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DIY Halloween Watercolor Print


Hi! It’s Ashley from Star & Arrow Designs. It is officially my favorite season of the year, and I am excited to share this easy DIY Halloween print with you!  If this is your first time with watercolor, see my previous post for simple tips and suggestions. I love watercolor because it can be so spontaneous and free flowing- exactly what we want with this project. 


MATERIALS: To start, gather your materials. If you read my last post, I am all about saving costs, especially when you are just starting out and having fun! Don’t worry about getting the best thing until you know you love it. 

  • Paint: For this one, I used a liquid artist acrylic ink. You can watercolor instead, but I love the drastic effect the acrylic ink has when you add it to water. I used this in carbon black and deep violet
  • Brushes
  • Paper: The thicker the paper the less it warps.  -I like this ($) or this ($$) -You can also buy single sheets at most art stores
  • Pencil & Eraser
  • Small dish & water
  • Paper Towels
  • Salt



Loosely draw a circle for your moon. Inside the moon, outline the shape of a cat, ensuring the feet touch the outside of the circle, erasing the line between. Basically, you want your cat to look like a cut-out silouette.



Dip your paintbrush in water and loosely cover your moon shape (MINUS THE CAT) in circular motions. Leave some patches dry to give the moon a cratered look. Working quickly, add undiluted ink to the wet paper, working around the edges, inward. Let the paint work it’s magic! You can add drops of water to further dilute and spread the ink in beautiful random ways. Please note, my moon is not by any means geographically accurate 🙂 I added a touch of purple to the moon, feel free to use just black, or try funky Halloween shades.  



While the ink is still wet, add some shakes of salt in concentrated areas on your painting. This gives a neat textured look to the moon. If you have added too much liquid in places, you can use some paper towel to dab it up. This can also add extra texture to your moon. 


NOTE: If you don’t love how the ink pattern is coming, you can add layers when it dries, or start fresh! This is a quick drying ink, so you can easily make multiples. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along with my art adventures on my Insta and Etsy shop.

XO, Ashley


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