Fall Split Wood Bead Wreath

Make your own Fall Wreath in minutes with the trending split wood beads, Easy To Make For crafters Of Any Level! this is the Perfect wreath to welcome autumn!

Fall split wood bead wreath

It’s baaaack! Spring has slowly turned into (almost) autumn and our popular pastel split wood bead wreath is making a comeback, fall style! Welcome your guests to your home with this gorgeous fall split wood bead wreath that is a cinch to make and makes a big statement! ?

DIY Fall Split Bead Wreath, SO easy to make and super cute for ANY holiday-- just swap out the colors and elements! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #fallwreath #handmade

Supplies to make a fall split wood bead wreath

Gather your supplies for a variety of faux fall florals or stems from hobby stores or shop your local dollar store for the most inexpensive way to put this cutie together.

We’ve sourced some online shopping for you if you’re not ready to venture out quite yet. Note: My specific florals/stems were purchased at JoAnn, see pic below for my haul:

Make your own Fall Wreath in minutes, love the natural faux elements paired with those gorgeous split wood beads! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #fallwreath #handmade


How to make a fall split wood bead wreath

Making this wood bead floral wreath is so easy, here’s the easy steps that should only take you half hour (or less!)

First step: Hot glue 16 beads onto your wreath form.

DIY Split Bead Wreath tutorial, SO easy to make and super cute for ANY holiday! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #fallwreath #handmade

I find it easier to put the glue directly on the wreath form, it just takes a few minutes to dry. Note: Don’t hang it for at least an hour or until the glue completely sets.

Gorgeous Wood Bead Wreath... fits ANY style! Boho? Yep. Modern? Yessiree! Farmhouse? You betcha. Snag the FULL how-to with more supplies to see how it looks completed! #woodbeadwreath #howtomakewoodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath #diy #tutorial #outdoordecor

Step two: Take floral stems apart.

Step three: Tightly wrap leaves around wreath form first then layer with larger elements.

Love the natural faux elements paired with those gorgeous split wood beads in this easy-to-make wreath! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #fallwreath #handmade

Step four: Tuck smaller elements into the wreath and secure with floral wire. Trim with wire snips.

Easy to make fall wreath with chunky split wood beads, perfect for autumn AND makers of any level can DIY this! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #fallwreath #handmade

Add your largest elements last and wrap with floral wire, trim with snips and ta-da! All done.

DIY Fall Split Bead Wreath, SO easy to make and super cute for ANY holiday! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #fallwreath #handmade

Simply place the command strip on the wreath form to hang (optional) or place wreath over a hook. However you display it, guaranteed you’ll love it! ??

Want something more modern? We gotchu! Take a peek at our other DIY Fall Wheel Wreath:

Love this EASY Fall Wheel Wreath! Grab a bicycle rim and spruce it up with fall accessories, love it!

Come winter, replace fall elements to make this cutie:

DIY Christmas/Winter Split Bead Wreath, SO easy to make and super cute for ANY holiday-- just swap out the colors and elements! #woodbead #woodbeads #splitwoodbead #splitbead #beadwreath #diywreath #wreaths #christmaswreath #handmade

Yes, we’re wreath addicts and have one for spring as well!

Wood Bead Wreath with Florals that perfect for spring or any time of year! EASY to make for DIYers of any level, click through for the simple how-to! #wreath #wreathdiy #diywreath #springwreath #wreathsofinstagram #diyspringdecor #springdecor #woodbeadwreath

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  1. This is just stunning! And I love that it can easily be modified for each season. I just got my floors resurfaced and there was some extra stain left, so I decided to put that on my beads. I love how it creates a cohesive look between my front door and the entryway. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Love this! I made it today. I could only find 1 inch wood balls but it turned out beautiful! Thanks so much for the pin! I wish it would let me show you the pic of my masterpiece!

  3. Can you use foam wreath forms instead of wood? I’ve checked both Joann’s and Michael’s online and they don’t have the wooden forms.

  4. This is so adorable and I can’t wait to make it! Are there any local craft stores that I can purchase the split wood balls from? I’m having a craft night this week and not sure if they would arrive in time from etsy. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Ana!
      So sorry for the pokey reply, I know Hobby Lobby sells them and I’m sure JoAnn/Michaels do too, hopefully they’re on sale for you! Check the unfinished wood area 🙂 Happy crafting!

  5. OMG the wreath is so pretty. I have the half balls and have not made one yet. You should see my downstairs storage room. I have my wreaths up on wall space. My husband is now tired of wreaths. LOL

  6. When I tried the link to get the 16 inch wooden wreath form, it would not come up. Where did you purchase the wooden wreath form?

  7. Sooo cute! I made your spring one and now I want this fall one!! But the links for the florals look totally different from the ones you have…where did you find yours?

    1. Hi Karen! Yay! I got all of mine at JoAnn, they just don’t have links on their website- boo. All of them are from the Bloom Room line 🙂

  8. This is sooo adorable!! I want to coordinate a DIY wreath workshop social distanced in my backyard with neighbors now! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. Girlfriends, your wreath stopped me in my tracks. I love these wood wreaths. I so need to make one now, that I saw your tutorial! Thanks for joining us!

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