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Pallets and barn wood are so trendy right now, we love it!  We shared a pallet state art last year and more recently, a coat rack from 100 year old barn wood.  Today we’re copying the look of pallet art but we used shingles.  Yes, as in the shingles from your roof.  But these shingles are actually from MY childhood roof that was recently renovated.  How fun is that?? I live in my childhood home since my parents built a larger house next door and rented this home out for the past 30 years.  They still manage it and when the last renter moved out, I was excited to take over!  I love living close to my parents and having access to the occasional cup of sugar, and full time use of their pool in our 110+ degree AZ heat (;  This shingle pallet art style was very easy to make, I’m talking beginner level easy.  And since I used a real stencil and not my usual “design your own stencil from your industrial vinyl cutter”, you too, can easily copy this Home is Where the Heart is sign!

DIY Home is where the heart is pallet sign via lollyjane.com #palletart #diy

First find enough wood slats (pallet, shingles, new wood cut to size, etc) that match the height and length of this Cutting Edge Stencil, in this case it’s 16.5″ x 19.5″.  For my wood, I literally fought off scorpions to drudge out matching pieces from my wood pile behind the house.  Nasty little things!  This wood has been laying there longer than I’ve lived here plus it was once the roof so it’s perfect weathered wood!  I ended up with 7 pieces to match the size of my stencil.  See all the dirt falling from the wood? LOL!

Make your own pallet art into a home is where your heart is pallet sign! #diy #palletart

To create a blank canvas, I used wood shims left over from my gorgeous master bedroom closet door install to hold these wood planks together.  Pre-drilling is a must, if you don’t, your wood can crack!  As much as I love the beaten up look, it’s actually fragile wood so definitely don’t skip this step…or you may have to battle some more scorpions for more! I used my drill to quickly pre-drill each piece of wood 3 times across.  Then I switched the bit and screwed in 1/2″ screws in each hole. This is the most complicated the project gets but took me about half an hour is all.

Use wood shims to secure pallet art #diy #palletsign

You now have a blank pallet to work with.  Lay the stencil across the wood, line it up and secure with tape.  I only used 2 pieces, one at each end and my stencil didn’t move since I was going slow and blotting, not rolling.  Ready for some color!?

Lay stencil across wood, tape down to create Home is Where the Heart is sign #diy #palletart

I used DecoArt’s ‘Cadmium Yellow’ and ‘Sea Breeze’ mint, my two faves!  I used the same yellow on my ombre tree and the same mint on my life is good sign.  I used my foam brush to blot, not sweep across.  This will prevent leakage.  If you’re using this stencil on the wall or a smooth surface, watch CES’ instructional video when using a roller.

Mint and mustard Home is Where the Heart is Sign #diy #palletart

That’s all there is to it!  Just paint inside a stencil, how easy, right??  I love this stencil, it would be darling on a wall, a canvas, etc.

Home is Where the Heart is sign #diy #palletart

Please pin so your friends can make one too!

DIY | Home is where the heart is shingle art, so easy to make! Cute home decor!

*GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Congrats Teri A!

Cutting Edge Stencils has some great wall quote stencils, check them out!

Cutting Edge Stencils

We are no strangers to CES. Here are some things we’ve created with their stencils. Dining Room | Built In Bookcase | Bathroom | Curtains So many possibilities!!

Lolly Jane loves Cutting Edge Stencils

Discolsure: We were not paid for this post but did receive a free stencil, love us some Cutting Edge Stencils!

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  1. 1

    Amy J

    The chevron stencil. I am obsessed with chevron and a stencil would make doing an accent wall so much easier!

  2. 2

    love the sign
    very cute

  3. 3

    Laura E

    I just love the “Home is Where Your Heart Is” stencil. I know exactly where I’d put it, and I have the pallet wood to make it right away! ;)

  4. 4

    Jessica W

    Absolutely love it and love cutting edge

  5. 5

    I love their stencils. I spruced up my living room with one of the Moroccan stencils and I have been wanting another one to do up the bathroom.

  6. 6

    Sarah E.

    I LOVE that! I want a sign just like that!

    I would LOVE the herringbone allover stencil! And this one. :) Thanks for the chance!

  7. 7


    Adorable!!! Would love to win this stencil!

  8. 8



  9. 9

    Mollie M.

    This is fantastic! I’d love to win this same exact stencil!

  10. 10


    I have been wanting the herringbone all over stencil forever!

  11. 11

    Soooo soooo cute!! I love this sign! I would love to win this stencil. Thanks for the chance!

  12. 12

    I am loving the Tuscan trellis stencil! Swoon worthy for sure

  13. 13

    I’d love to have the Chevron and the Paisley Allover, and the Zinnia Grand Flower stencils…love, love, LOVE them!

