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Doily Heart Bakers Twine Bunting

As promised, here is how to make the world’s easiest craft, Doily Heart Bakers Twine Bunting!  All you need is a little bakers twine and heart doilies, I found mine at Target in the $1 bin.  When I saw them, I knew I wanted to make something with them but didn’t know what.  After I made the rustic LOVE letters earlier this week, I thought the chicken wire window that they sit in front of needed a little bit more oomph to it.  So here’s where the Doily Heart Bakers Twine Bunting comes in!

Doily Heart Bakers Twine Bunting |via Lolly Jane.com

No sewing, cutting, gluing required.  Simply thread the bakers twine through the doily holes.

Doily Heart Bakers Twine Bunting |via Lolly Jane.com

Super easy, right?  Here’s how I’m using it right now for my universal decor LOVE letters, which can also be used for Valentine’s Day if you think it’s too early to decorate for Vday (;  I switched the below bunting out for red bakers twine (did you even notice?? lol!) since the red heart needed a little color friend!

Heart Doily Bakers Twine Bunting via Lolly Jane4

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Easy doily and twine bunting tutorial. So easy to make, only 2 items needed!! (lollyjane.com)

If you love this bunting, please pin so your friends can see it too! (; Also visit 13 ways to decorate with Christmas lights which includes a really cute lit doily garland.

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    1. Thanks Melinda! And she is super affordable and has great products- we LOVE bakers twine!! (;

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