DIY Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath

We raided our craft stash and created a simple DIY Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath using a leftover embroidery hoop and drop cloth. Check out 13 other clever upcycled projects to get your wheels turning for the possibilities of what YOU may already have on hand and can make!

There is such a joy in repurposing items that would otherwise go to the donation center! When we were recently transitioning my Craft Room to a teen/media room (bittersweet!) I found a pile of embroidery hoops leftover from a craft night, excess yarn, and bit of drop cloth from our recent Oversized Boho Drop Cloth banner and knew it would be the perfect trio to repurpose into a simple DIY Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath. Also, be sure to look at what 13 of our very talented blog buddies repurposed as well… spoiler alert: they’re projects are gorgeous!

Simple Hoop Wreath with a Hand Written HELLO... so cute and EASY to make! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

DIY Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath

This canvas banner hoop wreath was a cinch to put together and if you have 30 spare minutes, you can make it, too! You KNOW we’re no strangers to wreath making… we have over 20 styles if this one isn’t your flavor! Take a peek at some of our past DIY Wreaths:

Supplies to make a Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath

Gather supplies to make a simple Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath to dress up your front door! Such a fun and affordable home decor craft to make! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

Shop your house first! Supplies needed to make your own Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath:

How to make a Canvas Banner Hoop Wreath

Making this canvas banner hoop wreath is a breeze and can be made in less than 30 minutes for expert crafters or for beginners, it really shouldn’t take much longer. Another mom win craft FTW!

DIY Canvas Bunting Hoop Wreath, SO easy to make! Very versatile, write ANYTHING you want... holiday, announcement, house numbers, or more! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

STEP 1: Using scissors, cut a strip of drop cloth. (My hoop was 8″ so my strip is roughly 3.5″ thick x 9.5″ wide… I like it chunky!)

STEP 2: Using a thin marker (it slightly bleeds) write HELLO, HI, WELCOME or whatever you wish to say across your strip drop cloth. This would also be darling as baby shower decor with the words “It’s a Girl/Boy” written across it. Furthermore, you can write your house numbers on it and hang it next to your front door… oooh, the possibilities with this little cutie!

Make a canvas bunting to add to a hoop wreath... all you need is a strip of drop cloth (or burlap!) and a marker. So easy! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

STEP 3: Lay canvas banner across the hoop and wrap the ends around the hoop, secure with hot glue.

Easy to make Hoop Wreath, look at the rest of this post to see how cute it came together! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

STEP 4: Time to embellish! Layer greenery stems across the hoop and secure with floral wire.

How to make a faux floral hoop wreath. SO cute and easy! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

STEP 5: Repeat with florals and/or billy balls on top, securing to form with floral wire.

Super easy-to-make floral hoop wreath! Tie faux florals and a handwritten strip of drop cloth on for a simple, stylish wreath! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

STEP 6: Finally, tie a piece of yard (or twine) to the top of your hoop and hang. So easy!

Eek, so cute! Check out the FULL wreath and how simple it was to put together, love me a fun floral hoop wreath! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

I hung this on my little storage shed to spruce it up but you can hang in within a gallery wall, on your front door to welcome guests, or on a hook.

CUTE and EASY to make DIY Hoop Wreath! Faux Florals + a strip of Drop Cloth and an Embroidery Hoop makes the perfect wreath to display year round! #handmadewreath #diywreath #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

However you hang it, it’s sure to cheer up anyone who sees it!

Make this EASY canvas banner hoop wreath in less than 20 minutes! Perfect to display year round or to bring in some spring cheer! #handmadewreath #diywreath  #canvasbanner #diyhomedecor #homedecor #easytomakewreath

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