Halloween Hanging Pumpkins Porch Decor

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Turn plastic pumpkin candy buckets into easy Halloween outdoor decorations with fishing lines and cup hooks! Light them up at night with remote control tea lights for the biggest statement on the block!

Halloween Hanging Pumpkins Porch Decor

We love inexpensive holiday decor that can be used year after year, especially when they’re as cute as our Halloween Hanging Pumpkins, aka EASIEST holiday porch decor to date!

EASIEST Halloween Porch Decorations ever: $1 plastic pumpkin pails + fishing line! SO CUTE! #fishingstringpumpkinhanging #pumpkinghanginghalloweendecor #porchpumpkindecor #floatingpumpkinsporchdecor #halloweenpumpkinshanging #howtohangpumpkinshalloweendecor

These plastic pumpkin buckets were just a buck each from Walmart and look so stunning at night, all lit up. We love that it makes for easy and cheap Halloween porch decorations! (In addition to Walmart, you can find plastic pumpkins at the dollar store, Target and even some hardware stores.)

Have you seen those dollar pumpkins around? Turn those cheap plastic pumpkins into hanging porch decorations. Level up by adding remote control tea lights so they light up at night! #plasticpumpkincraft #dollarstorepumpkins #halloweendecor #halloweendecorations #candypumpkinbucketcrafts #pumpkinbucketdecor #halloweenporchdecor #plasticpumpkindecoratingideas #hangingpumpkinsonporch #hangingpumpkinbaskets

hanging plastic pumpkins

We recently jumped on the concrete trend and made the cutest concrete pumpkins.

Easy decoration idea! Pour concrete into a $1 pumpkin pail, so cute and makes the PERFECT centerpiece for Halloween or fall! #fallfloralarrangement #fallflowers #pumpkinplanter

We used these same plastic pumpkins as the form but if you carefully slice it, you can tape it from the inside to reuse them. The plastic pumpkins are especially cute painted with our baking soda trick (great texture!) and you won’t even tell it was once cut open! It would look similar to these cuties:

DIY Baking Soda Pumpkins, so cute-- just mix this staple item in your pantry with paint to create this look! #diy #diypumpkins #paintedpumpkins #bakingpowderpumpkins #falldecor #falldecoration #fallcraft #fallcrafts #pumpkincrafts #pumpkincraft #pumpkin #dollarstorecrafts

My older sister told me how her neighbor hung plastic pumpkins on her porch with fishing line and put remote control tea lights inside so they light up at night…. ADORABLE. I had to try it so I used the remainder of my pumpkin stash to make this Halloween floating jack-o-lantern porch decoration and absolutely love how it turned out:

Level up dollar pumpkins for easy Halloween decoration. BONUS: They light up! #dollarpumpkindecor #plasticpumpkinshalloweendecor #hangingpumpkinsporchdecor #hangingpumpkinsoutdoordecor #halloweenoutdoordecor #halloweenporchdecor #halloweenporchpumpkindecor #howtohanghalloweendecor #diyhangingpumpkins

The priciest part was the addition of the tea lights but you can re-use them in other projects or omit them altogether.

Another way to light them up would be to hang the pumpkin on a set of cafe lights. Our same sis did that in her driveway and it looks darling!

SEE MOre of our halloween decor

SUPPLIES to hang pumpkins outdoors

We didn’t have to purchase anything other than the pumpkins and fishing line, the rest was in the garage, whoop!

The fishing line in-store at Walmart was $1.50 and we didn’t even go through one pack.

Use these supplies to hang floating pumpkins for easy Halloween decor! #floatingpumpkins #diyfloatingpumpkins #diyhalloweendecor #halloweendecorations #outdoorhalloweendecor #halloweenporchdecor #halloweenoutdoordecor

HOW TO hang candy bucket pumpkins

These are the best outdoor Halloween plastic pumpkins for decor. They're super cheap ($1/each!), durable, last for years and are the perfect size to fully decorate your whole porch! #halloweendecor #outdoorhalloweendecor #outsidedecorhalloween #halloweendecorationsoutdoors #halloweenporchdecor #halloweenporchdecorations


Check out how to hang plastic pumpkins for cheap but cute Halloween decor! Love these non-spooky hanging pumpkins on this cute Halloween porch! #hangingpumpkins #howtohangpumpkins #pumpkinhangingideas #pumpkindeocoratingideas #halloweendecor #diyhalloween #nosewhalloween #easyhalloweenideas

To figure out how far apart to place your pumpkins, lay them on the ground to visualize where they’ll hang.

When you’ve laid them all out, you know approximately where to screw in your cup hook above each pumpkin.


We recommend pre-drilling the holes for the cup hooks. The reason being is you’ll be standing on a stool or ladder and it’s not as easy to screw in the cup hook without the pre-drilled hole since it’s an unnatural way to stand for so long.

Another reason to pre-drill is, when screwing in cup hooks, you have to use some force. It’s far safer to pre-drill than to try to push up into the ceiling.

