St. Patricks Day shamrock tree

So I’m thinking we’re getting a little obsessed with craft trees.  We’ve made scallop Christmas felt trees, Valentine’s Day felt heart trees and now an ombre St Patricks Day shamrock tree.  This one isn’t felt.  Could you imagine cutting out a hundred four leaf clover shaped felt pieces!?  No thank you!  I’m devoted to crating but not that devoted (;  These are actually foam glitter stickers that come in packs from Joann’s.  This version is far easier than our other two!  Read on to make your own St Patricks Day shamrock tree!


First up, gather your supplies.  The great thing about craft stores is their current holiday decor is always on sale.  I scored all these packs of glitter felt stickers plus a pack of toppers for $11 total.  The glass candlesticks are from Dollar Tree.  The styrofoam tress are from Walmart, cheapest place we’ve found them thus far.  We had enough supplies to make two trees although we stopped at one, it looks great paired with last year’s St Patricks decor, I’ll show a mantel shot later this weekend.

St Patricks Day shamrock tree supplies. So easy to make!
Like I said, unlike all the cutting cutting cutting with the previous trees, all we did with this version is pin pin pin!

So easy to make a St Patricks shamrock tree, just pin felt stickers to styrofoam trees! #stpatricksdaycraft #shamrockcraft

So easy, right?  For the topper, I gently pushed it into the top of the styrofoam tree.  Nice and sturdy.

Cute St Paddy

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Cute St Paddy

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