Mother’s Day is just a few days away… are you ready??   

These little polka dotted ring dishes are easy to make, and are a fun bit of variety from the usual flowers or chocolates.
 To make them, you’ll need:
  • Fimo clay {or similar}
  • rolling pin
  • biscuit {or any other desired shape} cutter
  • pencil with circular eraser
  • oven
  • craft paint or nail polish
  • glossy sealant {optional}
Start by rolling out your clay, keeping it uniform thickness of about 1/2 an inch.  Use the biscuit cutter to carefully cut shapes.  {If any edges are jagged, gently smooth them with your finger, or just re-roll the clay and try again!}
Using the pencil eraser, gently press dots into the clay.
Slightly roll up the edges of each into a bowl shape.  Bake according to clay package directions.
After the clay has cooled, fill in each dot with paint.  I used craft paint and a Qtip, but nail polish would work great, too!  Let dry completely.  If you’d like a shinier finish, coat each dish with a glossy sealant.
**Reader feedback: Polymer clay should NEVER be used with nail polish as the polish melts the clay over time and becomes a goopy mess. The craft paint works wonders though. I’d really recommend FIMO or sculpey clear gloss. It’s made for polymer clay and won’t react. FYI!

DIY Polka-Dot Ring Dishes |
 Stack them up and gift to the favorite mom in your life!
Gorgeous! Love those absolutely darling ring dishes from Cheryl, she is SO talented! Check out more of her pretty work like her Tulip Bouquets, Homemade Mother’s Day Donuts and her Lemonade Stand Kit.

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