If you skip this step, simply screw in each hook above the pumpkins.

pre-cut your fishing line

Use fishing string for hanging pumpkins for easy Halloween porch decorations, so cute! #fishingstringpumpkinhanging #pumpkinghanginghalloweendecor #porchpumpkindecor #floatingpumpkinsporchdecor #halloweenpumpkinshanging #howtohangpumpkinshalloweendecor

After hanging them two ways, I realized pre-cutting the fishing line saved time overall plus I wasn’t having to balance the scissors and the line in the air.

Cut each line around 24″, you can always trim the excess afterward.

tie your pumpkins up

DIY floating pumpkins Halloween porch decor, so cute! Add some tea lights so they glow at night, fun! #halloweendecor #outdoorhalloweendecor #cheaphalloweendecor #howtohangpumpkins #outdoorhalloweenideas #dollarpumpkindecor

To hang the pumpkins, you’re going to double wrap then double knot the line around the black handle of the pumpkin first.

Then you’ll double wrap and double knot it to the cup hook that’s already screwed into the ceiling.

Get creative with your fishing line lengths so the pumpkins are staggered at varying heights.


Add remote control tea lights as Halloween pumpkin filler to light it up. SO cute and saves so much time from turning them on manually! #besttealights #batteryoperatedtealights #remotecontroltealights #ledtealights #howtolightuppumpkins #besttealightsforjackolanterns #tealightpumpkins #halloweenoutdoordecor #outdoorhalloweendecor #halloweenporchdecor #halloweendecorationsoutdoors

We love remote control lights! We have some on the back porch and some more in the front yard. We recently added some in our mini-kitchen makeover, too!

Just place a tea light in each pumpkin and your remote will turn them all off or on at once. Brilliant.

DIY floating pumpkins, easy porch decorations! Such a fun Halloween porch decoration idea using dollar plastic pumpkins and tea lights! #diyhalloweendecor #outdoorhalloweendecor #plasticpumpkindecor #candybucketpumpkins #candybucketpumpkindecor #diyhalloweendecor

Level up dollar pumpkins for easy Halloween decoration. BONUS: They light up! #dollarpumpkindecor #plasticpumpkinshalloweendecor #hangingpumpkinsporchdecor #hangingpumpkinsoutdoordecor #halloweenoutdoordecor #halloweenporchdecor #halloweenporchpumpkindecor #howtohanghalloweendecor #diyhangingpumpkins
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Hanging Pumpkins Halloween Porch Decorations

Light up with the neighborhood with these glowing hanging pumpkins, easy to install!
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time1 hour
Yield: 24 Pumpkins
Author: Lolly Jane
Cost: 56


  • 24 Plastic Pumpkin Candy Buckets
  • 1 roll Clear Fishing Line
  • 1 pack 5/8" Cup Hooks
  • 1 Drill + Bit bit should be the same size or smaller than the cup hooks
  • 1 pair Scissors


  • Lay out your pumpkin pattern on the ground.
  • Pre-drill your holes.
  • Pre-cut your fishing line to 24" strips.
  • Tie your pumpkins with the fishing line.
  • Add tea lights inside pumpkins.


How do you hang outdoor Halloween decorations?

This depends on what you’re hanging and what material your home is made out of. You can drill or nail into wood but will need a concrete bit and concrete screws if you have a brick or block home.

Command Strips can be used on many surfaces if you don’t want to damage your walls.

How do you hang Halloween decorations without damaging walls?

If you’re looking for damage free hanging options, Command Strips are for you!

Where is the best place to buy plastic pumpkins?

They’ve been going out of stock since several pumpkin topiaries have gone viral on Tik Tok! Your best bet is to find them in-person at Walmart or Target and maybe even your local grocery store as many online stores like Amazon are gauging prices. Boo.

Check out this easy Halloween outdoor setup: use dollar store candy buckets as hanging pumpkins for cute Halloween porch decor! #hangingpumpkins #hangingpumpkinsporchdecor #floatingpumpkinsdecor #floatingpumpkinshalloweendecor #cheaphalloweendecor #halloweendiy #diyhalloweendecor


If you use this project, come back and share your experience in the comments OR tag us on Instagram, we’d love to re-gram your project!

Eek! EASIEST Halloween Porch Decorations ever: $1 plastic pumpkin pails + fishing line! SO CUTE! #fishingstringpumpkinhanging #pumpkinghanginghalloweendecor #porchpumpkindecor #floatingpumpkinsporchdecor #halloweenpumpkinshanging #howtohangpumpkinshalloweendecor


We’d be honored if you pinned this image so your friends and family can enjoy this project too! xo

Can you believe how cute these cheap plastic pumpkin candy buckets are as Halloween outdoor decorations? Add remote control tea lights so they glow at night! Such cheap and easy outdoor Halloween decor ideas! #halloweendecor #outdoorhalloweendecor #halloweenporchdecor #outdoorhalloweendecorations #dollarstorepumpkindecor #dollarpumpkincraft #pumpkincandybucketdecor

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    Great idea! I’ve actually bought the LED doll heads from Big Lots and was planning on putting them in a caldron. But now I’m hanging them on my porch (I’m doing a haunted daycare theme) instead, in addition to using them to light up miscellaneous lanterns I recycle for all holidays. I also have some left over witch hats from a few years ago that I’m going to hang in our apartment building courtyard.

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