easy Valentines Day glitter sign

Today we’re making a easy Valentines Day glitter sign!  Do you remember the cute 25 sign I made in honor of Christmas?  As I was packing up my Christmas decor, I had a thought to put the 14 for Valentine’s Day on the back side.  A two for one sign.  I don’t decorate in between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, I know it’s a big gap but what goes in between??  AZ doesn’t really have a true winter so I omit winter decor and move right onto love day!  Hello cute bunting!

easy Valentines Day glitter sign #valentinesday #homedecor

Here’s how you can make an easy Valentine’s Day glitter sign in a few quick steps!

easy Valentines day glitter sign  #valentinesday #homedecor

  1. Gather supplies.
  2. I used Deco Art’s acrylic paints and their Glamour Dust to give it a shine!  Find them at any local craft store.
  3. Keep in mind for the pink, I combined two shades to give it the right hue.
  4. Paint your board white (I used a 16″ x 16″ MDF left over from this craft night)
  5. Mix your pinks and paint inside your stencil (email sassy.sites@hotmail.com to order one if you don’t have a cutter).
  6. While paint is wet, liberally sprinkle glamour dust onto your 14. Peel off the vinyl stencil and you’ve got some easy decor!

easy Valentines Day glitter sign #valentinesday #homedecor

Check out that glam, lol! I like it, it’s a fun addition to this romantic holiday!

easy Valentines day glitter sign #valentinesday #DIY

easy Valentines day glitter sign #valentines day #DIY

Check out all our Valentines Day ideas here! Including our popular LOVE letters!!  We’re full of tip and tutorials for year round decor too! XOXO

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