Craft room refresh

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

We bought our house with it being “move in ready” EXCEPT for one thing: the paint color. Every single wall is tan. Now, I don’t mind tan or colors within that family but for my craft room, I wanted COLOR! Kelli’s craft room is the prettiest hue of blue and I knew it would pair well with my own decor so I decided to break up with tan and go for it!

Here’s a few shots of my current space before:

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

So the color isn’t horrible or anything but it makes my mint hutch muted and blends with the already neutral flooring.

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

I went to Glidden.com and was introduced to Glidden Complete. After choosing my color then ordering and picking up at my local Walmart, it was love at first sight, lol! It had me at Stain Blocking, Paint + Primer in One. This momma is busy and I don’t have time for a lot of prep so I was sold on this feature alone. Plus, my walls were smudged and had a few stains from little creative fingers coloring and painting in here and it covered right up. Mom win!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

Glidden Complete paint offers premium hiding power at an exceptional value. Some other fave features are that it is highly scrubbable (remember this mom has 2 messy boys that LOVE art so this is a must!), a lifetime warranty and is 100% acrylics. Come to think of it, I was able to paint after my kids were asleep and I didn’t even have to crack a window… it is low VOC so that was pretty convenient!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

And so is painters tape, my only tool used with the paint besides a 12″ roller + a few paintbrushes.

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

Okay I have to admit that I bartered this job out… I traded doing the dinner dishes + bedtime routine for my husband painting. Haha! Anyway, you can see the process here; the bottom has one coat and the top it getting its second. Two coats and you’re done! Bam.

Pretty Craft Room Makeover! Love this color!

It dried within a few hours and can I just say that I love this color in the light? It’s such a pretty hue!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

Sold exclusively at Walmart, you can browse the samples and order your own paint in between other shopping. It is  tintable to any color on the Glidden color palette, take a peek! I chose was Lagoon Green with a semi-gloss sheen.

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

It is so pretty!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

It is airy and playful but still allows the space to have a grown up feel paired with my more mature pieces or accessories. I love that it plays off of my kids artwork, a must have area for this room.

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

That once wasted space above the windows in this room are now practical and functional for storing extra craft and office supplies. And I framed some of my kids artwork to keep the playful vibe!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

Oh and in case you missed this on Instagram yesterday, here is one of the cute accessories for the new above the window shelving. My kitty mug (dropped by my husband, NOT the kids, by the way) is now the perfect faux succulent holder. It is pretty cute and I am kind of glad it broke so it’s not hidden in the kitchen cabinets anymore, haha!

Upcycled broken cat mug turned succulent container. Love this quick DIY succulent pot!

We’ve said it a million times but we are always amazed what a little paint can do to completely transform a room! Speaking of transformations, how would YOU like to try out Glidden Complete? You can win up to 5 gallons of Glidden Complete paint to refresh your own space. Simply leave a comment telling us what room you need painted to be entered. Good luck! 🙂

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue, Green Lagoon from Glidden. Pretty craft room decor ideas!

This post is sponsored by Glidden.com in a partnership with Walmart. As always, opinions are our very own, (and you can read our honest review here. 😉 Thank you for supporting awesome brands like these to keep our free tutorials and room makeovers coming your way! Please PIN so your friends can enjoy this room, too!

Craft Room Refresh. Love the pretty hue!

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  1. I love your craft room, and the new color you chose to paint the walls!! All the details are awesome too, especially the broken kitty mug turned planter and the different wall art within the room.

    1. Thanks so much, Keri! The worst part is the kitty mug was a gift that broke before we even got it, drat! Glad to find a way to save it and give it new life (:

  2. So cute! I love a good craft room. I really wanted to feature this in our favorites but as per our rules I can only feature posts that are 6 + months old. Can you share this one again in a few months ? 🙂 Thanks for joining us at From The Archives Friday!!

  3. LOVE a good craft room ANYTHING!! Your fresh new wall color, adds such a fun pop of creativity…Your craft room refresh will be featured this week over at the Friday Features Linky Party, Pinterest & FB – Happy Creating!!

  4. I love the color you choose, it’s really pretty. We need to paint both of our bathrooms. We did the rest of the house fairly recently but not the bathrooms. They need so much more attention! So glad you party with us at Merry Monday!

  5. My whole house could use fresh paint, I love the paint products that are available. Your craft room is great.
    Thank you for sharing on the Oh my Heartsie Girls Friday Features.
    Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

  6. Your craft room came out GREAT! I’m looking to freshen up our bedrooms with a new coat of paint – your giveaway timing couldn’t be better! 😉

  7. I’ve lived in my house for 4 1/2 years and still haven’t decided what color to paint my rooms. Maybe this is the push I need! I’ll start with the living room.

  8. We moved into our house about 7 months ago. It, too, was B E I G E. We will be painting every single room, starting with the library (aka dining room, but we don’t need to be that formal!). It will be a deep aqua. We need to do other things to prepare the space, but painting will be necessary at some phase. After the library, where we go next is not clear! It all needs to be done eventually. Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  10. I would love to paint both my laundry room a fun, happy color as well as our big basement room which serves as a playroom and my preschool classroom:)

  11. I really need to paint my kitchen, dining living area. It is one open area so I usually paint it all the same color.

  12. We are going to convert an extra bedroom into a playroom for our kids, so that is the room that needs the makeover the most.

