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Picture Frame Canvas Hack: Affordable Art!

Looking for an inexpensive way to frame a canvas? Check out this picture frame canvas hack to create affordable art!

We’ve shared a tutorial on how to stretch a canvas over then built an easy frame around a canvas.

We also shared a diy canvas frame without using any power tools.

Today’s diy canvas frame is the easiest yet, no tools at all! Our happy accident while thrifting: finding a picture frame that fit the size of our easy diy painted canvas! Such a great framed canvas hack, right?

Easy Valentines Day mantel decor using diy painted canvases and adding them into thrift store frames. #diyvday #vdaymantel #mantelideas #valentinesdaydecor #pinkmantelideas #floralcanvasdiy

We were sitting around last Sunday afternoon when my 16 year old brought in a handful of leftover canvases from her little sister’s painting themed birthday party. We spent the next couple of hours playing around with acrylic paint, each coming up with our own design.

Looking for an inexpensive way to frame a canvas? Check out this picture frame canvas hack to create affordable art! Cute mantel decor! #canvashack #diycanvasframe #framedcanvas #easycanvasframe #pictureframehack #thriftpictureframe

I went for a pink floral canvas, so easy to paint using circle motions with 2 pink colors and plain ol’ white. I asked my teen to paint me a large scale floral abstract canvas so I could display it with my farmhouse style mantel decor later on.

Have an old canvas lying around? Don't pass up that next thrift store canvas, paint it! Pair a diy floral canvas with a hand painted xo canvas to create CHEAP Valentines Day decor!! Love this black white and pink decor, too cute! #manteldecor #xoxo #valentinesdaymantel #valentinesdayshelf #floralvalentinesdecor

A few days later, I was at the thrift store and found some chunky picture frames for a few bucks each. I called home and asked my kids’ to measure the canvas sizes; lo and behold, same sizes.

I came home and dry fit the canvases into the wood frames: perfect pairing!

How to frame a canvas easily: place it inside a picture frame!! No cutting required! So easy to match your style, just paint the picture frame! #easydecor #easydecorideas #pictureframehack #pictureframecanvas #pictureframehack #canvashack #howtoframecanvas

I painted the picture frames white so they’d match my decor and also to create unity..the original frames were different wood colors and I didn’t love the orange tint on the smaller frame.

DIY painted thrift store picture frames make the best canvas frames!! Don't pass up chunky frames, add them to a canvas to easily frame them. #diyframe #thriftframe #thriftstorefinds #paintedframe #thriftstorepictureframe

I love a good thrift store frame makeover and these canvases make the perfect Valentine’s Day mantel decor, too!

diy painted canvas

To easily create Valentine’s decor, we hand painted x’s and o’s onto a thrifted 16 x20 canvas after using a pencil to sketch a quick design.

Such an easy Valentines Day hack: hand brush x's and o's onto a canvas for a quick Valentines Day art. #xoxo #valentinesdayart #easyvdayart #valentinesdaymantel #diycanvas #paintedcanvasideas

This is the same concept we used to create the floral painted canvas, we just free-handed it.

DIY painted framed canvas with thrift store frames, so cute!! Such a great way to create easy mantel decor. Affordable Valentines Day decorations! #vdaydecor #paintedcanvas #paintedcanvasidea #framedcanvas #diypaintedcanvas #floralcanvas #blackwhitecanvas

picture frame canvas hack

Are you wondering how to secure a canvas to a picture frame back? Can you put a canvas in a picture frame? Yes, yes you can!

Looking for easy Valentines Day decor? Check out our hand painted canvases then frame them in thrifted picture frames. SO EASY and so affordable! #framedcanvas #diyframedcanvas #framedcanvashack #diyframedcanvas #valentinesdaymantel #vdaydecor

A canvas is usually thicker than the frame is deep. Most picture frames are about 3/8” to 1” deep. When you place the canvas in the frame, the back of the typically sits above the back of the frame.

So how do you secure a canvas in a picture frame?

Canvas offset clips! They come in a variety of sizes and are created specifically for the gap between the canvas and frame to keep it held together tightly.

We personally set the canvas in the frame and laid it against the wall to display it. It was a tight enough fit that we didn’t use the clips.

You can also use hot glue if you want a permanent hold but we love the option of frame swapping in the future.

Frame a canvas with picture frames for no fuss framing! Simply add a canvas to the back of a picture frame for a diy custom canvas frame, EASY! #framedcanvas #diycanvas #pictureframehack #canvashack #diycanvas #paintedcanvas


Don’t pass over chunky picture frames at the thrift store, especially well built ones and wood ones. Even if it isn’t exactly your style, keep in mind you can paint it to match your personal decor.

Copy this hand painted canvas art, perfect for Valentines Day decor! Cute pink and aqua decor ideas using diy tips! #handpaintedcanvas #canvasart #diycanvas #vday #valentinesdaydecor #mantelideas

And those blank canvases marked down to a buck or two? Endless possibilities!

Canvases are SO expensive at hobby stores. Even with a 40% off coupon. Yet people donate them like crazy. Take advantage!

how to display a canvas

If you’re looking for easy Valentine’s Day mantel ideas, look no further. If you’re looking for affordable Valentine’s Day decor, you’ve come to the right place. We’re all about budget friendly holiday decor around these parts!

Looking for easy Valentines Day mantel ideas? Check out these painted canvas ideas using acrylic paints! #valentinesdaymantel #easyvdaydecor #paintedcanvas #diypaintecanvas #floralcanvas #xoxocanvas

Mix your new canvas picture framed art with wood hearts and metal hearts for quick Valentines Day decor.

TIP: Paint the backside of the canvas if you find a flat canvas, stretched would be difficult but then you’d be able to create two-sided art!

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Looking for an inexpensive way to frame a canvas? Check out this picture frame canvas hack to create affordable art! Cute mantel decor! #canvashack #diycanvasframe #framedcanvas #easycanvasframe #pictureframehack #thriftpictureframe

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