How to make printable art with stock graphics

As you know, we LOVE printables! We offer a huge variety of free tags, holiday prints and year round art here on Lolly Jane. If you’ve ever wondered HOW we make them, we’ll share just how we do it! I know there are people WAY more talented than us that create their own images from scratch to make pretty prints but we are limited to Photoshop Elements or PicMonkey.com because we’re too old of dogs to learn new tricks. πŸ˜‰ Our biggest secret? Stock images! Yep, so simple.

How to customize stock graphics into printables or signs! Great tutorial to make printable art with stock graphics!

Here’s the easy how-to:

  1. Download a stock graphic.
  2. Upload into Photoshop or PicMonkey.
  3. Add text around it.
  4. Save as PDF to get stellar resolution.
  5. Print + display!

How to customize stock graphics into printables or signs! Great tutorial to make printable art with stock graphics!

Seriously, that’s it. Ha! And you thought we were SO skilled… or more realistically, that making a print is harder than just that. πŸ˜‰ To show you a few samples of what I’m talking about, take a peek at our latest free printable:
FREE Printable "Life is a Beautiful Ride" Printable

[Download free Scooter Print here

Side Note: You may not know this about me, but I own a pink scooter! It is so darn cute and has a pink helmet to match! So anyway, when I saw an adorable scooter graphic in the Summer Travel Graphics set on our fave graphics go-to site, GraphicStock, I immediately downloaded it then cropped the scooter out of the set to play with it in my Photoshop Elements.  Oh! Speaking of pretty things to display in your eating area… did you see our Mini “Gather” Signs we made earlier this week using the wreath graphic from the Wedding Graphics set? Hello, gorgeous! 

DIY gather mini signs, so cute! Shop now: etsy.com/shop/lollyjane
GraphicStock has 2 cute options for these trending Wedding Graphic designs… wreaths, laurels, arrows, hearts, banners and more! Take a peek at how darling they are. Am I right or am I right?! Well, we’ve made you a few Gather FREE printables if you’re not in the mood to DIY but rather just print them off and display that way instead. πŸ˜‰ 
Cute decor!! Print this FREE gather print from @LollyJaneBlog, put in a rustic sign for free home decor! Cute gather free printable!!

Take a look at more of our freebies like our Love You Madly watercolor free printable,

Free "Love You Madly" 8x10 watercolor print! |via LollyJane.com

our Sing in the Rain free print,

"Sing in the Rain" free printable. Perfect to display year round!

and our Be Thankful for All Things free printable to name a few!

Printable Fall Art | Download full resolution art at lollyjane.com

plus our

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  1. So am I understanding this right? If you save a graphic as a PDF, you can print in any size, even poster size?
    Another question: where do you find your graphic images? I only know of graphics fairy. Are there other great websites?

    1. Hi Lori! Yes, save as PDF for higher res, print at Staples or Office Max! You can even print at Walgreen, Costco, etc. We got these graphics from Graphic Stock πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! I’m curious as to sizing options? I’d love to make something that I could take to be printed that is more poster sized. Does this work for those sizes? Thanks so much!

  3. Hi ladies!
    If you wanted to sell this scooter printable in etsy, for example, would you need to purchase a copyright or since you paid for the stock graphic site is it ok? I know for Personal use it is ok…just curious about selling.
    Thanks creative geniuses!! Xo

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