New Beginnings program

I was recently called to serve in my church‘s Young Women presidency, which means I get to work with the female youth, ages 12-18… lots of babysitters to choose from, right? ;)

 Each January we introduce the new year’s theme/goals and welcome the girls that are entering into YW.  Since this year’s theme is Arise and Shine Forth, we decided on sunshine decor for the program:

{Table display where we would be speaking}


There’s ME! 
Eek! My 1st time welcoming a large group, but l u c k i l y, everything went smoothly.  Phew! 

Here’s a peek at our sunshine ray program outline that we coordinated with the invites:

Feel free to download the sunshine rays HERE :)
Of course there were sweets:

We also had a twist of sunflowers throughout the night since our YW President compared sunflowers to shining bright.  She likened sunflowers’ habits of following the sun to the girls, they have that ability to always follow God and choose to shine.  So these sunflower cupcakes from Sam’s Club were perfect, our president’s daughter glittered them as well…so cute.

And what night would be complete without goodie bags to take home? 

{Bags of yellow gumballs for each YW to keep}
Chews to Shine”  

Did you notice these book page wreaths poking out in the pictures?  

*** Click HERE for a full tutorial ***

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    ps. love youReplyCancel

  • Amanda Joy {Joy in the Jumble} - So cute! I had to help my Step mom with her NB. I made sunshine cupcakes with lemon curd… yum!
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  • Abby - Sister Mullins it was AWESOME!!! I love you and your twin and your kids and your blog!!!!


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  • Megan - Does anyone know the name of the picture and/or artist of the picture of Christ of the display table? Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Lolly Jane - Hi Megan,
    You are a no-rely commenter so we can't reach you but the artist is Mark Mabry. Check out his site here :)


  • Angela and Bryan - I would LOVE to know how you made your "Choose to Shine" banner! Is that brown felt or something else? It all looks amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Lolly Jane - Angela & Bryan, you are also a no-reply commenter so we can't reply via e-mail… darn it. Email us at and we'll give you specific details for the banner. It's burplap, btw ;)


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