Mid Century Modern Living Room Makeover

If clean lines, geometric shapes and minimal decor is what you love, then mid century modern style is your interior design style crush! Grab these easy ideas to put together a mid century modern living room for less than $200!

Are you surprised to see a mid century modern living room on Lolly Jane? I knoooow, such a different vibe than our usual farmhouse decor BUT we’ve always called our style “eclectic” and my most recent Arizona room turned living room is just that: a very boho chic vibe and I kind of love it. We partnered with Easy Care Premium Paint from True Value in the nick of time to make over this major eye sore of a space in our fixer upper home. We were party prepping for my husband’s K9 Unit Christmas party and I was dreading entertaining them in this part of the house.

Creating mid century modern living room decor. This before picture is awful but wait'll you see the after! #midcenturymodern #modernlivingroom #midcenturydecor

Such fun mid century modern living room furniture! Love this pink velvet tufted couch paired with a tribal rug and plants for pretty boho decor. #eclecticdecor #bohodecor #midcenturymoderndecor

Can you believe the difference of the before and after!? Love how calm and soothing the room is now compared to the dumping spot it was before.

Mid Century Modern Living Room

We thought we’d have completed the major house renovation for this year’s party but the budget says different. This room was originally the back porch of the home in the late 70’s when our parents built it. Then Mom and Dad added a few extra kids to the family so our dad turned it into the “Arizona room”, air conditioning free. (Dad!–what were you thinking!? 😉 When my husband and I bought the house about 6 years ago, we tore out the original dining room bay window and added a mini split AC unit to make the space livable. It’s been our kids’ playroom but we recently gave them my craft room (sob sob) so they could have some privacy with their friends.

How to decorate mid century modern decor: bring in lots of plants, a colorful couch and neutral wall colors and black and white pillows. Fun eclectic living room decor ideas! #midcenturymodern #eclecticdecor #boholivingroom

I still have plans to keep simplifying the other side of the room to create a functional work space for myself but for now, I really love how a fresh coat of paint and new art ledge cozies up the room!

Decorating with snake plants to create boho decor. Love this pink velvet couch! #boho #snakeplant #plantlady #eclecticdecor

Best Paint Colors for Mid Century Modern Decor

Mid century modern was curated in the 1930’s and was popular until the 60’s. The known colors were earthy jewel tones of furniture and accent pieces with neutral wall colors. Mid century is known for its uncluttered overall feel and has a very simple look to it. To recreate the feel, choose warm, neutral paint colors for the walls and let the furniture make a statement.

Painting a mid century modern living room, love the color Snow Cap by True Value. A light blue color is the perfect shade for a mid century living room! #midcentury #midcenturylivingroom #midcenturydecor

When I was choosing a color, I knew I wanted something light and airy but not stark white. I loved “EasyCare Paint Snow Cap” in eggshell since it’s a subtle hint of blue instead of the bright blue I had in here before. It’s the perfect color to really help your mid century modern furniture stand out which is a great combo since I loooove my pink tufted couch and knew it was going to stay in this space. I also love that EasyCare Paint is Asthma and Allergy friendly with low-odor, low-VOC and is 100% acrylic since my son has an autoimmune disorder. The paint-and-primer in one was an added bonus that didn’t require more than 2 coats to save this busy mama TIME! The durability is superior and the smooth application created an impeccable finish.

Creating mid century modern living room decor. This before picture is awful but wait'll you see the after! #midcenturymodern #modernlivingroom #midcenturydecor

You can see the soft, icy blue color against the old color here and I love the warm hue it emulates.

Such a pretty soft blue paint color, perfect for mid century modern rooms. Love this icy blue Snow Cap by True Value! #midcenturypaintcolor #midcenturydecor #bestpaintcolorformidcenturyrooms

Here’s the new color before I added the picture ledge. So clean and minimal!

Remodeling a mid century modern living room starts with a fun pink tufted velvet couch and black and white accent pieces! #midcenturydecor #howtodecoratemidcentury #midcenturystyle

See the exposed brick to the left? That was the original porch, it’s actually called slump block and I really like the texture it adds to the room.

Can't believe the before after on my mid century modern living room makeover! The power of paint is amazing! Love these bright walls in this cozy mid century living room! #roommakeover #midcenturydecor #beforeafter #midcenturylivingroom

We decided to trim it out the pass through from the dining room into our new living room with wood then paint it white along with all the block. Something I’ve been putting off for six years, HA!

Making over a mid century modern living room from an old Arizona room, what a cute room makeover! #oldfarmhouse #midcenturymodern #livingroomdecor

I kept thinking we would get to our renovation and replace that wall with a beam in the ceiling but until then, it actually looks presentable for the first time this decade!

Modern farmhouse decor with mid century modern furniture, such a fun eclectic home! #midcenturymodern #modernfarmhouse #homedecorideas

I added a simple wood picture ledge with family pictures above the couch and a jute rug to complete the space.

Paint an interior door black to add to your mid century modern decor! #midcentury #moderndecor #eclecticdecorideas

Not too bad for less than $200 for the total room makeover.

Fun colorful living room with an easy to build wood shelf to display family pictures. Love this mid century modern furniture! #midcenturymodern #modernlivingroom #midcenturydecor

Mid Century Modern Decor Pieces

After we freshened up the walls and added the simple white trim, we added accent pieces and decor to the room. Some must-haves when incorporating mid century modern living room ideas are snake plants, straw baskets, wood tones, pops of pink, a fiddle leaf fig tree, floating frames, black and white pillows and muted rugs. If you’re feeling bold, paint a door a dark shade like we did! I own zero black decor except for the aztec rug so painting the interior door black was a huge step for me! I need to add gold hardware to make it pop but for now, the space is done and we’re loving having another room to lounge in.

Check out these fun mid century living room accessories to create an eclectic boho chic living room! #midcenturyaccessories #plantdecorideas #homedecor #modernfarmhouse

Check out this fun mid century modern living room with a pink tufted couch! #midcenturymodern #modernlivingroom #midcenturydecor

Decorating a boho chic living room. Love the layered rugs and pink velvet couch! #boho #bohostyle #boholiving #boholivingroomdecor

Boho living room decor with a fun pink tufted velvet couch and dark interior door! #bohochic #midcenturymodern #livingroomdecorideas

Big thanks to EasyCare Premium Paint and True Value for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions belong to us, see our disclosure here. EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint is available at True Value stores nationwide and many independent paint and hardware retailers. Visit the Store Locator on www.TrueValue.com to
find a retailer near you.

WOW! Such a fun mid century modern living room with fun home decor accessories! Wait'll you see the BEFORE of this mid century living room makeover! #roommakeover #livingroom #midcenturydecor

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  1. Looks so nice! I LOVE the shelf – what are the dimensions? Or what dimensions would you recommend for a shelf over a sofa? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kate! This shelf is 6′ x 3.5″ x 5″ total. I would make it at least 2/3 the length as the couch. This couch is 6′ 9″ and I like how it fills most of the space. It’s personal preference but I would go bigger, in my opinion 🙂

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