  14. 14

    I think the “Home is where the heart is” & “faith” are my favorites!

  15. 15


    I love the home sign, but also love the funky wheel design. I am looking for something for my bedroom and that would be perfect!

  16. 16

    Lindsey anderson

    Chevron <3

  17. 17

    I like Brocade #1 and “wake up and be awesome” :)

  18. 18

    Shannon Roberts

    That makes it look so easy! *sigh* I think I need some stencils!!

  19. 19

    I still love the Moroccan allover stencils. All the designs are great!

  20. 20

    ellen casper

    Love the Kerry Damask Stencil

  21. 21

    kathy boake -trout

    love this , want to make one for the wall on my front porch…

  22. 22


    Moroccan Tiles Wall Pattern

  23. 23

    Amy Reed

    I have been wanting the All over paisley stencil! I absolutely LOVE it!

  24. 24

    I love the “home is where the heart is” stencil, but I also love the chevron stencil! Sooo hard to pick!!! :)

  25. 25

    Anjie B.

    I like the Bon Appetit! large wall stencil. That stenciled on some pallet wood for my kitchen wall would be AWESOME!

  26. 26

    I could have a lot of fun with the Sari Paisley Allover Stencil.

  27. 27

    Holy crap, that is SO cute!! I love “Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind”. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  28. 28

    I’d love the herringbone or nagoya stencil for curtains or a bookcase – I’ve been admiring your yellow bookcase for a while now :)

  29. 29

    Jessica T

    I would love to have any of these stencils, adorable!

  30. 30


    I liked “Home Is Where The Heart Is” Quote Stencil ….Simple & Cute. Thanks

  31. 31


    I love the ‘Magnolia Wall Art’ stencil. I have been wanting to do a family ‘tree’ display with family pictures but haven’t been able to afford a vinyl tree or a stencil. This would be perfect!

  32. 32

    Megan Parsons

    I want the 7 stars stencil!

  33. 33

    Erin Billups

    I would go with the Home is Where the Heart Is stencil. I need new art for the walls is my new house!

  34. 34


    I love the Charlotte doily stencil, the Chevron or the one you did. Sooo many to chose from. Love the sign you did.

  35. 35

    Andrea D.

    I don’t own any of their stencils, so I’d be happy with absolutely any of them. Your Home is stencil is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. 36


    Love this! Want to go make one right now!

  37. 37


    So hard to choose just one. I love the herringbone though.

  38. 38


    I love the “create” stencil for my craft room.

  39. 39


    The wake up and be awesome stencil is great!

  40. 40

    Beckie Windell

    I would LOVE to win the chevron! Who doesn’t love chevron??!

  41. 41

    Season Gower

    Love love love this!

  42. 42


    There are so many stencils I’ve looked at on their site before. very cute stuff!

  43. 43

    Misty M

    LOVE this!!! TFS!!!

  44. 44

    Waco Bayless

    Love the crafting stencils! My 2 favorites are, Vines Craft Stencil and Nagoya Craft Stencil.

  45. 45


    I love that stencil! So cute!

  46. 46

    I would love this stencil! it is perfect

  47. 47

    Tracey F.

    I love the Casablanca all over stencil.

  48. 48

    Honestly, I like the Home is where the heart is sign too!

  49. 49


    I like the Floral Filigree Wall Stencil!

  50. 50

    sandra k williams

    i love a lot of their stencils but i lean toward the fossils they are just so neat & i am doing my bathroom in the ocean with fish designs.

  51. 51

    Amy Clayburn

    I like the stencil you used in this blog post! I would LOVE it!

  52. 52

    Terressa T.

    create or be.YOU.tiful from their new designs section

    • 53

      Terressa T.

      this posted twice :( if you want to delete one of them, I wish I could…

  53. 54

    Sandi Allen

    Love the cheveron stencil.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. 55

    Terressa T.

    “create” or “be.YOU.tiful” from their new designs section

  55. 56

    i love the connection all-over stencil!

  56. 57

    melissa l

    I want the same stencil & I know where I would put what I make.

  57. 58

    by far the cutest thing ever!!!!!

  58. 59

    Suzanne Wasson

    Absolutely … Positively in Love with your Craft & Furniture Stencils!!!

  59. 60


    I adore the Charlotte Allover Stencil Pattern! Such a fancy doily look- not granny at all :)

  60. 61

    Andrea Wright

    I love the Casablanca all over stencil. It’s sooooo pretty

  61. 62

    Christy Bishop

    Not sure how I would choose just one favorite! I love the “Be silly…” Stencil!

