Minecraft Valentines

Our sons were complaining how “girlie” Valentine’s Day is so we thought about what our boys love right now and decided on Minecraft Valentines for them to pass out to friends at school.

Minecraft Valentines / FREE printable bag toppers via lollyjane.com #Minecraft

This also scored us mom points because they love to paint & craft- it’s a good keep-them-busy project for sure! 😉 We are a part of the Make It: Fun® team and FloraCraft’s monthly challenge for January was to use cute little project bricks. Since Minecraft is very block-based, bricks were the perfect craft item to pull our theme together!

Mindcraft Valentines made with FloraCraft project bricks via lollyjane.com

Besides the Make It: Fun® Project Bricks, you will need a handful of acrylic paint + foam brushes. (Americana brand covers the styrofoam bricks in just one coat and dries within the hour, love that. Some color suggestions: Toffee, Inchworm, Deep Turquoise, Night Sky, Cocoa Bean, Black Tie, Bright Green. To get started, make 3 piles of 10 bricks. Here’s a little peek at the evolution of Steve:

You’ll need 10 bricks per character:

  • (4) Make It: Fun® Project Bricks in a cube (2 stacks x 2) = head
  • (4) Make It: Fun® Project Bricks for the body
  • (2) Make It: Fun® Project Bricks for the arms (Steve, Zombie) or legs (Creeper)

Once they’re painted and dry, secure with Make It: Fun® StyroGlue, slip into a clear Wilton party bag, print our FREE Minecraft Valentine bag toppers and pass out to friends!

FREE Minecraft Valentine Bag Toppers #Minecraft>>Download your set of Minecraft Valentine bag toppers here

If your kids have huge classes, just toss 10 bricks into a bag and let their classmates DIY on their own!

Minecraft Valentines / FREE Printable Bag Toppers #Minecraft

If that’s too much work, just fill with green & brown M&M’s and call it good (;

Minecraft Valentines / FREE Printable Bag Toppers #Minecraft

Regardless of what you fill the bag with, these are super fun to make for your littles and are seriously just cute!

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  1. Sorry for all the questions- How did you get the creeper and zombie’s perfect square features? All of my brushes make a more jovial character… :/

  2. Is there a way you could list the Americana colors? I love these things but I’m a stickler for making them look the same! Thank you!

  3. We haven’t quite hit the Mine Craft craze yet in my home, but some of my daughter’s classmates have and it’s amazing how they eat, sleep and think Mine Craft! I know that this project would be a huge hit for my daughter’s classmates.

    I did a roundup of Handmade Candy Free Valentine Ideas Kids Will Love and included your project in it! I’d love for you to take a peek and share if you think it’s a fit for your audience. 🙂


    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  4. Hey gals, just wanted to say thanks so much for this tute! My son is almost 9 & MC obsessed so I’m stoked to be able to do a fun craft that isn’t candy. I’m not a candy miser I just can’t believe ALL. THE. CANDY. they get. It’s out of control. This is way cooler.

    1. You’re so welcome! Agree- the candy is TOTALLY outta control this time of year- my kids still have leftover Halloween candy!! LOL! Have fun making it! xoxo

  5. LOL “OR ..throw in some green n brown m’n’m’s n call it good;)” Hilarious! Thanks sooo much for the printable. Not certain will uses it for kids at school but I know my LO would love them & some neighbours kids! Thanks again lol good stuff!

    1. I love it! My boys would love to make these, but I don’t think I would have the patience to oversee 75 of these adorable creations.
      Thanks girls for another great project!

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