21 non candy Valentines

Last week we talked about a special New Years resolution.  Well, my family set another resolution: a complete lifestyle change.  And so far, we’ve been doing great! (Ask me again next month, lol) We’ve cut processed foods and are attempting to go all natural.  We’re not going “organic”, just more natural.  I won’t be a control freak mom that bans my kids from eating cake at a birthday party or special occasions, we just want our kids to be more aware what they’re putting into their bodies.  But here’s the kicker, we’ve cut sugar.   Well okay, the kids and hubby have completely cut sugar, whereas I mostly have cut sugar… I will never give up my Diet Coke, neveeeeeer!  Unless you want to see mean mom….and yes, I’m aware of how bad soda is for me.

So for you non sugar parents, here are 21 non candy Valentines!

21 non candy Valentines ideas! Super cute and creative!!

Googly Eyes |ARMommy

Googly eyes. + 21 non candy Valentine ideas!

Bubbling with Excitement |Simply Modern Mom

Dropping Down Paging Supermom

Whistle Kisses |At Second Street

Heart Racer |PaperAndPip Etsy

Heart Racer + 21 non candy Valentine ideas!

Make My Heart Glow |Living Loving Learning Naturally

Heart Glow + 21 non candy Valentine ideas!

Pencil Arrow |Sweet Muffin Suite

Plane Awesome |A Little Tipsy

Plane Awesome + 21 non candy Valentine ideas!

You Rule |Thompson and Spring

You Rule + 21 non candy Valentine ideas!

Star Wars |Cinnaberry Suite

star wars + 21 non candy valentines

Blown Away |Dukes and Dutchesses

Blow Me Away + 21 non candy valentines

Burst |Armelle

Burst + 21 non candy valentines

You Rock |Little Loveables

U ROCK + 21 non candy valentines

Wild For You |Design Mom

wild animal + 21 non candy valentines

Have a ball |Dandee

Ball + 21 non candy valentines

Bookmarks |Little Lovelies via 30 Handmade Days

Bookmark + 21 non candy valentines

It’s a Stick Up |My Crazy Life as a Farmers Wife

Stick Up + 21 non candy valentines

4 additional ideas with printables |Prudent Baby

21 non candy valentines

Click HERE for all our Valentine’s Day ideas!  We have all these and more on our Pinterest board too!

See you Monday with an easy Valentine’s Day home decor idea, whoot!

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  1. The Googly Eyes valentines download comes up as “page not available”. Were you able to download it?

  2. I too loved diet coke, but decided to give up aspartame, so I traded in my diet coke for stevia cola and I also tried another brand, by the time I worked my way thru these and got the aspartame out of my body I was totally okay not to indulge. Must admit that now if I want soda I go for full calories and sugar.

  3. Thanks so much, I’ve been looking for something like this all week. Believe it or not a lot of schools are changing rules to where you can bring in food for the class, a safety reason I’m sure, but finding something else other than candy to put with a valentines card was difficult for me, especially for 5 year old children. You’re awesome 🙂

    1. Hi Kristelle! My kids school also allows food but with that always come SWEETS and too many at that! Glad we could help with the roundup of NON-candy items! (:

  4. Awesome ideas! I am trying to figure out what kind of Valentines to make for my 6 month old to give out at her daycare…. definitely not candy!

  5. There are some really unique and fun ideas here! I love the little heart paper clip bookmarks. Thanks for sharing these. xoxo

  6. what a great collection of ideas! I’ve pinned it and it will be tough to make up my mind when it comes to which Valentine’s to choose!

  7. Omg…so many awesome ideas that don’t involve candy. I love it! I know my kids love candy, but they love toys or things they will have for a while better. Thanks soooo much!!

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