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Don’t Be That Smelly House Pet Family! Follow These Easy Tips To Keep Your House From Smelling Like A Dog!

Did you know that 59% of pet owners feel that their “pets make their house feel like a home” YET 70% of American parents (and 75% of pet-less parents) say that concerns over pet messes can prevent them from adopting pets? We think it’s simple … Don’t Sweat Your Pet! Whether you’re considering a new pet, just added a 4-legged friend to the family, or you’re a life-long pet lover, Swiffer can help with your pet-related clean up, no matter how big or small.

I Got a Puppy, Now What?

It took nearly 3 solid years of begging from our sons for us to welcome a fur baby of any kind into our family… just before Christmas time, we brought a mini Goldendoodle into our home… with no experience of any kind and, unfortunately, no training manual. We quickly discovered (like on the drive home from picking up said puppy) that they have accidents, and a LOT of them. From potty accidents to muddy prints or spilled dog food and everything in between, I have a secret weapon in my cleaning arsenal so I simply don’t sweat our pet: Swiffer! (On your next Target run, hit up the pet aisle to find these.)

How Do I Clean Up Dog Hair?

You would be surprised how much a “hypo-allergenic” dog sheds… maybe not as much in the form of hair but my 3-month old Goldendoodle Newman has thick curly hair and whatever he does outside ends up being tracked inside via said curly thick hair. After outside time, we give him a quick brush to and that’s when he gives himself a good shake and those loose hairs go a flyin’! That and grass, flowers, leaves, and whatever else outside particles he was playing in! Consequently, Newman’s crate and dog bed are the dirtiest spots in our home since that’s where he hangs so much. My 6-year old son is Newman’s #1 human (hey I rhymed!) and we figured if he can work an iPad, he can work a Swiffer Dry + Wet Sweeper. (Spoiler alert: we were right!)

The first step to keeping a tidy kennel is to clear out the bones and chew toys then give it a good sweep; simply remove a sheet of Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pet Sweeping Cloths with Febreze Odor Defense and wrap around your Swiffer Sweeper then push into either side of the sweeper head. You can see the pet hair and other particles immediately jump onto the sheet and cling for dear life! LOL

Check out these EASY tips to keep your pet-filled home smelling pet-free! #DontSweatYourPet #SwifferFanatic #pets #petsofpinterest #cleanallthethings #petcleaningremedy #swiffer

We sweep INSIDE the crate, OUTSIDE the crate and UNDER the crate to assure we remove all unwanted fibers and any unpleasant scents that are lingering… the Febreze Odor Defense really works its magic there! Once the area is swept, simply toss the Swiffer Sweeper sheet and replace with a Swiffer Sweeper Wet Pet sheet. Once you open the package, a delicious fragrance is released and you can hardly wait for it to touch your pet mess areas! Again, wrap around the Swiffer Sweeper head and mop areas around pet areas as usual. For tougher pet mess, the WetJet is an all-in-one system that cleans floors thoroughly usin cleaning solutions specially formulated to break up and dissolve tough messes; the wet streaks left behind immediately replace pet smells with a fresh scent!

No pet smells here! Check out these EASY tips to keep your home smelling pet-free while enjoying your fur babies! #DontSweatYourPet #SwifferFanatic #pets #petsofpinterest #cleanallthethings #petcleaningremedy #swiffer

How to Keep Your House From Smelling Like a Dog

We live in the hottest state in the US and leaving our doodle outside year round isn’t a possibility but I’ve learned that prevention is key when keeping your house from smelling like a dog! Be quick to bust out your Swiffer cleaning supplies and don’t let messes sit. Another key point is keeping that pet hair out of sight; we love the Swiffer Dusters with Dust Lock Adhesive. It cleans deep into grooves to trap and lock up to 3X more dust than a feather duster and works great in removing leftover pet debris from Newman’s crate.


Fret no more about those dog messes... Swiffer to the rescue with our must-have supplies to keep your house smelling fresh!

My son always shakes the particle-filled duster at his cute pup when dusting around him because he knows Newman loves to try to catch it. I’m always impressed that through all the shaking and twirling, the duster stays full of dust and everything that’s been gathered onto it!

Don't let pet messes keep you from owning your own 4-legged friend! Check out these EASY tips to keep your home from smelling like a dog! Fret no more about those dog messes... Swiffer to the rescue with our must-have supplies to keep your house smelling fresh! #DontSweatYourPet #SwifferFanatic #pets #petsofpinterest #cleanallthethings #petcleaningremedy #swiffer

See? From pet hair to dirt, and who knows what else!

Have a pet or thinking about getting one? Check out these great tips on keeping your house from smelling like you have one! #DontSweatYourPet #SwifferFanatic #pets #petsofpinterest #cleanallthethings #petcleaningremedy #swiffer

More Products to Stop your House From Smelling Like a Dog

Have a pet or thinking about getting one? Check out these great tips on keeping your house from smelling like you have one! #DontSweatYourPet #SwifferFanatic #pets #petsofpinterest #cleanallthethings #petcleaningremedy #swiffer

In addition to weekly baths (be sure to dry them thoroughly) and leaving a box of baking soda out to absorb smells, these products will help battle the indoor kennel smell your furry best friend may emulate.


How to Keep Your House from Smelling Like a Dog

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