  13. Look great, nice color combo, we at our house need to paint livingroom and paint kitchen cabinets.

  14. All the bedrooms need painting in my house, so it would be great to win this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Like you, I SOOOO need to add a llttle color into my life. Every room on our house is in some kind a state of remodel. Can’t decide which room to finish because they are all a disaster. We have a sunroom/ craft room// homeschool room that really needs a new chance on life. I feel that room calling for our 9 year old daughter to love it again and calling to her to spend time in there doing her school work, crafting away or dancing her heart out, but it’s kinda blah so no one wants to be in it……..will be working to bring it back to life very soon! Thanks you you inspiration!!!!

  16. This room is so pretty! My whole house is tan as well and I’m ready for some color. First on my list is the kitchen!

  17. I need to paint my living room! The current color is sage green and is over ten years old! Time for some updating!

  18. This is a awesome! My entire house is tan too which is live able but not my favorite. I really want to paint the garage and my bathrooms to make them brighter!

  19. We have an open concept house, so my living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway all need to be repainted and the 5 gallons should be able to cover it all!

  20. Another gorgeous room!!! I have been hearing about this paint! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

    And why is there so much tan in Arizona? ???? I have so much to paint at my place

  21. I have several rooms that need painted in my house…the kitchen, family room and our hallway. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Love this room! What a big difference. I have been picking out paint swatches to brighten up our kitchen/great room. That space definitely needs an update.

  23. I really need to redo my bedroom! I’ve slowly done some other rooms but my own room is really bad.

  24. I would paint my boys bathroom. It is needing to be refreshed again now that they are growing up.

  25. My office/craft space is a dark Hershey brown. I’m really over that dark look and would love to update it to a happier, more creative space. I’m thinking Glidden Brittany Inn blue would be a fresh change!

  26. I need to paint EVERY room in the house, we just moved in. But my daughters room is first on the list. And she would LOVE this color.

  27. I love the colors you chose. I would love to paint my c. 1950’s kitchen cabinets, and paint the walls a cheerful color.

  28. I have a really ugly red wall in my kitchen from the previous owners. I would love to get rid of it!

  29. Love all your photos, so inspirational !!! I would definitely want to paint my living room and dining room, they are open to each other. They haven’t been touched since we moved in 25 years ago! Yikes!!!

  30. ohhhhhhh, pretty room. we have lived in home for a long time. 2 rooms have yet to be painted. 5 gallons of paint would sure help 🙂

  31. I love it! Seriously so beautiful! I would love to win this giveaway. We are currently purchasing a new home. Basically I’d love to paint every room, but I would start with my baby girl’s room!

  32. Painting has to be one of my favorite ways to refresh a space and this paint sounds perfect! Our lower level has been feeling forgotten and I think it might be time to give it a little attention and ready to use when the family all gathers for the next time.

  33. I have two rooms that really need repainted. They too, were move in ready and the off white it just not attractive. I need color!!

  34. Do I have to only pick one room? 😉 I’d love to paint my bedroom. I’m trying to make it more of a retreat than a storeroom!! The kitchen could use a refresh as well. Maybe because they’re the same color? Weird, right! I was going through a phase!

    1. Heck no! I barely used 1/2 gallon for my 3 walls so this prize will cover a ton of your spaces 🙂 I need to give my bedroom a facelift, too! And haha, when you like a color you stick with it 😉

  35. I’ve been wanting to paint our whole house! I’d like to start in my bedroom & bathroom. The hardest part would be deciding on which color!

  36. Oh WOW. It looks beautiful! I would love to paint my craft room as well as it’s that generic tan color and has been for nine years, it’s definite in need of a desperate updating… I feel so inspired!!! *does a little jig, jumps up and down with a baby on my hip and shrieks, “PICK ME, PICK ME!” <3

    1. Haha Bethany! Fingers crossed for you! This new bright color actually inspires me, too… in between naps or with my own baby on my hip! 😉

  37. I so love your craft room! Before AND after! The table with the paint splatter and smudges looks so loved and used 🙂 so fun! Love the colors too! We moved in about 7 months ago and my craftroom is in the basement, still not painted. I was going to do white with colorful accessories, but now I’m thinking mint too! I’d love to win! Painting is pricy!

  38. All my rooms need new paint! We just bought a new house and every room is the same horrible tan. Would really love be to win! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  39. Awesome job!!! I am currently in need of a major overhaul in my guest room/office/craft room. Nothing matches, and the different areas need more definite separation while still appearing cohesive. I plan on painting my existing furniture, as well as the walls. This would be such a blessing! 🙂

  40. Love the color your chose! I would love to win 5 gallons so that I can push through several projects that are on the list. Our big one is painting the living room and kitchen- we have a giant vaulted wall that will be a challenge to get to as part of it is above our stairwell to the basement. The basement is a whole other story ???? The walls are a reddish/maroon and it gives me anxiety to go down there and do laundry and edit photos. I HATE the red. I would love to paint over it but the husband doesn’t want to spend money on that ???? This would definitely help me win my argument if we didn’t have to spend the money on the paint!!

  41. Our downstairs bedroom that had a leak in the wall 1 week after we moved in ????????????????

  42. LOVE the color you chose! And the polka dot wallpaper is awesome! I would Love and NEED all 5 gallons of the Glidden complete, lol. I am planning on painting not only my kitchen cabinets but also the walls in the kitchen, dining area, living room and master bath! And to have the all in one complete would be amazing for me since I have fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel (among several other things) and the fewer coats I have to paint the better! My hand goes numb very quickly, which make my projects very slow. I’ve entered several contests before for things I’d like to have, but this one I truly need!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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