Yes you read that correctly: peel and stick shiplap! Stikwood is AMAZING and we love it in Reclaimed Weathered Wood White, so pretty and so fast to install for a full makeover in no time! Super fast to make quick cuts. We did our whole wall in one afternoon and can’t tell you enough how thrilled we are with it!! We planked our master bedroom several years ago and still adore the look of it. We’ve been wanting to continue the look in the entryway but have been waiting on the new floors to go plus we had to take out the metal air conditioning ducts/raise the 7′ dropped ceiling to the rest of the house’s 8′ ceilings. Old house problems! Needless to say, it’s in and we are LOVING it!

peel and stick shiplap

Peel and Stick Shiplap

Here’s the entryway before we installed the Stikwood. We had just finished raising our ceilings when we started the shiplap install.

Stikwood shiplap before and after pictures. You won't believe the difference this barnwood wall treatment makes on this farmhouse entrway!

Peel and stick shiplap!! This is super easy to install and has an amazing after look! Love this pretty peel and stick barnwood wall! Stikwood is so easy to use!

We didn’t touch up the wall paint behind the wall since it was being covered up with the reclaimed wood but we did wipe down the whole wall to prep it for the Stikwood install process. We have textured walls and the Stikwood adhered to it with no problems.

Peel and stick shiplap!! This is super easy to install and has an amazing after look! Love this pretty peel and stick barnwood wall! Stikwood is so easy to use!

Here’s the process of how to install peel and stick shiplap, it’s so easy. Check out the Stikwood Installation video before you get started to get off on the right foot.

Peel and stick shiplap!! This is super easy to install and has an amazing after look! Love this pretty peel and stick barnwood wall! Stikwood is so easy to use!

Unpack your Stikwood then let it sit for a day or two to acclimate to your home. The only tools you’ll need are a pencil, level, roller and saw.

How to install shiplap: peel and stick Stikwood process. Love this easy real barnwood wall treatment. Such an easy farmhouse wall decor solution.

Decide on the pattern you prefer. You can install it traditionally like typical shiplap, making long rows or you can get as creative as you’d like. We chose to create an eclectic pattern across: short length, medium, long, short, medium, etc. We didn’t really have a rhymn or reason, we just made sure the seams didn’t line up when stacked. I started in the middle of the wall and followed a line of pencil with a level. Then I rolled over it to make sure it was nice and stuck to the wall.

How to install peel and stick shiplap. Love this shiplap farmhouse wall, such a difference!

Continue on. This wall took a couple of hours due to stopping to measure and cut. Super fast!

How to install reclaimed wood walls, so easy with the peel and stick shiplap!! Love this easy wall treatment!

Repeat, repeat, repeat. For the cuts at the end of the wall, I used a miter saw and didn’t have any problems with splitting.

How to trim wall treaments easily, use peel and stick reclaimed wood! We love Stikwood!

Have you heard of peel and stick shiplap!? Total time saver!! Love this real shiplap without the hassle of making and painting your own!

peel and stick shiplap   Ahhh…isn’t it pretty!

Loving this peel and stick shiplap wall treament! Easy to install, no painting required!

I loooooove the details of the reclaimed wood. It’s REAL reclaimed pine and the imperfections are just perfect!

Peel and stick wood wall treatment! Love the details of this reclaimed white pine wood, such an easy way to install shiplap!

Here’s the peel and stick shiplap entryway wall finished up.

LOVING our Stikwood Hamptons shiplap! This peel and stick shiplap was a breeze to install. Also adore our remodel on adding height to our ceilings!

We started putting the space back together and love the contrast of the striped painted hallway.

Loving this reclaimed wood wall against the striped accent hallway. Check out this easy way to shiplap your wall, brilliant peel and stick wood pieces!

Doesn’t the Stikwood look fantastic with our new transom windows? And with the pretty black pendants? Love it!

Loving this farmhouse entryway! Check out this reclaimed wood wall decor!

We’re still looking for the perfect front doors then we’ll finish the rest of the entryway off with the reclaimed wood. Here you can see a peek on the wall opposing the main entryway wall. (Ignore the half painted wall, that side of the house is undergoing a major renovation.)

Love this farmhouse hallway with the white trimwork, transom windows and pretty wood wall treament!

Check out some more brilliant spaces made over with some Stikwood reclaimed wood planks. Brilliant product! BIG THANKS to Stikwood for providing the materials to make my dream entryway come true! β™‘ PLEASE PIN so your friend’s can enjoy this too!

Loving this DIY peel and stick shiplap barnwood wall treatment!! Can you believe this real barnwood is so easy to install!?

DIY Mommy used Weathered Wood White to transform her bedroom ceiling. Isn’t it amazing?

Modern French Country Farmhouse Master Bedroom Design

We adore the The Lettered Cottage and their Weathered Wood Gray fireplace. If only Arizona needed a fireplace…pass the mallows!

Stikwood | Reclaimed Wood | Farmhouse Fireplace

Such a nifty little transfomation! Life on Shady Grove used the same reclaimed wood as we did, the Hamptons, to make over a closet. 

Check out this awesome closet makeover!! Add peel and stick Hamptons Stikwood, love this reclaimed wood wall!

This focal wall from Poject Nursery using Reclaimed Weathered Wood is gorgeous. Love how rustic the wood looks!

Related image

I’d sleep in this pretty master bedroom from Hello Lovely Studios. The Hamptons is definintely my favorite choice of wood wall treatments!

We swoon for Swoon Interiors kitchen wall, yeow! Her Weathered Wood Gray was the perfect choice in this white kitchen!

Such a cute looks from Bella Blue, using Reclaimed Sierra Silver with soft white fabric and pretty florals. The perfect combination.

Check out this awesome entryway decor! Add peel and stick Reclaimed Weathered Gray Stikwood, love this reclaimed wood entryway

Reclaimed wood isn’t just for walls. Blesser House transformed her kitchen island with Reclaimed Weathered Wood, gorgeous.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bar | - A quick and easy tutorial to get a rustic reclaimed look on a kitchen bar with Stikwood.

Go a shade lighter with Kindred Vintage and her Reclaimed Weather Wood Grey entryway. Stunning.

Check out this awesome entryway decor! Add peel and stick Reclaimed Weathered Grey Stikwood, love this reclaimed wood entryway!


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