC to protect your decor from moisture and dust.

christmas bin storage

I love heavy duty bins for storing Christmas decorations as they can fit a ton in them. Add a chalkboard label so you can see what’s in it without having to open them up over and over.

christmas ornament storage

We’ve made dozens of handmade ornaments over the years. They’re more precious to us than store bought ornaments any day of the week! We use a quality ornament storage organizer to keep them break-free!

christmas light storage

No one likes to pull a Griswold and deal with tangled lights! This Christmas light storage organizer is perfect to keep your lights straight till next year. We love that it has multiple dividers so they don’t get mixed up.

christmas wrapping paper storage

I’ve had this same wrapping paper storage bin for about 15 years. It’s held up amazingly well and holds just the right amount of wrapping paper. No wrinkles for my paper!


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