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Bushel & A Peck Valentine’s Sign

Yesterday we shared some tasty Valentine’s Day treats so today is a VDay craft!  We just love the song lyrics “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!”  We made one for our sister for Christmas and our IG friends LOVED it!  Since the one we made over the holidays was her style, we wanted to make a fun Valentine’s version that was more our style.  Check out how to make this pretty Bushel and a Peck Valentine’s sign then read on for an new, exciting announcement for a darling Holiday Pin Board that we want YOUR help with!!

DIY A bushel and a peck sign, perfect for Valentine's Day or year round decor! |lollyjane.com

This sign is a breeze to make!! Just check out our full sign STEP BY STEP process that we’ve shared a million times on a million different posts!! But today we’re sharing a little secret…one that we’ve been using for years: Brush a light coat of decoupage over your stencil to create a seal. You will have crisp lines after!  Same goes for painting stripes! Before we figured out this trick with decoupage (on my daughter’s coral polka dot bedroom), we were using clear caulking.  I ran out of the caulk and experimented with decoupage…cheaper and faster, whoop!

DIY A bushel and a peck sign, perfect for Valentine's Day or year round decor! |lollyjane.com

Supplies used: DecoArt acrylic “Spice Pink”, DA Multi-surface gray “Dolphin” and DA Decoupage in gloss. (The white isn’t pictured but is acrylic “Snow”)  Check out all their DecoArt blog posts too from bloggers all over the country, such inspiring ideas!  So now you know how to make the sign.  Do you like it??  

DIY A bushel and a peck sign, perfect for Valentine's Day or year round decor! |lollyjane.com

We love how soft it turned out, perfect for Valentine’s Day or even one of your kids’ rooms.  You know you’ve either sung that song or have had it sung to you (;

DIY A bushel and a peck sign, perfect for Valentine's Day or year round decor! |lollyjane.com

And, for you non-sign makers (and by popular demand) we’re now offering the print in 8×10 for free! Download HERE. You’re welcome! 😉

"A bushel and a peck" FREE print, perfect for Valentine's Day or year round decor! |lollyjane.com



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For even MORE crafty ideas, check out ALL of our DecoArt posts for creative uses of their goods!  We’ve been making signs for 7 years now so we have LOTS of tutorials, especially vinyl lettering/stencils ideas! As always, our design is for PERSONAL use only. You may not share, sell or distribute this file. Note: Downloaded copy will not have copyright print on it.

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  1. Hi,
    I am puzzled by the decoupage over the stencil. I just can’t wrap my brain around how that works. I have painted signs and am about to do some tomorrow, I’d love to have this figured out.
    I prep my wood, paint the base color, in my case white. Then I lay down my stencil and paint in the black and red letters. Then I peel up the stencil and yes, it is usually a bit messy. But I just don’t get when or where you put the decoupage.
    Please help 🙂

    1. Hi Christina! To help keep the paint from bleeding under the stencil, after you’ve applied it to board, brush a THIN LIGHT coat of decoupage over the stencil PRIOR to painting, let dry then paint over the stencil with your color of choice. Hope that helps! (: Happy painting!

  2. Super cute sign! Can I ask what fonts you used and what size you made your sign? I want to attempt this. I have an original Silhouette but I haven’t used it much. I’ll give it a try!

    1. Hi Marne, I know the main font is IMPACT but I lost my fonts in a crash earlier this year…I think the other was Americana?? Good luck, girl! You can do it!

  3. I have been looking around for a vinyl cutter but with so many out there I am feeling a little lost. I am wondering if you have an suggestions or recommendations that could point me in the right direction. I am really just looking for something that I can use for home DIY projects and gifts. Thanks

    1. Hi Chrystal,

      We’ve had an industrial vinyl cutter for years and love it. We’ve used the Silhouette Cameo which is perfect for something like you’re describing. We’ve never used a Cricut so don’t have an opinion on that so sounds like a Silhouette is the way to go! (:

      Good luck!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting this! It was so much fun, and super inspirational! {My first pinning party!} And thanks for pinning my printables!!! Looking forward to next time!

  5. I may have missed it but which stencils did you use for the lettering and where could you get them?

  6. Love the sign!! My grandmother used to say it to me. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂 Can’t wait to make it!!

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