2017 YW Binder Covers

The past 2 years I’ve received a friendly reminder text from one of my friends currently working with the female youth in our church, a term we Mormons call the “Young Women” program, asking if we’re going to post the latest YW Mutual Theme Binder Cover. This year was no different so I had a hot date with Photoshop tonight and viola! The 2017 YW Binder Covers were born! 😉 Fun fact: Kelli and I have each served several years working with the young women in our wards, (a ward is the congregation of other LDS members in our area,) and some of our cute girls are now returned missionaries and/or young wives and mothers themselves…. some are even YW leaders in their own wards! Crazy how time flies. Like, so fast that the beginning of year was 6 days ago and most leaders probably have a binder cover in their binder (haha!) but oh well… it also doubles as a sweet inspo print! 😉

UPDATE: free 2018 Young Women Binder Cover HERE! 😀

Get your FREE 2017 LDS Young Women Binder Cover with this years theme, complete with President, Counselor, and Secretary pages. A poster size YW Theme is also included, so cute!

If YOU are still looking to update your 2017 YW Binder with the current theme and haven’t done so yet, then we’ve gotcha covered! >>>Download for FREE here:

All are sized 11×14, just print in a smaller scale (8.5×11) for binders. 😉

Get your FREE 2017 LDS Young Women Binder Cover free with this years theme! FREE President, Counselor and Secretary Binder Cover pages included, so cute!

This is our 5th year providing these fun YW Binder Covers, hope you enjoy them! >>>If so, please PIN to share with your friends! 🙂

Get your FREE 2017 LDS Young Women Binder Cover with this years theme, complete with President, Counselor, and Secretary pages. A poster size YW Theme is also included, so cute!

Grab our 2018 mutual theme Young Women binder covers!!

FREE 2018 Mutual Theme/YW Binder Cover "PEACE IN CHRIST", includes presidency binder covers! (También disponible en Español!)

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A great quote to remind us to stop being so critical of each other |print via lollyjane.com

our free “Be Someone” printable,

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or this cute “Stand Out” Flamingo print!

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  1. Are you going to do a 2018 Binder Cover? I love you Ideas and trying to get Binders put together for our new Presidency!?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I am not very creative, so I really appreciate you sharing your talents with us.

    1. Oh, I just saw the comment right above mine…sorry to be repetitive! I’m looking forward to these!

  3. Thanks for sharing your talents! We used your Ask of God prints to make little 2×4 block decorations at our yw activity. They turned out super cute! Wish I could share a pic. Thanks again!

  4. Love these covers, beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your talents,I was put into the yw presidency and needed a way to organize when I found your site. Thanks! I only wish there was more:)

  5. hi there how can i download the 2017 yw binder covers? what setps do i have to do to get this?

  6. Thank you for the binder covers! My young women are going to love them! And you really help the leaders out so much!

  7. Thanks so much for these printables, using them for New Beginnings. So very cute, but just noticed a typo in the scripture. Wavering shouldn’t have an “i”. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. I just came accross your site and love it! Thank you fir sharing free printables I can use with my girls at church!

  9. Tienen un espacio muy lindo, felicidades por sus trabajos, pero sus imprimibles no los tienen en español?

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