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The power of other people’s junk never ceases to amaze!  We were in the midst of this crazy bedroom makeover, painting like fools to get all the furniture painted in Kell’s driveway.  Our mom lives next door and chatted with us a bit.  Soon she called and said a neighbor had a cute mirror for sale for $8 and did we want it.  We were so overwhelmed we said no and continued on with our day.  A couple hours later she brought the mirror over anyway…oh how we love our mama!  She knew that mirror belonged in this room, lol!  Here’s the pretty mint mirror makeover, (say that 5 x’s fast!!) freshly painted, loving it’s new color.

Spray Painted Mint Mirror | lollyjane.com

Here’s the before:

Spray Painted Mint Mirror | lollyjane.com

She’s pretty isn’t she?  Guess what? She’s deceiving…she’s plastic.  Spray paint is the perfect trick for this gal with all her details and grooves.

Spray Painted Mint Mirror | lollyjane.com

What color is this? Krylon ‘Catalina Mist’  It’s the closest match to mint we could find….and we went to 3 stores.  Walmart had it.  Always check WM first, seriously.  Or Amazon if you like online shopping (;

Spray Painted Mint Mirror | lollyjane.com

Spray Painted Mint Mirror | lollyjane.com

So next time you’re at a garage sale and see a mirror or frame that you like, but the color isn’t your style, don’t pass it by!  And hello pretty garden in the reflection!

Pretty painted DIY rolling garden cart | via lollyjane.com

Don’t forget to check out the white mint & gray girl bedroom this mirror ended up in, she loved it.

Pretty gray/white/mint bedroom makeover | lollyjane.com

And if you’re mint obsessed, check out all of our minty fresh home decor like our mint farm house table,


Stain top mint chalkpaint farmhouse table #farmhousetable #chalkpaint #mint

and our pretty mint dresser.

Need more ideas??  We’ve got you covered, check out these awesome 17+ more mint home decor ideas!

17 DIY mint home decor ideas via LollyJane.com

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  1. Hi from #SITSBlogging,.
    I do lots of DIY projects for my own blog and for Goodwill SEW. Kudos to you for choosing a bright, bold color. Don’t’ you love spray paint>

  2. Mint is one of my favorite colors. I LOVE the transformation of this piece! I need to start thinking about what I could do to makeover old items like this. Stopping by from the SITS Sharefest!

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