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Turquoise Hutch

I am in L♥VE with turquoise home decor so it was natural to create a Turquoise Hutch!  Want to see my latest victim? 🙂
I was in need of more storage in my dining room and came across this hutch on Craigs for $50 and knew it was a match made in home decor heaven!
It was almost perfect…
…EXCEPT for the gold etched windows, broken light & outdated (and missing) pulls AND that it was an ugly 70’s brown!
Oh, hello command center 😉
To transform this piece, I did the usual…
Remove cabinet fronts, {break hideous gold etched crisscross glass out!} paint a pretty turquoise & distress:
The color is Sherwin-Williams “Mariner”, (we had Lowe’s color match it via the Valspar brand.) Once paint is dry, add beadboard paintable wallpaper [yes it’s WALLPAPER! Think 80’s!!] to the back of the hutch:
You thought it was real beadboard, didn’t you? 😉
Kristi was skeptical but this stuff by Allen Roth is awesome!  It was around $20 at Lowes.  Sweet. I added some wood beadboard as the glass shelves weren’t my style:
It was super easy to apply and paired with the chicken wire [which was a pain to put in due to the sides NOT opening, I literally got a splinter in my armpit if that gives you a visual, lol!!] & glass knobs [purchased at a small town store in N. AZ], it really pulls the shabbiness of hutch together:

I absolutely ♥ the end result and it fills my space perfectly, dontcha think? 🙂  Is turquoise too bold for your home decor?
Our friend Heather sent us her before/after of the SAME hutch in black! Small world!

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  1. Is this an oil based paint? Love your use of the beadboarding wall paper and chicken wire

  2. Does the furniture have to be solid wood to redo it like this? My grandma has a hutch that looks just like this but it is veneer finish. Have you worked with something like this before?

    1. Hi Kaylee! We have refinished laminate. It doesn’t sand the same so you may not get the great distressed look like you can on solid wood. Spray painting is best and we recommend priming it first (spray prime works great) and for your final color to use light coats. It’ll look great! (:

  3. Beautiful- I have a similar I just finished in white. I was wondering……….what did you use give the hutch that stain look along the edges? I think that and the chicken wire add alot of personality to the hutch. Id like to add that finish to mine.

    Thanks for sharing! New follower from I heart naptime

  4. Hi Morgan,

    You're a no-reply blogger so I hope you get this (: There are no marking on the hutch, sorry!! I scoured it and came up with nothing, darn.

    But we found it on Craigslist so if you look daily, I'm sure you'll find a similar one!

    Good luck (:

  5. I am absolutely in love with this hutch!! <3 Is there anyway you can find out who manufactured this hutch? I would love to be able to find one like this.

  6. I've linked to your post, as I am in the process of redoing my dining room and I love what you did here. I've also put a couple thumbnails of your pictures on my blog, of course giving you credit and linking back to your blog!! I love love this !!

  7. We just snagged our second china cabinet project off of Craigslist for 50 dollars the other day. My husband said last night that he wanted to use beadboard for the backing..then I stumbled upon this today. It looks fantastic!!! I love the finished product. You girls do some great projects and are quite talented. Megan

  8. Hey Ginger!

    I'm the queen of cheap, lol! Spending $50 on the hutch was my max limit. Everything else to fix it up is cheap/free since I typically use what's on hand.

    I really try not to spend more than $20 in supplies on top of the furniture itself. The paint was leftover, the chicken wire was leftover from a different project, the knobs I've had forever [been saving them since I bought them on sale years ago]. So my total cost was just $50 for the hutch on Craiglist.

    The main place I get my furniture is Craigs. You can barter with people via email so it's not awkward, then when you pick up in person…the amount is set so you grab your treasure and go! 😉

    It's hard to mess a project up since there are SO many painting techniques. I'm a short cutter and if it's more than a 1 day project I avoid it. I'm impatient and like to see my work paid off by dinner, haha! This hutch took about 6 hours is all, and it would have been shorter had I not had to stop for kid-related things. My sister lives next door so my kids were playing back and forth most of the time so they were happy.

    Anyway, JUST DO IT! You'll love the end result and I promise it's not hard! You don't have to be mega talented, just learn as you go (:

    Good luck, let me know if you need help with anything (: Kelli

  9. I am in love! It is so pretty. Where do you normally find your furniture? Do you have a limit on how much you spend on redos? I really want to give it a whirl but I am afraid it won't turn out right. This is gorgeous though and REALLY makes me want to bite the bullet. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Alright girlies!!! I'm featuring this as one of my favs from last week!! Hope you'll grab a button!!

  11. That is awesome!! $50 bucks and there was another one out in the world?! I love it!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!

