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Winter Theme Flocked Christmas Tree

Add a few cold weather items to a flocked tree to turn it into a winter wonderland in no time!

The skates that started it all, ice skates that is! On a thrift store run earlier this week I saw these vintage skates for a few dollars and got some odd looks and even comments on the way to checkout because I reside in Phoenix, Arizona… aka: no snow. Little did they know these cuties were just for looks! Enter my Winter Theme Flocked Christmas Tree! (PS: Be sure to see 13 more beautiful themed Christmas trees by our creative friends at the end of this post!)

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree! Love the snowy wihte touches with black! #Christmas #ChristmasTree #ChristmasTreeTheme #whiteblackchristmastree #christmastreetheme

Winter Theme Flocked Christmas Tree

Getting the winter theme for your Christmas tree is much easier than you think! As always, shop your own home for items before spending money and think outside the box as you scan your house for items that are winter-related.

How to decorate a flocked Christmas tree

To be honest, a flocked tree does a lot of the work for you! LOL It already looks so full and snow covered. To put it over the edge I started with 3 strands of chunky pom pom garlands that added to the fullness and there were only a handful of leftover spots for ornaments.

Turn a flocked tree into a winter wonderland with a handful of items that you may already have lying around the house! #Christmas #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #iceskates #ChristmasTree #ChristmasTreeTheme #whiteblackchristmastree #christmastreetheme

how to decorate a winter themed CHRISTMAS TREE

To winterize this cutie simply tuck a few extra winter items into the tree collected from the house, at thrift stores and/or from the dollar store or Target dollar spot: ice skates, nut cracker, toy train, an extra Christmas sign, antlers or simply hang pinecones from the yard (roll in glue then sprinkle with glitter to for an extra WINTER look.) We found some winter style ornaments from our local At Home store as well, love the fuzzy pom pom ornaments the most that look like snowballs! Hello wintery goodness!

Add instant WINTER flair to your own Christmas tree by just adding some extra winter items like ice skates, a scarf, Christmas sign, antlers or anything else you can tuck in between fuzzy pom pom ornaments! #Christmas #christmasdecor #christmasdecorations #iceskates #ChristmasTree #ChristmasTreeTheme #whiteblackchristmastree #christmastreetheme

To finish this theme off, add a fuzzy tree skirt (or in my case, a small rug that normally goes on top of the piano bench. Haha)

We have this same tree decked out in PINKS, take a peek! And be sure to PIN this for later if you’ve already settled on a theme this year!

And now…… check out 13 more absolutely STUNNING themed Christmas trees by our outrageously talented blogger friends! Be sure to share the love and tell them LJ says hi!

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