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Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

Coffee filter wreaths have been around craft world for a while now and I just love them! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have laughed at my failed attempt to make one with fellow bloggers, Tausha and Lori last month.  I didn’t even bring the beast home as it was a hot mess!  I was determined to make one though so I went straight to the pro and made my first pretty Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath!  Andrea from Queen B and Me is a good friend of mine and also a blogger, (we met at SNAP conference last year.) I met up with her when I was in Utah for our family vacation for the holidays where she gave me pointers as to why my first attempt stunk!

What do you think about my 2nd attempt?? I love am loving the tan and white version; so vintage looking. My fav!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

And big shock: this wasn’t hard to make.  I’m talking a level 1 crafter can pull this off!  I was going about it all wrong on my own, which is why it looked so bizarre, until Andrea showed me the proper technique.  Don’t worry folks,  I’ll show you below in details so you don’t make my first attempt mistake! (;


  • white coffee filters
  • tan coffee filters
  • stapler
  • glue gun
  • wreath form


  • layer 1 white + 1 tan filter
  • fold twice over
  • staple at base
  • hot glue to wreath

That’s it! They end up looking like little fans in the end.  So make a ton to start with, THEN hot glue.  I was glue happy my first time=chaos!  I probably made 80 total.  I went through half of a pack of each color, so you can gauge it.  Andrea gave a great tip too: get your tan filters from the grocery store, the organic ones are tan.  Mine were $2/each pack and I got my wreath at the dollar store, score!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

I ended up loving this so much that I didn’t want to do add any permanent holiday decor to it yet still want to use it for the holidays.  Solution?  Adding temporary decor to the sides to make it festive but interchangeable.  I started off with dollar wrapping paper (from Target), heart doilies left over from this banner and a couple of white coffee filters as the base.  First step was spraying the doilies with to make them a shabby pink with a slight glimmer to them.  For this, I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in vanilla breeze, adore it!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreathThen I made some paper accordions out of the wrapping paper for the middle.  Follow the directions as seen below, all you need are scissors and a glue stick!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

Then you hot glue the 3 elements together to assemble.  Seriously, easy peasy!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

I hot glued some clothespins to the back of the coffee filter wreath to make it interchangeable, I want to get the most crafty bang for my buck and use this cute wreath with all of my holiday/year round decor!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

Ahh…love the glimmer on these cute hearts!

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

I have a feeling this wreath will be popping up in more of our posts in the future.

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath via lollyjane.com #valentinesday #craft #wreath

And here it is paired with our rustic LOVE letters. Romantic, eh (;

Valentine Coffee Filter Wreath

Be sure to check out tons of our Valentine’s Day projects, our many tutorials and don’t forget you have until Jan 29th to enter our $3k room makeover giveaway!


Kelli from Lolly Jane

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  1. Where did you get the stand the wreath is leaning against? I love this project and made a wreath tonight. Thanks for the instructions!

  2. So I want to make this and bought all my supplies, but I’m wondering if you layered all of them the same of if you alternated? Like white on the bottom and the next one tan on the bottom? Thanks!

  3. Hello,
    Beautiful wreath! Could you please post what color of tattered angel glimmer mist you used?

  4. I also just love coffee filter wreaths and book page wreaths. This one is just darling. Thanks so much for the tutorial and such great instructions. Off to get some supplies!

  5. love this. However, I am not a crafty person nor have the patience to do. Can this be ordered or bought? I would love to buy one and if so how do I order and what is the cost.

    Thank you and Blessings

    A. Conley in Md.

  6. Seriously Kelli, your wreath is STUNNING! I love the combo of tan and white filters for the vintage look. It’s so pretty! I’m glad you didn’t do anything permanent for Valentine’s Day because it can totally be used ALL.THE.TIME!!! cuttteeeee 🙂

  7. your valentine’s wreath turned out really cute! I am sure your first try was not like my first try at making a kindle fabric cover; it is so ugly! I purchased fabric at the thrift store for $1.99 and I have plenty to try another design. thanks for the fun project.

  8. I looooove it!! I’ve never made a coffee filter wreath before, but I think I will now. It’s gorgeous! I love the idea of making the decorations interchangeable. I do that too 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Okay.
    My coffee filter wreath wants to marry yours. It’s so purrty 🙂
    Super darling.
    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (yes. !!!!!!!!!!!! that many times)

  10. Just love the natural with the white filters. This is my favorite coffee filter wreath. I have all my supplies to make one but I think I’m going to get natural filters before I make mine.

  11. It turned out beautiful! I love it!! I don’t know where I’ve been, but yours is the first coffee filter wreath I’ve seen and I love it!! Going to make one!!

  12. THIS is beautiful! I have so many coffee filters (my coffee maker doesn’t use these) and have seen many of these wreaths. But, I really LOVE yours! Love the idea of making an interchangable holiday one! Thanks for sharing. ~~Robyne~~

  13. PS– you’re right– a very beginner can do these. I think they’re practically fool-proof!

  14. I’ve made several of these wreaths on heart shaped forms. I dyed white coffee filters with food color. They’re adorable! I’m going to make a round one with natural & white filters. I didn’t staple them, just hot glued them & they’re still beautiful, if you want to skip a step.

  15. Beautiful! I can never get enough of a good coffee filter wreath! Love the tan and white together. Thanks for getting the technique down and sharing!

    Love Always,

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