Silver nutcracker | Target knock-off

One week until the BIG day! Some people decorate months in advance for Christmas, some the day after Thanksgiving and some (like me!) decorate at their leisure and when they find the right piece.  Last weekend when my 7 month old and I were browsing in heaven on earth Target (if you look reaaaaaal close you can spy Dutcheroni and I) and spotted some darling silver nutcrackers in the Christmas decor section that I really wanted… but each with a hefty price tag. Boo.

overpriced target silver nutcrackers

Luckily, I had a $12.99 nutcracker I purchased at Joann’s a few years ago for 40% off (love those coupons!) that I wasn’t in love with but has been hanging around in my Christmas stash and decided to make my own version of Target’s shiny nutcracker for less than $10.  I snagged some silver metallic spray paint from the hardware store, got to work and within a few hours I had the silver nutcracker I so badly wanted. Hmm, thanks for the inspiration, Tar-jay! 😉

Silver Nutcracker Target knock off | Lolly Jane

Let’s take a peek at my before, during and after, shall we?  I am constantly amazed at the difference a bit of spray paint can make!

DIY Silver Nutcracker  | Lolly JaneNote: I know Target’s silver nutcrackers are sans hair and a beard, but I love the Christmas-y charm that it has so I hot glued mine back on 😉

By the way, I have to brag that not only do I get to blog with my twin sister, but I also get to live by my creative sister-in-law Cat (of Clella Belle’s Beads), who has the most goooooorgeous style and whose house is simply beautiful.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Silver Nutcracker | Lolly Jane

I wish I could stage all of my projects (like this one) in her house!  LOL

Lolly Jane | Silver Nutcracker

Anyway you guys!  Don’t get discouraged when you see a gorgeous piece of holiday home decor with a pretty price tag but instead see if you can make your own for a fraction of the price like I did with this easy peasy project…

Silver Nutcracker DIY | Lolly Jane

…and like our Pottery Barn knock-off hurricanes from last year:

PB knock off hurricanes | Lolly Jane

If you have any questions, just holla!  I’d love to help y’all make over a name brand piece for less, if I can!

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  1. so pretty… i might have to try that my self…wonder what it would look like with the chrome spray paint?

  2. Hey lollyjane girls! I should be a better commenter (is that a real word?) I always read your posts & you are 2 very creative girls! I’m glad to know you & you can stage pretty things in my house anytime…just let me know ahead of time so I can dust:)

  3. Love it!! I have a nutcracker that will be getting painted now. Thanks for the great idea 🙂

  4. Don’t sell yourself short. I think your decor is fabulous. I love you version of the silver nutcracker is great. I like that you put the hair back. Have a wonderful holiday!


    1. For some reason, your comment went to spam? So weird! Anyway, glad you like them, Marissa! Hope you have a great New Years! xo

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