Aaaah, can I stress how much I dislike renting?  Sure, it’s nice not to worry about the landscape {we are so not that type of blog!} and do take advantage of the landlord fixing this & that vs. the hubbs having to do it but oh, I am kind of embarrassed about the post earlier this week and how completely STALE the pics are of my current space.  No painting allowed 🙁 Boo.
But, I can hang curtains/pictures/anything I want to as long as the holes are patched when we move out… blah blah blah.  So, here’s what I hung today…
My stenciled curtains!

They are FINALLY done!
I finished everything up today then jetted off to my prenatal appointment/picked up a sweet Craigslist find and when I walked back in the family room, I instantly recognized how much warmer the space is.  Amazing how far a little paint and 10 hours of back breaking work goes, {okay it just felt back breaking since I am in my last trimester and my back is  a l w a y s  stiff!}  
But, totally worth it 🙂

I started with some cheapie eclipse panels {from WallyWorld in the latte color- see this post for a before} and paired it with the Julia All Over stencil… you may recognize it in mustard yellow from Kell’s fab dining room by the oh-so-popular Cutting Edge Stencils: 

Anyhoo, I’ve seen a few stenciled curtain tutorials floating around Blogland but used From Gardners to Bergers tute and was very happy with how thorough it was and easy to do, {thanks, Becca!} The color of blue used is Craft Smart ocean breeze acrylic paint and a simple shade of gray.

I hung the curtains with my DIY curtain rods and finials… 

…but think they look much-o better paired with a pop of color:

I’ll post the DIY on my little gallery wall next week and have big plans for fresh COUCH PILLOWS!  {If you have any great pillow tutorials, send them my way.  Kthx!}  In the meantime, tell me if you have a love/hate relationship with renting, too.  Is it hard to commit to decorate when you know it’s not your house and you’re limited by certain boundaries, {like replacing fixtures or not being able to paint the front door a fun hue?}  It is for me.  But, I suppose that’s why Pinterest was created… I am pinning away for future things-to-do-in-my-dream-house.  Hee hee!  Pinterest always makes me feel better 🙂


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