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It’s been a couple of years since we’ve shared my sons’ bedroom. They have a love/hate with sharing their bedroom since they are polar opposites. My older son is fiesty like his mama with a short temper…also like his mama. Little bro is sweet and passive but the messiest kiddo you’ve ever met. My older is a neat freak, wakes up early, is always on time and loves to follow the rules. The younger fella, he just smiles and moves like a sloth. I decided I needed to make this small room as organized as I possibly could to keep the peace in this shared boys room. The solution? Beds with drawers and a closet makeover (coming soon). We also added our favorite zipper bedding for the fastest way to make your bed. NO.MORE.FIGHTS! Yaaaaaaay!

Loving these matching full size beds in this small boys shared bedroom. Clever zipper bedding, makes making the bed super easy!

We are in love with these outdoor lights. We used them in my laundry room makeover by adding a lamp kit to it. We did the same by adding a lamp kit but instead of having to unplug it like my laundry room version, we found one you can turn on and off in the actual cord. So convienent for the boys.


Darling Nautical Navy bedding! This zipper bedding rocks!! No more nagging these boys to keep their rooms clean. Mom win!

Several years ago for one of our birthdays, Kristi and I spent the day thifting. I scored this old ammo trunk for $30 with big plans but alas, it sat outside since then. I finally drug it into the boys room as a nightstand. Right now they don’t use it for storage since they don’t need it but it’s always there just in case.

Loving this easy zipper bedding from Beddy's. Fast and easy to make your kids make their beds in the mornings, no more nagging! Love these shared boys bedroom ideas!

I found these vintage industrial beds at Living Spaces (not sponsored!). I normally don’t shop big box stores for furniture but the price was right. The boys utilize the drawers for random stuff like sports uniforms and church related items. We did the whole building a bed route before and they held up for a couple of years but boys are BOYS and they eventually loosened to the point where one kid was on his mattress on the floor so we gave up and bought some beds…

Love these vinyl floors from @GoHaus. They look great in my farmhouse style home! Adore this little boy bedroom flooring too.

I love that they’re real wood and have the metal details to keep the vintage industrial feel.

Looking for space saving tips for a shared bedroom? Love these ways to organize a boys room with cute matching bedding too!

I searched over and over for boys wall decor ideas and loved the grouping of this boy’s room. I took a couple shots of my kids doing two of their favorite things: riding their pro scooters and playing lacrosse. I typed up cool story bro and had it all printed at Costco then put them in a barnwood frame from Hobby Lobby. Easy.

Love this boys wall art ideas! Take candid shots of your kids, blow them up then frame and group them together. Easy wall decor for this small boys shared bedroom space!

A new fan and flooring and this room is a lot more mature since the last time you’ve seen it!

Love this clean shared boys bedroom decor idea, vintage industrial fan, wall sconces turned lamps, love this boys bedroom decor!

We made this little MAN CAVE sign from a scrap of wood. We’ll get it listed in the shop soon.

Love this Man Cave wood sign! Such a cute boys shared bedroom sign. Cute rustic wood sign for a boys bedroom! Love this man cave boys bedroom sign!

Love this mud cloth pillow boys bedroom decor. Cute boys shared bedroom ideas, love the gray and navy boys room decor ideas!

Gray and navy boys bedroom decor ideas. Easy ways to decorate a shared boys bedroom, easy ways to decorate this boys room!

Tell me, what are some ways you help keep your kiddos organized? Please PIN so your pals can see this too!

Check out these shared boys bedroom decor ideas! Loving these Beddy's Bedding in Nautical Navy. Great space saving boys shared bedroom ideas.

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IntelliBED mattress review | Check out this cute master bedroom complete with an IntelliBED mattress! Such cozy masterbedroom decor. Love this mattress with Gel Matrix technology for healthy sleep, good posture support and pressure point relief!

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  1. Could you please give a link for the beds you purchased for this room? I would love to find that exact bed. 🙂

  2. I love this shared boys room so much! I’m so glad you were inspired by my son’s engineer prints in his rustic room! <3 I appreciate the link love!

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