  12. oh my word you are AMAZING! I am simply in love. Why can't I venture with color more. It is a new goal for me. I LOVE it everywhere I see it and freeze up when I go to do projects at my home. White. That is where I seem to get myself stuck 🙂 Love love LOVE.

  13. I'm back again! Just wanted to let you know that I will be featuring this today over at Clean and Scentsible. Thanks so much for sharing – I just LOVE it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    jenn 🙂

  14. Wow! I love this! I love the beadboard wallpaper (I have to try that!) and the beadboard shelves, the color, the chicken wire, the knobs…gorgeous!

  15. That is just absolutely GORGEOUS!! What an amazing transformation. I am feeling the need for turquoise!! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark – so happy to have you back!
    Jenn 🙂

  16. I LOVE that hutch! The color is fantastic. (wouldn't go in my home, but I love it!)
    Fantastic job!

  17. I have a cabinet almost identical to this one (it has 3 drawers in the middle lower section) down to the hideous metal grate and I painted it this spring in a very pale turquoise with an off white interior. Great minds think alike!

  18. Great job!! I love the color. All your added details make it perfect.

  19. I'm swooning. I was just looking up hutches on craigslist this morning. I am transforming my dining room to a craft room and figured this would be the perfect storage solution!

  20. Great makeover! I love the turquoise. I have a china cabinet that is very similar. It was my mothers' so I've been hesitant to paint it. It's not really my style and yours look so good I might take the plunge and redo it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Wow! this looks amazing, well done you I love everything about it!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  22. Sooo…beautiful. I did something like this too, but only a little turquoise. Should've been more courageous. Super cute blog too. I am your newest follower.

    Oh…and I am stopping by from The Creative Itch Link Party.

  23. haha, thanks dezi!! kristi totally put that on there ON PURPOSE! you can see i'm doing a thumbs up, lol! ;)kelli

  24. Beautiful!! I especially love your (faint) reflection in the 'before' pic. 🙂

  25. Hi, Kristie and Kelli. I just found you on Ginger Snap Crafts. Great hutch; I may have to steal this idea for a built-in china cabinet in my dining room!

    I have just become a follower (also in sunny AZ). Won't you stop by http://www.hillandbend.blogspot.com and stay hello?

  26. This is amazing! I love the chicken wire! Thanks so much for linking up with me today! 🙂

  27. LOVE THIS!! Absolutely love it! The turquoise and white look perfect together! I can't believe you found that for $50!! The crystal knobs and chicken wire really make the hutch great!

  28. Aww! It looks great girls!! Thanks for posting my hutch!! Love the turquoise!!! If only I was that brave 😉

  29. GORGEOUS. I LOVE IT, AND THE CRYSTAL KNOBS. I totally would re-do mine just like yours. My mom had the same hutch too. Its super dark walnut. Now I want hers. LOL. Great job. winks-jen

  30. This turned out so great! I love it!!! I am in love with turquoise too!!! Great job! xoxo

  31. This turned out so great! I love it!!! I am in love with turquoise too!!! Great job! xoxo

  32. Absolutely gorgeous! That color is b-e-a-utiful and the knobs are perfect…I'd be in love with that hutch in my home too! 😉

  33. To answer some questions:I used Sherwin-Williams "Mariner" paint and rolled it/brushed it by hand. [AZ it too hot to paint outside some days] 😉

    I had it mixed at Lowe's though with Valspar paint. FYI!

    ps: NATALIE…you are HILARIOUS my friend, hilarious!

    1. Hi! I really love the shade you used on your cabinet. I looked up Sherwin-Williams “Mariner” but it looks a bit darker than the shade you created mixing with Valspar. Can you let me know what kind of Valspar paint you mixed it with? Would so appreciate it. Thank you!!!

      1. I know you said you mixed the paint with a Satin valspar but what color satin valspar did you use please let me know I want to paint my hutch that color .

  34. GAH! How do you keep finding all these awesome hutches! I NEVERRRR see them! I'm a little obsessed with your new creation! And I have GOT to get some of that beadboard wallpaper! Why oh why can't I have a Lowes here!?! 🙁 I wonder if they sell it online…..

    And the chicken wire!?! Genius! And, if you ever get chickens you'll totally know where to put them. 🙂

  35. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect color! I would love to have that piece in my home! You did really well with this transformation. Great job!

  36. It's gorgeous! I love that your faux beadboard looks SO REAL!!! The color is perfect, love the knobs and the chicken wire is fab! Great job 🙂

  37. Adorable!!!! I need to look on craigslist for my dining room. I could use storage too! Love the turquoise too! Following you too!

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