  62. 63

    Lora W.

    I would love the GARDEN ANEMONE FLOWER STENCIL and I would get some butterflies, too.

  63. 64

    Amanda S.

    Awesome giveaway!

  64. 65

    Amanda S.

    The home is where the heart is stencil is pretty cute, I’d like that one.

  65. 66

    Love to win the polka dot all over stencil!

  66. 67

    Liza A.

    Wow they do have awesome stencils – the clematis vines are just lovely!

  67. 68


    I like the Metro Allover Stencil!

  68. 69

    Hannah Grimm

    Love the damask stencil. looking for one like this to accent my bedroom walls and then to use on the curtains to tie it all together!

  69. 70

    April V

    I would love to have the Bon Appetit stencil!! LOVE.

  70. 71

    I really love the RABAT CRAFT STENCIL

  71. 72

    Emilee Reynolds

    I like the create stencil. So cute.

  72. 73


    I want that Wake Up and Be Awesome stencil!!

  73. 74

    Jessie Prince

    I love the chevron stencil it is SO cute!

  74. 75

    Gina Helton

    I love the Chevron allover pattern!

  75. 76


    Love the Chevron!

  76. 77

    I love the HOME stencil, so pretty. Thanks for sharing your work.


  77. 78


    i want home is where the heart is!!

  78. 79


    I would like the Be silly, be honest, be kind

  79. 80


    I used the Rabat Allover stencil in my office and LOVE it!! I would love the Home is Where the Heart is stencil. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  80. 81

    I would love a good scallop stencil! :)

  81. 82


    I’d love to have a chevron stencil :)

  82. 83

    Andi Stone Goins

    I adore the Home is where the ♥ is! But I’m also lovin the be You tiful♥ Lots of great choices!

    Thanks you so much for the giveaway!

    xoxo, Andi

  83. 84


    I’ve used their stencils before and love them! I’d try the chevron one next:)

  84. 85


    I like the Chevron Allover Stencil Pattern

  85. 86


    Love the Chevron print stencil!

  86. 87


    Love the stencil!

  87. 88


    So many choices!! I like the chevron and the paisley the best!

  88. 89

    I want and like “Home is Where the Heart Is”

  89. 90

    Julie Andrews

    Wake up and be Awesome!- for my daughters!

  90. 91

    Rachel Molcak

    I would love the Chevron Stencil!

  91. 92

    Debra Lee

    I love the cats!

  92. 93

    The Charlotte All over stencil is my all-time favorite!

  93. 94


    I love the birch tree stencil! I want trees all over my house!

  94. 95

    Valerie Flynn

    i like the be silly, be honest, be kind stencil for the playroom!!

  95. 96

    I would actually get the home is where the heart is stencil

  96. 97


    Like the Charlotte Allover Stencil Pattern.

  97. 98

    I love your sign on the pallet wood and thankfully you scared off the scorpions *yikes*

    The stencils made it so perfect! What a wonderful give-away!

  98. 99

    ooops the stencils I love are the Spring Songbirds Wall Stencil or any of the stencils !

  99. 100

    Suzy NZ

    I love the “Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind” stencil. :)

  100. 101

    Sue V.

    It was hard to pick just one! So many beautiful stencils! I decided on Budding Clematis 5 piece.

  101. 102

    Sue DeChant

    What a cute project! I think I might try one with that stencil, but then again, there are so many beautiful stencils to choose from, I would most likely change my mind several times!

  102. 103

    ann shake

    my fav stencil is The Georgian Ceiling Medallion Stencil. entered rafflecopter as Ann H

  103. 104

    I LURV this sooo Much! Old wood, teal, and YELLOW??? you could have painted a straight line with all these ingredients and it would have been great!! lol Found you through the 36th Avenue, New follower here! The cascade all over stencil is my fave by far.

  104. 105

    Lori G

    I love the Bon Appetit stencil!

  105. 106

    Jessica Mullins

    Very cute!! I’d love to try this out!

  106. 107

    Jessica Mullins

    Oops…just saw that I was to choose a certain one :) I’d get A LAUGH IS A SMILE THAT BURSTS WALL QUOTE STENCIL. It describes our home :)

  107. 108

    Jackie T

    The Charlotte all over stencil is gorgeous!

  108. 109

    I like the herringbone stencil!! Thanks so much :)

  109. 110

    Lori G

    Really like the “Bon Appetit”!

  110. 111

    Jessica Edwards

    I love the chevron stencil. I’ve been wanting to do a chevron pattern on an accent wall or ceiling and this would be so much better than measuring and taping it off.

  111. 112

    Love this sign! All your stencil projects are fab!!


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