Valentines Day Entryway

Bring some love into your Entryway for Valentine’s Day using inspiration from this mantel and shelf decorations.

Valentines Day Decor | What a fun Valentine's Day entryway decor! Download these printables, frame them then place above a mantel or shelf for easy and affordable Valentines Day decor! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor

I look forward to Valentine’s Day every year because of my sweet dad. Every year as a little girl and until I was out of the home, he would leave a small Valentine for each of his five daughters before he left for work. And that first year in college, I missed waking up to my 5 little chocolates. But when I checked my mail, guess what was waiting for me? Every year since, I get my special box of chocolates.

Easy to put together Valentines Day Decorations! Love these soft VDay hues, pink and aqua Valentines Day decor! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor

Now that I’m 37 and have 4 children of my own, he drops off 5 Valentines to my family. (I always share mine with my husband.) And what’s even sweeter? He does the same to all 41 of his grandkids. Yes, forty one. I’m sure the folks down at Walgreens sure love his purchase of 59 boxes of Valentines 😀

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Because I love Valentine’s Day, I love decorating for it too! (It helps that I adore the color pink!) This year’s Valentines Day mantel was super fun using our own creation of our XO printables! I’ll probably recycle them into a different room in the house so they’ll get dual decorating use! What do you think of my Valentine’s Day entryway?

Valentines Day entryway decor ideas. Such a fun Valentines Day mantel using glass jars and flowers and greenery to brighten up your Valentines Day mantel! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor #masonjarflowerarrangement #masonjarflowers

How to Decorate a Valentine’s Day Entryway

I didn’t purchase anything new to decorate my Valentine’s Day mantel this year. I love to borrow from around the house, instead. This year, I grabbed the pink pillows from my oldest daughter’s room to style my thrifted pew. I also paired it with this cute white one, I love the tassels and the fur lining together.

Valentines Day Mantel Decorations | Check out this easy VDay mantel decor using old jars and flowers with a cute pom pom garland and yarn bead tassel! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor #masonjarflowerarrangement #masonjarflowers

I also used the DIY wood bead tassels from Christmas and hung them at the end of the store bought garland to create a fun little mix of textures.

Such a cute yarn home decor neutral tassel for Valentine's Day! Love this pretty soft pink yarn tassel, the cutest Valentine's Day garland! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor #pinkyarntassel #woodbeadtassel #valentinesdaygarland

I love jars and adore the color aqua. Because I have a million of each, I simply dug through the top shelf stash of my old craft room to find the perfect amount then placed fake flowers in them. Easy Valentines Day decor!

Love these simple mason jar flower arrangements using recycled glass jars and filled with carnations and pink roses. The perfect Valentines Day mantel decor, so easy to put together. #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor #masonjarflowerarrangement #masonjarflowers

Add in some greenery and you’ve got a mantel!

Blue mason jar Valentines Day decor ideas. Love pairing vintage blue jars with flowers to create an easy Valentines Day mantel. Love this Valentines Day entryway decor! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor #masonjarflowerarrangement #masonjarflowers

Easy Valentines Day mantel decor ideas | Use these easy to implement decor ideas to put together a simple Valentines Day mantel using aqua jars and pink flowers. #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor #masonjarflowerarrangement #masonjarflowers

I hope this inspires you to decorate for Valentines Day. It doesn’t always have to be about romance 😉 For me, it’s about memories and giving my kids an extra squeeze that day. It also helps that my wedding anniversary is two days after V-Day, so we celebrate on that day instead. Happy decorating, friends! Let me know if you love pink and aqua as much as I do! ♡

Easy to put together Valentines Day mantel | Such a fun pink and aqua VDay mantel idea! Don't forget to decorate your entryway for Valentines Day! #vintagevalentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #vdaydecor #vdaymantel #valentinesdaymantel #bluemasonjarcollection #pinkvaletinesdaydecor

Where to Shop for Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor

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  1. You girls are so creative. I love visiting your blog. Ideas are realistic and affordable. Here in rural AZ its fun to get ideas and actually find materials in the valley or closest retail store.

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