Spring Cleaning Tips for Pets

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getting your home spring ready after winter can be so refreshing but don’t forget about your pets spaces!

I promised myself, after “inheriting” Hannah, (our perfectly obedient potty + crate trained city owned police dog/my sergeant husband’s K9 partner) that I could never own a high-drive dog again and trudge through the exhausting puppy stage. I had been pretty spoiled up to this point so when my husband told me they were looking for a new puppy to train as a new “recruit” for his department, I naively assumed the pup would be at the city kennel and trained in-office. No biggie for me, right? Wrong! LOL. A month later, when I met 10-week old Bruce Willis (yes, named after my favorite actor of all time!) I of course fell head over heels in love with the little fur-ball and insisted he stay with us. That was nearly a month ago now aaaaaand 123,987 puppy accidents later. Haha.

Stinky puppy? Stress no more! Say goodbye to unwanted pet smells! Love these SIMPLE Spring Cleaning Tips for pets! #pets #springcleaning #ad #dontsweatyourpet

pet messes? No problem!

Since spring is in the air here in Arizona, the doors are left open and muddy feet from my children + wet paws from the last irrigation make their way into our home. My kids know the drill: grab the green Swiffer (and a refill pad) and get to sweeping, er… mopping! If they really don’t want ME to know they let Bruce out, they use the Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator and I’m none the wiser… it’s all sunshine and blooming florals on the outside and the smell of Febreze on the inside. I love this time of year!

Say goodbye to unwanted pet smells! Love these SIMPLE Spring Cleaning Tips for pets! #pets #springcleaning #ad #dontsweatyourpet

getting your pets spaces spring ready

Never fear, Swiffer and Febreze are here! To alleviate stress for me, I am prepared for the puppy puddles and simply keep my go-to clean up arsenal handy and ready to stomp out stinky puppy odors. Within a few minutes; it’s like the accident never happened! I use my trusty Swiffer Sweeper Dry with Wet Pet Refills that have the amazing Febreze Odor Defense. They Trap and magically Lock in said mess plus odors and leaves a fresh scent. To go heavy on the scent and to make it really linger, I follow up with the Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator. Simply spritz and inhale… mmm! Now that we know how to keep our floors clean, let’s chat about our pets spaces:

(6) spring cleaning tips for pets

Spring cleaning means leaving your house paw-fectly clean! 😉 Here are some easy spring cleaning tips to get your pet spaces in tip-top shape:

  1. Wash Food + Water Bowls
  2. Wash Collar and/or Update Tags
  3. Wash Pet Carrier(s)
  4. Wash Bedding and/or Blankets
  5. Clean & Sanitize (or replace) Toys
  6. Wash Crate Inside + Out

Stinky puppy? Stress no more! Say goodbye to unwanted pet smells! Love these SIMPLE Spring Cleaning Tips for pets! #pets #springcleaning #ad #dontsweatyourpet

KEEP YOUR favorite odor eliminator on hand to keep it smelling like spring

I told myself Bruce wouldn’t be allowed on my bed but have you seen his ears? I mean, face? 😉 I am a sucker for those dark puppy eyes so of course he finds his way up here on the occasion and when he finally jumps down, I pull a bottle of Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator from my night stand and give it a few sprays… Sgt. Mullins (my husband) is none the wiser and always comments on how fresh and clean our room smells! Haha. If I can survive the puppy stage, so can you! No matter how big or small the pet-related mess, (and there are multiple since our Bruce is a high drive pup!)

Love these SIMPLE Spring Cleaning Tips for pets! #pets #springcleaning #ad #dontsweatyourpet
  I truly rely on Swiffer + Febreze to get me through it; they are a pet owner’s best friend, taking care of the biggest Pet Peeves in fur-baby ownership (mess + odor) so you Don’t Sweat Your Pet! If you’re wondering where to buy these must-have cleaning tools, the Swiffer product line is available at grocery, retail, home improvement and mass merchandise stores nationwide including Petco. Yaaas!

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