I loved the play MacbethYippee! September 1st around Blogland means Eighteen25’s Halloween series, Spooktacular September! Every day our friends Jen + Jodie feature a new DIY project, printable, craft, or spooky treat and today we’re sharing how we spruced up our favorite printable art, (a line inspired by Shakespeare’s play Macbeth,) to give it a little oomph and really make it pop among your own Halloween decor.  

You just need a few craft supplies for this easy DIY!



  1. Print preferred size, (8×10 or 11×14.)
  2. Head outside and find a stick that is a few inches longer on each side than the printable.
  3. Hot glue or tape the print to the stick. 

4. Wrap twine around one side of the stick and tie off, leaving enough slack to hang, then wrap twine around the other end and tie.

5. Hang and pair with your favorite Halloween decor!

We added some spiderweb lace underneath our print and paired it with cute pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, such an easy way to decorate for Halloween with little to no money! Viola!

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